Here is Why Nokia Lumia 928 Would Sweep you off your feet

Less than a week for the official launch of the Nokia Lumia 928, but we’ve been impatient as we’re sure you must be. But even before it’s come out, it has featured in a 2-page ad in the Vanity Fair as well as a presence on the Nokia website.

From the ad, what we know so far is that this smartphone is going to have an amazing camera. With Carl Zeiss optics, Nokia’s famed PureView technology, the Lumia 928 can take brilliant photos even in low light conditions, thanks to its Optical Image Stabilization feature.

What we don’t know still is just how powerful the phone’s processor could actually be – we’ve heard that it could be a dual-core processor with 1 GB of RAM. But in the age of quad-core and even 8-core processors, we’re really hoping to see Nokia step up its game.… Read the rest

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Nokia Lumia 920 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3: Who’s got the Better Camera?

They’re both flagship smartphones – one was the former world leader in mobile phones, and the other being the current world leader. It’s no surprise then that comparisons between the Lumia 920 and Galaxy S3 would become the talk of the town. While we’ve already compared the two phones at a higher level, today we’re diving a little deeper to see which of these two phones has the better camera.

The front-facing camera: This one’s relatively easier to compare, since we don’t really find much use of the front camera unless it’s for making video calls or clicking self shots. The Galaxy S3 has a better 1.9 MP camera when compared to the Lumia 920’s 1.3 MP offering. Fortunately, both cameras can capture video at 720p resolution at 30 fps, giving them equal points in this regards.

The rear camera: Both phones have an 8 MP rear camera with autofocus and LED flash. However, the Lumia 920’s camera comes with Nokia’s PureView technology, giving it the ability to click sharper, clearer images. This gives the Lumia 920 a slight edge over the Galaxy S3’s camera in the technical aspect. Although both phones can record full HD videos, the Lumia 920 manages to record more vibrant videos with a higher contrast ratio than the Galaxy S3.

On the other hand, the Galaxy S3’s camera has an inbuilt HDR mode, giving it the ability to click high dynamic range images automatically. This is an important feature missing in the Lumia 920. We’ve also got to give a few more points to the Galaxy S3 because of its OS. Android does have many more apps when compared with Windows Phone 8. This means that there are more camera related and photo editing apps available for Galaxy S3 than for the Lumia 920.… Read the rest

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