Halo 4 to Have ‘Flood’ as the Infection Mode; New Multiplayer Revealed!

With the release date approaching for Halo 4, new details are revealed regarding the return of the Infection mode in this new epic venture…

Everybody is waiting with anxiety regarding the return of the Master Chief and his aide, Cortana as they would trudge through the alienlandofRequiemin the new version of Halo. Now, 343 Industries has not lagged far behind in revealing new details from time to time regarding the game and keeping the fire burning in the mind and hearts of all its fans. The latest reveal from the Microsoft informs the return of the multiplayer mode Infection, which was part of the earlier games.

Titled ‘Flood’ in the latest version, the reveals show infected Spartans progressing to attack the players. The mode supports up to 12 players, which is a considerable number with two players donning the roles of Alpha Zombies (infected ones) and the remaining trying to survive them. Weapons are disabled in this mode and players have to survive on the basis of physical game play with claws and enhanced vision to support their attempts.

The new title does seem apt for this new adventure as Halo Destiny reveals that ‘infected players will play as a flood combat form’ in the course of the game. The exact speed and performance of the players is yet to be revealed by the gaming company. Meanwhile, the game will also have the services of a ‘new vehicle’ called the ‘Mantis’ for John-117 who can utilize it for combating the Prometheans and Covenant forces.

For now, we can estimate it to be another boosting shot for the game, which is coming up with a lot of firsts and coupling it with some of the most favorite modes from the past games. 343 Industries has really revived the game in a larger-than-life format and is not leaving any stone unturned to make it an epic venture. Unlike the ever popular Rockstar-backed GTA series, Halo has recently seen a change of ownership with Bungie making way for Microsoft-backed 343 Industries but that has not led to any disappointments so far. On the other hand, Rockstar has failed to sustain the interests related to GTA 5 revealing very little related to the game and even getting a disappointing review from the investors who are now predicting that the game would be delayed further. Though heartbreaking, we still expect Rockstar to pick up some clues from the Halo 4 makers.

And just in case, you are curious about the live action series, it would soon be making its presence felt on October 5, 2012. The series revealed its new trailer titled ‘Lecture’, which details the academy and its proceedings. Although, the online series is yet to pick up pace, the game still has gathered quite a good set of reviews before its launch. The wait till November 6, 2012, would be an arduous one for many fans of this series. But it would be worth it with the online series prepping the gamers before the final showdown.… Read the rest

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Halo 4 Weapons’ Range: Details Revealed; Mean Machine on Display!

Even as 343 Industries plans to take on the gaming industry with their version of the Halo franchise, a glimpse is offered at their weapons arsenal and the range just seems awesome to say the least…

Microsoft, in its usual style, has been revealing much planned information bytes about its latest product, Halo 4, which is being developed by 343 Industries. The Halo franchise till now had been a brainchild of Bungie Industries, who have been left out in the lurch with this version. Bungie, on the other hand, plans to make a comeback next year with something which challenges its previous work. Meanwhile, 343 Industries have revealed a range of weaponry, which would be part of the multiplayer mission.

Some of the notable references include the standard Assault Rifle, which can fire continuously without offering break to the victim. Its potency is still questionable as compared to the complete range. Another rifle in the set is the standard Battle Rifle, which is a better weapon for combat. The sniper rifle completes the triad of rifles in this battle. The trailer shows the detailed DMR, which has been part of the UNSC’ weapons system just like the Rocket Launcher, which is the M41 Surface-to-Surface Rocket Medium Anti-Vehicle/Assault Weapon. To show its attack capability, the trailer even shows the player attacking an assault vehicle and blowing it to smithereens. A similar effect is also brought in by the heavy attack capability of the Sticky Detonator, which takes time to orient itself but delivers an impressive impact.

The only thing that one gets amazed at is the use of the new shotgun introduced in the fight sequences. After all, it has a rustic appeal but looking at the setting of the Halo franchise, it seems like ‘old school’. A similar weapon is the SAW Machine gun, which can make the battlefield pleasing for the gamer.

And when we come to the hi-fi section that makes the game worth its name, you have the Spartan Laser, typical stuff of the Halo games.  The most potent of the set is the Rail Gun, which can turn heads in a battle and really turn it around for the gamer. The only setback is its rebooting time that can affect the game play. But you get to have the fun of seeing the opponent disappear in just one shot!

As with all weapons, their design is also based on the distance and the impact required. Hence, choose wisely while in combat! Of course, when everything runs out, do use the Magnum; it would also be part of your weaponry as well. And yes, if you are expecting something more out of this trailer, then it also shows the points garnered with kills and of course, a mean game play. Come November 6, 2012, one can see them in action. Although, the online action series would be airing a good month before the game’s release, one is hoping for some more previews of John-117 aka Master Chief and his exploits.… Read the rest

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Extends the Imagination!

Call of DutyA long and arduous wait is finally over for the fans of the Call of Duty series. Activision and Treyarch revealed more details about their upcoming venture, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Many of the game fans were warming up to the fact that the game forwarded itself well into the future depicting 2025 when soldiers have to combat with a lot of gadgetry which could redefine modern battles. The nasty multiplayer gives an apt preview of such a battle showing a unique setting for such a war. Besides the unique setting, the multiplayer preview shows a rich array of game play churning out at a rate of 60 frames per second. After all, it is not news that they are running the same old engine which is well ahead of its league. But, the graphics although upped from its previous versions faces a tough competition from other FPS games such as Borderlands 2 which do shine out separately. One does prefer the new set of colors that Treyarch is willing to try in this new version. Another fact which is going for the Black Ops 2 is the set of modern weaponry mixed with traditional assault weapons such as hatchet shown in a slick Hollywood-like execution in the trailer.

Also, the game shows some innovative gadgets such as grenades which mess with enemies’ jolting them electrically. It also shows the deployment of a reflector shield which can stun the opponents giving you ample cover to launch an assault and shoot them down. Since the theme of the game does rest on the assault from unmanned weapons operated by a terror faction, the multiplayer seems to be dotted with scenarios where different kinds of quadrotor drones and other air borne machines can change the course of the battle. Bombs can be thrown and detonated using a remote in the assault course. The trailer is given an abrupt ending with a plane doing a Kamikaze on the player but then again the ‘Future could have been Black’ sans the crash as well.

The rewards option is also extensively presented in the trailer showing some new additions in the list of medals and rewards which were a feature of previous games. Tags such as ‘Red Baron’ and ‘Flyswatter’ are part of the kill rewards in this version. The shooting is still the USP of this game play showing different modes of tracing the enemy and making a perfect kill.

Though the multiplayer is a vital element of this Call of Duty edition, it waits to be seen whether it will elevate matters for the game and heighten the anticipation of the fans. After all, the battle still persists between Battlefield 3, Medal of Honor: Warfighter and FPS such as Borderlands 2 who will have the advantage of playing with gamer imaginations before the November 13 launch of Black Ops 2.… Read the rest

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