Nokia Lumia 920 Vs Samsung Galaxy S4—Greeny Rumor Spices up the Race for the Camera Crown

‘No not a Nokia’—That’s what we have been saying all this while. But just then I heard a knock—and whom do I see at the door? An amazing new avatar from the Finnish maker—the Nokia Lumia 920! Instead of dumping Nokia like my old yet fave top, I hugged it back right into my closet!

Its look almost blew my head off and swept me off with its touch. I mean it—with awesome candy colors such as red, cyan, yellow and classic hues such as black, gray and white; Nokia Lumia 920 brought a fresh coat of paint into the smartphone world. Now I hear that it would come in mint green—perhaps justifying the green stares that onlookers would throw in its way.

Now, realizing that you must have already gone excited, sorry—this might just be an April fools’ joke.

Compensating for your sneers and ‘awwws’, we bring to you one great reason why we believe that the Nokia Lumia 920 has beaten titans such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the cam game. With the PureView 2.0 technology in arm, candy treat Lumia 920 amazes for its video stabilizing capacity too.

Here is the verdict in quotes- “Shaky hands should choose Nokia’s Lumia 920 as the optical image stabilization, or OIS, feature really shines through in the test.” The case of the stable camera rests—Nokia Lumia 920 slams Samsung Galaxy S4.… Read the rest

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Upcoming List of Nokia Lumia Phones Leaked

Not many developers have access to Nokia’s Remote Device Access (RDA) but those who have may find themselves in trouble as the list of Nokia’s upcoming devices, which had been kept under wraps has been leaked. There are no doubts about the fact that these handsets are in their developmental stage but their model numbers were easily readable on the leaked list.

The leaked list had names of some of the devices which had not been disclosed by the company. Some of the names on the list included the Lumia 910, Lumia 920, Lumia 950 and the Lumia 1001. Though nothing can be said on a guaranteed basis we are assuming that as these devices fall under “Lumia” label these would also run on the Windows Phone OS. Recently, Nokia has joined hands with Microsoft and announced that it will run its new phone Lumia 800 on Windows Phone 8 mobile OS. We are guessing that other mobile phones under the  Lumia  label will also run on the same OS.

Some of the other models that were mentioned on the leaked list included Nokia 510 and Nokia Belle 805. Again, making no claims, we are of the view that Nokia 510 is going to be an upgraded version of the Nokia 500. But as far as Nokia Belle 805 is concerned, rumors are that this phone is probably designed on the lines of PureView. However, nothing is said about the operating system it would run on. This leaked list clearly reveals that PureView is definitely on the cards for Nokia.

However, nothing can be said about the specifications and the launch dates of the phones mentioned on the leaked list, but we can surely assume that these phones will match the requirements of Windows phone 8, which include a new smart screen, multicore processor, microSD card support, NFC support and more.

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