High Pitched Nokia Lumia 920 Fever: What Will Be Verizon’s Nokia’s Flagship Pick?

Nokia Verizon LazerVerizon seems keen to get going with the Nokia fever. Now we have news that the US-based carrier wants to get a flagship for itself from the Windows line of phones from the Finnish giant. These phones will be exclusively for the Verizon network.

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Nokia Lumia 920: The ‘Pure View’ Marvel Give The Nokia Flagship Phone Edge Over iPhone5 , Samsung Galaxy S3



After creating much hype in the world wide market, Nokia Lumia 920 has finally arrived in India and yes we know we can’t get over it! What really excites us about this flagship model of Nokia is its terrific camera which comes with … Read the rest

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The Murky Spot In Nokia Lumia 920: Unmatched With India’s 4G Network



The Finnish company Nokia’s flagship phone Nokia Lumia 920 has finally come to India. But the sad part is the phone will not work on India’s 4G network.  Though, the version which has been launched in India supports 9 LTE bands.  As per … Read the rest

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