Nexus 6 Release Date to Happen in September: Complete Details, Price, Display, Features

Nexus 6 Release Date: Complete Details, Price, display, features

When Google launched the Nexus 5, it went on break all past records of its earlier versions with respect to sales figures. Following in the footsteps of the Nexus 5, the upcoming Nexus 6 also is pegged to create new records as Google looks to maintain its position in the fast-growing smartphone market in the year 2014.

Rumor mills are on an overdrive even as speculations run rife about the specifications and features of the upcoming Nexus 6. It is expected that Google will be releasing Nexus 6 with the Android Milkshake 6.0 OS version although rumors also hint that the Nexus 6 will be based on the 5.0 Lollypop Android OS since the Nexus 5 is already available with an updated 4.4.2 Android KitKat version OS. If the new leaks are to be believed, then the upcoming Nexus 6 is likely to be powered by an advanced Snapdragon-805 Quad Core CPU backed further by an astounding 3GB RAM cache and might feature  Corning Gorilla Glass apart from a 5.3-inch stunning display screen, flaunting 2k resolution. The Nexus 6’s battery back up is expectedly 3500 mAh and it might also come with Retina scanning and finger print scanning sensors for additional security. … Read the rest

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Bold Features Packed Google Nexus 6 Release Date: Why Will it Beat iPhone 6?

Nexus 6 Release Date: Why Will it Beat iPhone 6?

The smartphone market across the world is heating up even as Korean handset maker launched the Galaxy S5 not many days ago. A new report has emerged which states that Google has its hands full on the upcoming Google Nexus 6 which will be its new flagship for the year 2014. The report is based on the concept that the search giant would look to gain middle-ground even as its competes with two top arch nemesis, Samsung and Apple.

Rumors also have surfaced that Samsung has given a green signal for the Galaxy S5 preview even though analysts are of the opinion that the commercial rollout of the new Samsung flagship is not likely to happen before April or March end. As per new reports, tech giant Apple is preparing for a September launch for the iPhone 6,  which might be its first ever phablet. Some analysts also say that the LG G Pro 2, unveiled recently, might just be the new Nexus 6 in making. If this happens, then Nexus 6’s screen size would be almost 6 inches. The Galaxy S5 is rumored to provide identical screen attributes and so might the iPhone 6, likely to be launched in two different screen sizes.

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Google Nexus 6 Release Date is September 2014, Just After the Nexus 8 July Release

SundarPichai, the Google executive stated at the MWC 2014 about no early release of Nexus 6. He stated that the Nexus 6 will not come out in the first part of 2014. With such confirm words from Google Executive, the Nexus 6 shifts toward the rivalling iPhone 6 and GS5. 

Speaking about the previous releases, while LG Nexus 5 witness a Google Play Store release in November 2013, its successor shall debut little earlier. The safe bet will be October or a little later after the iPhone 6 release.

 However, till you wait for Nexus 6, another charm to attract Android lovers which is slated for a July release. The schedule is likely to happen at the yearly I/O Developers Conference which Google will conduct in San Francisco on 24th of June. Analyst suggests that Google will use the I/O platform to introduce Nexus 8.

 As suggested earlier, the Nexus 8 will replace Nexus 7. As Apple is giving cut-throat competition in the compact tablet sector, Google is doing all possible steps to fight. Thus, Nexus 8 will rival the iPad Mini 7.9inches. for better functions, Google is launching the latest Android version to batter iOS 7, which will be known as build 4.5or Lollipop

 If similar Nexus cycle continues with little upgrades, then we can anticipate its release between September and October. The much talked about Android 5.0 called as Key Lime Pie could also be expected during this time period. But nothing has been confirmed till now.

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Google Nexus 6 Release Date Makes It Tough For Samsung Galaxy S5

If rumors are to be believed, than an upcoming Nexus device, dubbed presently as Nexus 6, might be made by tech major Lenovo. Lenovo recently took over Motorola Mobility from search giant Google. However, at this juncture, this has not been confirmed yet whether the new Nexus device will be made Lenovo. And indeed, this leaves a lot of room for various designers to float their individual concepts about the Nexus 6.

Several mobile industry experts are suggesting that the upcoming Nexus 6 will look much similar to the present Nexus 5 and it will also carry some design language seen in the LG G Flex. As far as borrowing the design concept from LG G Flex goes, the new Nexus 6 is likely to sport the curved display screen, as this is not seen in the Nexus 5 so the Nexus 6 has a lot of buzz going around it whether it will actually get the curved display.

Rather than a black matte look, the upcoming Nexus 6 might get a glossier look and one that features very thin bezels as opposed to the Nexus 5. Though the Nexus 6 is expected to remain plastic,  the design is likely to be the characteristic stunning plastic design that we have seen in earlier Nexus devices.… Read the rest

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Google Nexus 6 Release Date: To be Powered by 8-Core 64-Bit Snapdragon 810 SoC Chip

As per insider sources, Google Nexus 6 is all set to rock the world of smartphones with its Snapdragon 810 SoC Chip.As per insider sources, Google Nexus 6 is all set to rock the world of smartphones with its Snapdragon 810 SoC Chip. The processor will come from the Qualcomm stable. We guess, Google is too beguiled with the Aopple iPhone 5S. Or else why would it pick the 64-bit chip first seen from Apple.

The difference lies in the fact that the Apple prodigy saw an A7 chip while Nexus 6 will pack in a punch with ARM Cortex-A57 and A-53 CPUs. And each could come in a quartet. The A-53 is set to be governed by big.LITTLE configuration from ARM. This could help the Nexus 6 to bid adieu to worries that its predecessors caused.

 In terms of graphics, the Nexus 6 weighs its quality heavily on the Adreno GPU. However, the 1080 pixels screen resolution from Google Nexus 5 is set to stay back even in the Nexus 6.

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Apple iPhone 6 Release To Take Over Nexus 6: 3 Killer Features of iPhone 6

Apple focuses on health and fitness on its next iOS iteration and projected iWatch. The Cupertino company is working to release an app named “Healthbook” in the soon to release iOS 8 mobile and iPad OS this year.The time is not much far away when tech giant Apple’s much anticipated yet to be released new flagship device, the iPhone 6 will be launched world over and this would be the same time when Google launches its new flagship phone the Nexus 6. However, there are sketchy details about the specs and features of the Nexus 6 while there are some rumors about iPhone 6’s features and specs.

In the past half decade, Apple and Google have been stiff competitors and have released their flagship phones one after the other in the intensely competitive smartphone market. For Apple, the iPhone has undoubtedly been an iconic and a marquee device which the California-based company launched some years ago. Recently, Apple had launched the iPhone 5S and very soon, in a few months from now, it will be unveiling the next flagship phone, the iPhone 6.

Search giant Google also releases a new Nexus once in a year. The Nexus 6 is expected to feature a sleek design and exceptional features as well as advanced specifications. However, the iPhone 6 will feature a big and a stunning display screen and also a fingerprint scanner, which will be absent in the Nexus 6.… Read the rest

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Google Nexus 6 Vs Nexus 5: Will The Latest Google Kid Beat Its Predecessor?

Google has bowled us off the feet with its Nexus babies. With the Google Nexus 6 release buzz going strong, we rewind to the original Nexus 5 that ruled racks until sometime back.

Nexus 5 is a darling. Not expecting much out of it, I unabashedly fell in love with the thin wonder. With variants of 16 and 32 GB available, the Nexus 5 came for a steal. With 2 GB RAM, the 5-incher device made for great performance due to the 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 chipset.

With a high definition resolution scoring 1920 x 1080 on the pixel meter, the LG-made Nexus 5 was made to sweep us away. The IPS display made a show against the dominant AMOLED screen in the market while the image crispness made us sit up and welcome Google Nexus into our hearts.

Zooming into the present, the run up for the Google Nexus 6 release is warming up. Some say that the Nexus 6 is a beefed up avatar of its predecessor. However, loaded with a bevy of powerful specs, we expect more fireworks:

  • Snapdragon 810
  • 6-incher screen
  • ARM Cortex-A57 and A-53 CPU chipset
  • Adreno GPU
  • 1080 pixels resolution

Expect a release in the first quarter of this year. Until then, we keep our fingers crossed.… Read the rest

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Google Nexus 6 Release Date Could Happen In June–Motorola or LG?

Google chief official Patrick Pichette has stated that the LG-crafted Nexus 5 sales have been going quite strong. The Nexus 5 has been rising to great heights and puts Google at par with Apple and Samsung sales.

LG has recently signaled that the Google partnership was fruitful for the company, significant enough to make the South Korean company the third leading manufacturer in the smartphone market. And if the device has brought so much success to LG and Google, then an advanced replacement in 2014 will be automatic. The rosy signs from Google take away from rumors that the complete Nexus line could be undergoing a retirement treatment. However, this plan will commence from 2014 and attain completion in 2015.

According to tech blogger Eldar Murtazin, Nexus 6 will probably be the last release from Google and the manufacturer is still unknown. However, Google made a Google-Lenovo merger last week. The amalgamation will transform these bonding between two parties – as predicted by analysts that the new Nexus series will be designed under Lenovo with the express efforts of Google. Lenovo’s Motorola acquisition has led the company to produce Nexus 6 as now the latter company takes complete charge of worldwide distribution. 

The Nexus 6 was rumored to stay under LG shed to yet to be released LG G 2 Pro released as its base version. The Nexus 6 launch date is likely to be around June 2014.… Read the rest

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Google Nexus 6 Release Date to Happen Early: Moto X Sales Dies Down

Amid much pre-launch buzz and launch furor, the Moto X is seeing a dip in sales. So much so that Motorola has decided to lengthen the 70 dollars sale offer on all models of the Moto X. This is a gimmick to attract more buyers, given the poor performance that the X accounted for.

With the ongoing price slash, the Moto X 16 GB variant is priced at 329 dollars while the 32 GB model comes for 379 dollars only.

With this unanticipated poor performance in sales, we are left depressed on the quality of the upcoming Google smartphone. We expect the giants to launch the new phone soon. Probably, the Nexus 6 too can see unveiling way ahead of the anticipated date.

A report from IBT Times says, “The Nexus 6 could come with a release date following in the immediate weeks, most likely bearing the Android 4.5, some high-end components on the inside and a reasonable pricing.”

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Nexus 6 Released as LG Legitimately Releases G Pro Before MWC 2014

G Pro 2 was christened as the Best Smartphone of MWC 2013, but the handset looks more like a LG G2 clone as per the press release revealed. LG G Pro 2 was christened as the Best Smartphone of MWC 2013, but the handset looks more like a LG G2 clone. One visible similarity is the rear touch button which Google left when G2 used the Nexus 6 template.

The G Pro 2 will surely reveal a great Nexus 6 model- boasting of specs:

  • RAM of 3GB
  • Adreno 330 graphics
  • Removable 3200mAh battery
  • Wireless connection with NFC and Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • Quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU clocked at 2.26 GHz
  • Internal storage of 16GB or 32GB via microSD support

Thus, G Pro 2 is the next Nexus with Google’s signature specs like removable battery and memory expansion slot. With 5.9 inches Full HD 1080p resolution screen and super high display panel, the G Pro 2 features 13MP on rear killer camera specs and brilliant sound clarity. 

For unlocking, users just need to tap on the blank screen and G Pro 2 will come into life. A security spec is coded tool content lock–the device’s way of securing files will preserve it just for user only. LG offers one-hand navigation by bringing down the display to 3.4inch.

LG has come up with the idea of making Dual Browser for G Pro 2 users. Running on Android Kitkat 4.4, the device can be run on higher version too, if launched.

As per LG, hands-on will be offered publicly at Mobile World Congress 2014 on 25 Feb, in Barcelona. … Read the rest

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