High Pitched Nokia Lumia 920 Fever: What Will Be Verizon’s Nokia’s Flagship Pick?

Nokia Verizon LazerVerizon seems keen to get going with the Nokia fever. Now we have news that the US-based carrier wants to get a flagship for itself from the Windows line of phones from the Finnish giant. These phones will be exclusively for the Verizon network.

Before you think which installment from Lumia would be the Verizon pick, here’s some interesting news. Verizon has picked up the Nokia Laser to exclusively feed its network. The name is not official yet but we have reasons to believe it is a Nokia installment slated to see light of the day with the much-heard-of Nokia Catwalk.

Close to Lumia 920 in terms of specs, the physicality of the Laser and the 920 too is not chalk and cheese. With a confirmation that the Laser would swish through with the ceramic body as seen in Lumia 920, we are keeping fingers crossed without dropping our jaws.… Read the rest

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Nokia Lumia 920: The ‘Pure View’ Marvel Give The Nokia Flagship Phone Edge Over iPhone5 , Samsung Galaxy S3



After creating much hype in the world wide market, Nokia Lumia 920 has finally arrived in India and yes we know we can’t get over it! What really excites us about this flagship model of Nokia is its terrific camera which comes with Pure View technology. This patented technology of Nokia which was first seen in Lumia 808 has been enhanced in its 920 model. The miraculous ‘Pure View’ technology is an amalgamation of various photography technologies that takes the look and feel of a photo to a new level.

The vital feature of Lumia 920 Pure View technology is its floating  fast aperture lens that stabilizes the image and gives images magnificent quality which many smart phones such as iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 are not able to achieve.

Lumia 920 is equipped with a touch shutter, and a host of shooting modes like Macro, Portrait etc which adds lots of flavors to pictures.

Nokia has also pre-loaded some very interesting “Lenses” into the camera app such as Panorama and Cinemagraph which make photography with Lumia 920 more exciting… Read the rest

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The Murky Spot In Nokia Lumia 920: Unmatched With India’s 4G Network



The Finnish company Nokia’s flagship phone Nokia Lumia 920 has finally come to India. But the sad part is the phone will not work on India’s 4G network.  Though, the version which has been launched in India supports 9 LTE bands.  As per the Nokia India website the phone would work on LTE 2100 and LTE 2600 networks.

For review of Nokia Lumia 920: http://techthirsty.com/2012/12/26/nokia-lumia-920-has-arrived-in-india/

The buyers of Nokia would not be able to experience the blisteringly fast speed of 4G network on their Lumia 920 but this may not be issue for the potential buyers of Lumia as 4G is available only in metropolitans and even 3G is trying to catch up in India.

In India phones working on a 4G network is a far cry. Only phone compatible with Indian LTE band is Huawei Ascend P1. The price of Nokia Lumia 920 is Rs 38,000… Read the rest

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