Microsoft Windows 8.1 Update to See Light of Day in October With Improved Functioning Across Devices

Microsoft windows 8.1In a blog post recently, Microsoft has said that they are going to release a Windows 8.1 update in October sometime. It will start rolling out as a free update from October 18 and the idea is to make the new operating system available for all devices. The previous version was not appreciated a great deal and sale of machine run on the OS suffered.

With the new OS, Microsoft hopes to reverse that trend. Already available for preview, the updated Windows 8.1 does away with the tiles that it started out with. Instead, it takes up the traditional desktop look that most of us were comfortable with.   … Read the rest

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Microsoft Windows 8.1 Official: The Near Final Version is Out to Bask In Glory

By August end, Microsoft is planning to take out a ‘near final’ RTM version of Windows 8.1 for its PC and tablet partners.

The news was announced at the firm’s annual Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in Houston, Texas by Tami Reller, Windows CMO and CFO, Microsoft.

As per reported in Windows blog, Reller announced that “Windows 8.1 RTM will be available for OEM partners in late August”. She also disclosed that some of the Windows-powered devices will be shipped in the holiday season with this updated Windows 8.1 software.

However, Reller didn’t spill the beans on as to when consumers will get hold of the updated software. Considering Microsoft’s previous track record, we should expect the software to reach consumers by October.

At WPC, Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft said, “Windows has always been more a device than a piece of software; it defined a class of device called the PC”.

This year, on June 26th, Microsoft took out an open preview of Windows 8.1 to let users take a trial of the software before it went official. Earlier, Microsoft disclosed making Windows 8.1 available to all Windows 8 and Windows RT users, giving them a free upgrade.

With Windows 8.1, Microsoft is expected to fix the dents caused by Windows 8. This updated version is also expected to hold the Start button.

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