Apple iPad Air vs Nexus 10 vs LG G Pad vs Surface Pro 2: The Best Tablet Of 2013?

Sony Experia SLDecision-making is very tough if you are on to own a tablet. There are many good models available by all leading brands. We will further have a quick review of the top 10 tablets released in 2013.

 1. Apple – iPad Air

No.1 from leader, iPad Air is more of … Read the rest

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Google Goofs Up Its Nexus 10 Gimmick—Too Much To Give, Too Less To See

Emotions do work up excitement. Marketing through mass media indeed appeals to user emotions to excite them to grab a product. This is perhaps the bottom-line that Google believes with its vehement Nexus 10 advertisement campaign. However, all said and done, does the advert work up reasons why it could … Read the rest

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