Microsoft Matches Apple iPad Mini and Google Nexus Footprints– Is A Surface Tot In Making?

Microsoft almost  caved in with Samsung’s reign on phablet ground. Across geographies, geeks and smartphone enthusiasts await Microsoft to offer novice ranges again but the last time it answered prayers was in October 2012.

Now here is buzz that whets our appetite once again– the … Read the rest

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Microsoft Surface Pro Teardown—Low on Repairing Ease, Makes Us Hope For An Easier Way In

Finally, the Microsoft Surface Pro has come to surface. No more speculations and fantasies! The tablet has arrived in all grandeur with Windows 8 et al. Just that it comes with few glitches. For starters, the battery seems to be a drain on its life. Moreover, it is clumsy when … Read the rest

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Steve Ballmer Acknowledges Microsoft Has Zero Presence in Tablet Market

Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer, at the annual shareholder meeting, guarded his company’s record on innovation and financial performance but agreed that he should have taken plunge in the tablet market long back before Apple took the Tablet market by storm.

Bill Gates, co-founder and chairman of Microsoft was silent … Read the rest

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