Nokia Lumia 920 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3: Will Windows Phone 8 Be Able to Win as Many Hearts as Android?

Lumia vs. Galaxy S 3

Google and Samsung have managed to bring up each other’s brand value considerably thanks to their collaboration, with Android and the Galaxy range of smartphones. We’ve already seen the previews of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 for PCs, phones and tablets. The real question on everyone’s minds is whether Microsoft and Nokia will be able to build a symbiotic relationship like Google and Samsung with the Windows Phone 8 and the Lumia series. We’re taking a look at how the new Nokia Lumia 920 stands up against the Samsung Galaxy S3. We’ve already discussed the tech specs and features of these two phones at length in our previous features. In this piece, we’ll list out the strong points of both these models so you can decide which one’s right for your needs. Where the Samsung Galaxy S3 scores more against the Nokia Lumia 920: Bigger screen size: This one goes to the Galaxy [+more]

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AT &T Pepped About Showcasing Nokia Lumia 920 Today In NewYork


  AT&T is all kicked about the release of Nokia Lumia 920. The Nokia Flagship device would  be showcased today by AT&T Inc. , the second -largest U.S. wireless carrier. The phone won’t be immediately available for sale after the unveiling, said the people, who asked not to be identified because details of the event aren’t public. Nokia has pinned high hopes to Lumia 920 which is being considered a tough contender   in the smart phone market, largely dominated by Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Inc.’s Andriod. Along with Nokia Microsoft is also counting on Nokia Windows 8 devices to help it get it standing back in the smartphone market. Lumia sports a 4.5 inch screen and its USP is the City Lens which displays names of restaurants and shops when users point their camera at them. Verizon Wireless, the largest U.S. carrier, plans to start selling a Nokia Windows Phone [+more]

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Why Nokia Lumia 920 Scores Over Apple iPhone 5?


I love writing. And the best part about my job is getting hands on to the latest devices, even before they hit the market shelves. Getting my hands on both the Nokia Lumia 920 and the iPhone 5 was like receiving two pies from the sky, in my favorite flavor. Both the phones felt great, and I was happily wondering about the discriminating choices we got- all with latest technology, updated apps, and innovative features. Both the inventive devices gave me the flexibility of either using iOS 6 platform or Windows Phone 8 operating system. Both of them support 4G LTE. To make options clear for you, I am penning down the pros and cons of both the smartphones’ specifications. Going by my personal choice, I feel the Nokia Lumia 920 scores high over the Apple’s iPhone 5. Read on to know why. Since the introduction of Lumia smartphones, Nokia [+more]

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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs. Nokia Lumia 920 vs. HTC One X+: Take Your Pick?

samsung note 2

The present day consumer has a plethora of options before him, and naturally would be bound to get confused. If you’re window shopping for a brand new smartphone and are unsure of which one to get for yourself, here’s where you’ll find all the information you need to make the right decision. We take a look today at the flagship models of Samsung, Nokia and HTC on offer and break down the pros and cons of each of their features to make your life a little simpler. The Software: All these phones are on top of their game, running the latest versions of their respective OS. While the Lumia 920 will run on the latest Windows Phone 8, the Galaxy Note 2 and One X+ run on the latest version of Android – the Jelly Bean. The Hardware: Now this is where it gets really exciting to compare these 3 [+more]

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HTC One X+ vs HTC One X: Make Way For Evolution


  HTC One X+ is the newbie on the block and we are luring after it.Why? Well, HTC One X+ is a near to perfect Android phone. The premium looking flagship  phone of HTC, One X+ is a lethal combination of LTE capabilities of One XL and quad-core processor of One X What We Love About it: In terms of look HTC One X+ is no different than its predecessor HTC One X. Now the question here is how it is different from One X. Well as compared to One X’s 1800mAh battery ,X+ has  the power of 2 100mAH batteries. Needless to say, the phone need a gigantic battery to support its LTE capabilities. HTC One X came loaded with Ice Cream Sandwich where as HTC One X+ runs on Jelly bean (Andriod 4.1). When you see most of the Andriod phones around you running on Ice Cream Sandwich, [+more]

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The Top 6 Smartphones Which Will Give Samsung Galaxy Note II A Run For Its Money


    A look at the primary features of the iPhone 5, HTC One X, Nokia Lumia 920, Samsung S3, LG 4X HD and Motorola Driod Razor Looks, Processing, What Else has the iPhone 5 Got? The iPhone 5 has a faster A6 processor that’s roughly 160 points faster than the dual-core SGS3. However, the quad-core SGS3 processor is about 10 times faster than the iPhone. It has a 4-inch retina display that gives a larger and clearer canvas at 326 pixels per inch. The new iPhone gives 44% better color saturation than its previous version. iPhone 5 uses the LTE wireless technology that’s optimized for better battery life and designed for ultrafast connectivity in a thin profile. iPhone 5 supports more networks all over the world, including advanced networks such as HSPA, HSPA+, and DC-HSDPA. With the A6 processor, the iPhone 5offers faster CPU performance, which enhances your experience [+more]

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Nokia City Lens: The Age of Augmented Reality Begins With Lumia 920 and 900


Looks like Nokia’s really trying to catch up with the rest of the competition in the smartphone market. The former leader in mobile phone technology has recently introduced a brand new app called Nokia City Lens, an augmented reality app, with which users can get directions and reviews about shops, restaurants, etc. in a particular location by merely pointing their phone cameras. Think of it like a GPS which is a lot more fun to use. Point your camera’s viewfinder onto a building or street and get an overlay of information about places for shopping, eating, and other interesting places in this area. It helps people discover new places to go and things to do, and make life far more interesting. To market this app to the youth, Nokia has even launched a new initiative called Nokia City Lens – Point. Discover. Do (PDD). The PDD campaign, open for users [+more]

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Nokia Lumia 920 vs. Motorola Droid Razr M: From the Eyes of a Lady


It’s an unlikely combination, some might say, that we’ve decided to compare. Even more so when we think of these newly launched smartphones from the ladies’ perspective. To compare Android with Windows Mobile from an OS aspect is worse than comparing apples with oranges, each side having its own staunch supporters and critics. So what do the ladies need more – wireless charging or just ultra sleek looks? Tech Specs: In terms of processing power, both phones are well matched, equipped with a dual-core 1.5GHz processor and Adreno 225 GPU. While the Nokia Lumia boasts of a nascent version of Windows 8 Phone OS, which is expected to offer good performance and a host of features like Live Tile Information, Skydrive, sync capabilities using Office 365, an integrated social networking experience using the People hub, the Motorola Droid Razr M comes with Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich which has [+more]

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Nokia Lumia 920 VS iPhone4S: Windows 8 Phone Wins Hands Down


iPhone 5 is just a few hours away. While each of us await with baited breath for the veil to go up and put all our anxiety to rest, it would be a good idea to reminisce iPhone 4S and see where it stands against Nokia’s flagship Smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 920. Screen Size: Not much difference here, both the Smartphone sport the same screen size with a just a difference of an inch. The IPS- based screen lends both the phones finer and sharper display capabilities but in terms of pixel resolution Lumia wins hands down with 4.5-inch 1280 x 768 panel (where as iPhone 4S has a 3.5-inch 960 x 640 panel). Touch Capability: Both the screens have similar pixel density at 330ppi but what comes as a surprise is that Nokia’s panel has an ability to detect touch inputs even through gloved hands, which is not something [+more]

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