Microsoft’s official Surface tablet: Would This be Able to Take Over Apple iPad?



Microsoft may unveil the second generation version of its Surface devices with 7 to 9 inch Displays at Microsoft’s Build developer conference in late June, according to DigiTimes.

Before the announcement of Microsoft’s official Surface tablet last year, an Xbox Surfaced device came into sight. And it is expected that Xbox and Surface teams have been together for the company’s 7-inch plans. Microsoft has confirmed its affiliation with OEMs to launch smaller and cheaper versions of Windows 8 tablet that will support smaller screen sizes. The leaked 8-inch Acer tablet also approves of the same.

Microsoft’s Build developer conference is scheduled after Intel’s planned Haswell launch on June 3rd and the annual event by Computex where the new devices are announced by OEMs. According to The Verge, Microsoft will update its new Tablets with the latest Intel Haswell chipsets to improve battery life and graphics performance of the same.

With almost a gap of one year after the launch of Surface tablets, the devices and services company, Microsoft has failed to produce more devices and it has been silent for future projects as well. Though rumors by Smartwatch and Surface Phone suggest that Microsoft is focusing on additional devices, the immediate focus for the company appears to be on its 7-inch Surface model only.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Vs Apple iPad 5 : Microsoft Learnt A Lesson, All Geared Up to Rock

All of us now are aware that Microsoft had a hard time selling of the Tablets which they had launched. The difficult time had taught Microsoft a lesson. It is  geared up to air the Surface Pro 2 which will be shown in June, 2013. This time they have prepared the tablet will certain strategies in mind with which they expect to beat their rivals. The bull’s eye for them is to not only invent useful and interesting features but also to develop certain specification which none have thought before or can copy.

Microsoft introduced their Surface Pro and RT as Cool but there was not much coolness about it. It had no unique features with which it could beat others other than the build in stand and the click keyboard which has to be brought separately. With the Ipad 5 and the other palmtops coming about it was felt that Microsoft was dancing on a totally different tune.

However the new Surface commercials show that the new Surface Pro 2 has Office in build. With many users wanting the Office word and excel the Microsoft Tablet has it in it. This new addition along with some will hit the electronic arcade soon and is expected to bet the its rivals Ipad5 and Android.… Read the rest

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