Moto X Style Comes Loaded With 21MP Snapper—Is It Worth The Hype?

According to Jim Wicks, design head at Motorola, Moto X Style has the best camera ever. It was released along with the Moto X Play today. Both these phones come with 21MP cameras. To find out how it fares against the good camera phones we have already seen, we ran a test. Here is what we found:

In a benchmark test for the 21MP camera lens on the handset, we found the image detailing under bright light conditions praiseworthy. The lens is powerful but doesn’t work so well on low light pictures.

Motorola X Style Comes Loaded With 21 MP SnapperMotorola had in fact added the wide angle selfie camera as well as HDR mode on its Moto G, but these two aspects don’t feature on the Moto X Style. 

The glitch with Moto X Style is that selfie shots without flash don’t turn out the way we would want them to.  

Here is what we had reported about this phone earlier: Moto X Third Gen To Stun With Front Camera Flash, Expected In White And Gold

Moto X Style Features

Meanwhile, the latest release from Motorola features a 5.7-inch QuadHD display for high quality functioning. Image quality is good because the screen has a density of 515ppi pixels. Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 SoC, it does not have the hitches of the Snapdragon 810.

Instead, it is combined with a 1.8GHz hexa-core processor and 3GB RAM, which should result in faster working.

Designed with the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, teh Moto X Style comes with the company’s unique products such as Moto Voice, Moto Assist and Moto Display.

The Moto X Style will come in 16/32/64GB storage variants. Price of the Moto X Style has not been revealed yet.… Read the rest

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Moto X Third Gen To Stun With Front Camera Flash; Expected In White And Gold

If the latest reports are to be believed, Motorola is set to roll out a batch of their latest Android phones next week. This could mean that the Moto X third gen variant will finally release along with the latest Moto G third generation version. Latest devices from Motorola have been leaked at numerous occasions so we have our hands on a number of leaks and rumors pointing to the look and build of these upcoming Motorola phones.

Moto X Third Gen To Stun With Front Camera FlashExpect a Selfie Camera

It would be easy to fall for the Moto X latest edition given its sleek design that packs in a stellar selfie camera with flash. Difficult to find in with top end manufacturers, a latest leaked image that went viral online reveals the feature in Moto X.

Read all about the Moto G leaks here.

Fingerprint Sensor Feature

Besides the front flash feature, we expect the third gen Moto X to come with a fingerprint sensor at the area next to the bottom speaker. This is only a rumor and we have heard nothing official from the maker. In case you have been waiting for the Moto X, then gear up to get it in either white or gold!

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Moto X Image Leaks: Will It Come Loaded With Front Facing Flash?

With the release date of Motorola handsets round the corner, fans can’t wait to get a glimpse of the much-hyped Moto X. While rumors related to the specifications of the handset are ripe, a leaked image of the phone claims to confirm its look.

Moto X leaked image Moto X leaked picture at a glance

The leaked image of Moto X uploaded on Android Peru’s Facebook page shows a front-facing flash on the right side of the handset. This is the first thing that grabs people’s attention. However, there is also a black panel on the device, which is also expected to lure buyers. The image sourced by Jose Vasquez Ruiz also confirms earlier rumors regarding the textured panel of the device.

This leaked image hints toward a good-looking Moto X. Other reports on the web also indicate that it will be a power-packed phone operating on the Android 5.1.1 platform. The phone is also reported to come with a 64-bit octa-core Snapdragon 810 chipset and 5.2-inch QHD AMOLED display. Yet, for  confirmed news on the look and specifications, everyone will have to keep their fingers crossed for some more days. 

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Moto G Release Date: Gets Water-Resistant Certification, Dust-Proof Feature Yet To Be ConfirmedRead the rest

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Moto G And Moto X Release Date Is July 28?

Motorola has sent invites to the media for the launch of its Moto X and Moto G third-gen handsets to be held in New Delhi on July 28. The event at the Indian capital will be the first in the line for events at Sao Paulo (Brazil), London and New York. Moto G 2015 edition is expected to score a hit in the Brazilian and Indian markets while the upcoming Moto X might fare better in the US and markets in Europe.

 Moto G 3rd Gen SpecsIs Motorola Next-Gen Moto G

 We also sniffed out the Moto G 3rd generation on Flipkart with a list of its specifications. However, it was revealed that the listing was only a matter of accident. As per the specs though, you may expect the new Moto G to have 8GB storage onboard and will run on 1.7 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 610 processor.  2 GB RAM will account for quick boot speeds on the 5/5.2 incher display that comes with full HD resolution. In addition, expect 4G LTE support and a polycarbonate style body in white hue.

What Motorola Says?

Motorola has also put this text up on its website- “Yes. We’re in a relationship with our phone. We feel lost without it. We trust them with our most personal questions, photos, stories and secrets. They never leave our side. But shouldn’t all that care and devotion you show be returned?”

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iPhone 7 Update: May Come With e-Sim TechnologyRead the rest

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Moto X Leaked Images: Phone May Feature 5.2-inches Display And 16MP Camera

Motorola is expected to make a great move in the smartphone market by introducing two handsets at the same time. According to the company statement made this week, both Moto G and Moto X are slated for an official release on July 28. While the company is not interested in revealing any other update about the handsets, leaked images of the phones give some hint regarding their features, reports Techradar.

 Moto X anticipated featuresMoto X leaked images on web

Moto G photos have been already doing round in web for some time and now sources have also revealed some pictures of Moto X. The leaked image indicates the phone to have a similar design to that of 2015 Moto G and both the handsets come with a metallic trim highlighting the back. Yet, the texture of the back panels are not the same and Moto X is said to have metallic bezel.

While the leaked images do not give a proper impression of the front side, the handset is reported to feature an impressive 5.2-inches Quad HD display. Not only that, the flagship phone is also reported to be made powerful with Snapdragon 810 processor, 4GB RAM and 16/32 GB storage. 16MP rear camera is also mention worthy. Yet, there is no definite report on the naming of the phone and for that everyone need to wait till July 28.

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iPhone 6S Release Date: The New iPhone Is All Set To Flatter The Gadget Lovers!


 … Read the rest

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New Moto X May Feature Rear Fingerprint Scanner: Report

Buzz has it that Motorola is coordinating with Google to develop a fingerprint scanner technology for the upcoming Google Nexus 6. However, now the official stance has made it clear that the next Nexus phone will not have this feature. On another end, fresh rumors have emerged stating that an upcoming Moto X variant will soon arrive. This one will be loaded with a fingerprint scanner, according to what was spotted in an early pre-production model for Moto X.

This has been spotted in an assembly line of the product. What is surprising is that the scanner is placed behind the hood–under the camera sensor.

Pre-production model of the Moto X spotted with rear fingerprint scannerPerhaps it is too early to confirm this as the scanner that was ditched at the last minute on the Nexus 6.

Looking at the past, Motorola initiated the tradition of fingerprint scanners with the Atrix 4G model about half a decade ago. With Android M aiding fingerprint scans in the current time it will only be apt for Motorola to feature it once again!  

Keep tuned to this space for more updates on the latest Motorola releases. For any comments or latest scoop on this story, write to us.Read the rest

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Google Nexus 6 Release Date to Happen Early: Moto X Sales Dies Down

Amid much pre-launch buzz and launch furor, the Moto X is seeing a dip in sales. So much so that Motorola has decided to lengthen the 70 dollars sale offer on all models of the Moto X. This is a gimmick to attract more buyers, given the poor performance that the X accounted for.

With the ongoing price slash, the Moto X 16 GB variant is priced at 329 dollars while the 32 GB model comes for 379 dollars only.

With this unanticipated poor performance in sales, we are left depressed on the quality of the upcoming Google smartphone. We expect the giants to launch the new phone soon. Probably, the Nexus 6 too can see unveiling way ahead of the anticipated date.

A report from IBT Times says, “The Nexus 6 could come with a release date following in the immediate weeks, most likely bearing the Android 4.5, some high-end components on the inside and a reasonable pricing.”

 … Read the rest

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Google Nexus 5 vs. Moto X: The Processor Is Pitted Against Better Battery!

It is raining Android phones out there and for those wishing to own one, there are choices aplenty. Ever since its launch, Google’s Nexus 5 has been popular, closely followed by Moto X launched by US Google-owned Motorola. Both the devices have decent specs are are pretty affordable too. Here is what makes them stand apart.  


The Nexus 5 has a 5-inch, 1920 x 1080 IPS LCD display, which gives it a density of 445 PPI. Added to this is the sharp display which gives a fantastic viewing experience while watching movies and photos. On the other hand, the Moto X has a slightly smaller screen with a 4.7-inch 1280 x 720 AMOLED display leading to a density of 316 PPI which looks sharp enough while holding it a normal viewing distance.


On the power front, the Nexus 5 leaves the Moto X far behind with its Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 2.3 GHz quad-core processor with 2GB of RAM, while the Moto X comes packed with a 1.7GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro dual-core processor with 2GB of RAM.


The Moto X is back in the game here with its 10MP camera which races ahead of the Nexus 5’s 8MP camera. However, both have HDR modes and can shoot at up to 1080p video. Moto X’s camera offers more pixels for still photography at 2MP, while the Nexus 5’s camera offers the same at 1.3MP. 

Battery Life

If you are looking at both the phones and battery life is something that is the clincher, then pick the Moto X. It easily gets up to 4-8 hours more on a single charge when compared to the Nexus 5.


This is one aspect where both the phones differ slightly. The Google Nexus 5 is powered by Google’s Android 4.4 KitKat. The Moto X runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean (that can be upgraded to KitKat). … Read the rest

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Moto G Google Play Version Comes At $179 Price Tag

motorola moto g google playGoogle-owned Motorola has announced its new Google play edition of the budget Moto G Smartphone. Motorola is popular for its Moto X flagship smartphone, which currently dominates the market.

The Google Play edition smartphone would be available via the US store at an affordable price for 8GB and 16GB versions. As of now we have no information whether the edition would be available elsewhere.

The Moto G Google play edition would be attuned with HSPA+ bands of AT&T and T-Mobile in the US. The specification of the mobile is more or less the same as the previous one. The owner would though, receive updates at a much greater speed. This device is expected to be even better than the original one.

Motorola’s Moto G Smartphone started reception of Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat updates over-the-air in the previous month. Moto G would be receiving an assured Android 4.4 Kit Kat update in the month of January.… Read the rest

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Top 10 Smartphones of 2013:Nexus 5 Vs Moto X Vs LG G2Vs Motorola Droid Max

Samsung-Galaxy-S4Every new device that penetrates the market promises to offer exciting features and functionality. 2013 witnessed this trend with the dawn of a range of smartphones; where some did well, others failed to live up to their words. However, since the year is about to depart, let’s take a look at the top 10 smartphonesof2013,which actually worked.

2013’s Best Smartphones

Apple iPhone 5s

With advanced series of 64-bit A-7 processing unit, fingerprint-enabled Touch-ID home button, Apple iPhone 5sdictate the smartphones era in terms of technology, design and intuitive UI.


HTC offers 8 megapixel camera and Android 4.3 apps in its smartphones. These are unbeatable in the category of hardware.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy has 1.6 GHz quad-core Exynos processor, 3GB RAM and 13 Megapixel camera, apart from 5.7inch AMOLED-HD display. Along with being the most advanced and enabled Android device, Samsung smartphones also offer 16GB of internal memory, micro-SD and 3,200 m-Ah detachable battery.

Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia is poised for the challenge by providing exclusive photo capturing option. Nokia Lumia 1020 Windows handsets have Nokia Music, voice navigation and camera software as highlights.

Google Nexus 5

Google offers Android 4.4 with greatest in-built specs comprising Snapdragon 800 processor, 8-megapixel -camera, visual image stabilization and 2GB RAM. Price is wonderful.

Moto X

Motorola has presented Moto X accompanied with outstanding voice management functionality, dynamic notifications on lock screen and much longer battery life compared to its predecessors.


LG introduced LG G2 smartphones with 5.2-inch 1080p display unit and Android 4.2.2 at attractive prices.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 incorporates 5 inch display, flexibility, removable battery and software enhancement along with exclusive Android features.

Motorola Droid Maxx

Motorola offers wonderful 3,500 m-Ah capacity battery assuring longer life. The device contains 5 inch AMOLED display and Motorola-X8 processor with 32GB internal storage apart from 10 megapixel camera.

Sony Xperia

Waterproof and dust resistant casing, high-powered camera, snapdragon-800 2.2- GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB internal memory, 20.7 megapixel camera and 5 inch HD display are some unique features that Sony Xperia Z smartphones offer you and join in the race of top 10 smartphonesof2013. Read the rest

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