Microsoft Office 365 Editing Feature Not Free For iPad Pro Users

In case you have missed this little slip, it has come to light that advanced features of the Microsoft Office 365 would be chargeable on the Apple iPad Pro. This means users would have to shell out extra monies to use advanced features like editing on the iPad Pro. Note that these facilities are absolutely free on the Apple iPad. Prospective buyers should keep this in mind while purchasing the latest iPad Pro.

Microsoft Office 365 Editing Feature Would Not be Free for iPad Pro UsersThis is not particularly surprising as Microsoft had announced way back in March 2015 that any device with a display of more than 10.1 inches would need an Office 365 subscription to use it.

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Here’s How To Access Microsoft Office 365 Trial And Office Preview – See more at:
Here’s How To Access Microsoft Office 365 Trial And Office Preview – See more at:
Here’s How To Access Microsoft Office 365 Trial And Office Preview – See more at:

However, Apple’s iPad Pro is the first device running on iOS that will have to pay to use the editing feature on the Office 365 app. It would cost around $ 6.99 per month to get the subscription.

Microsoft first introduced Office for iPad in 2014. As soon as it was released, it became one of the top apps that could be downloaded for free. A subscription was required to edit and use advanced features on the app when it was first introduced. The company did away with these charges in the latter part of 2014, making the editing feature free to use.

Now, the company has hinted at a subscription for devices with bigger screen sizes. Office 365 is an extremely popular app used by more than a billion people, which helps Microsoft rake in a decent sum of money. Microsoft works really hard on this product to make it better and more productive with new features each time.

Recently, the company released Office 2016 for Windows and Mac that comes with several additional features including a black theme, Tell Me Assistant and the feature of co-authoring posts.

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Not sure of what to use your Microsoft Surface Pro for? Here are some Tips

Microsoft’s entry into the tablet market was clouded with confusion. First came the Surface RT running on Windows RT – not too many people were sure of how it was different from Windows 8. And when they found out that it had limitations, it became one more strong reason, in addition to the high price of course, to stay away from it.

But that changed when the company launched the Surface Pro tablet which runs on Windows 8 Pro and functions pretty much like a regular laptop – except with a form factor of a tablet. People didn’t mind shelling out a few extra bucks for something that did everything their regular computing devices did and was more portable and good looking.

With a starting price of around $900, the Surface Pro sure has a lot of advantages, including being able to run Microsoft Office. Windows RT, on the other hand, might not find as many takers because of its limited compatibility offerings, especially as an enterprise mobile device. Sure, it gives you the advantage of mobility, but when Android tablets and even the iPad can offer the same at lesser price, why spend on a Microsoft Surface RT?

But the Surface Pro, now that’s quite an interesting alternative. It may still be more expensive than your regular laptop, but it’s so much lighter and sleeker, making it easy to carry around all day. With a longer battery life, it’s meant for those on the move, but with just as much power as a regular notebook.

Check your mail, work on MS Office, use it like a normal Windows 8 machine – the possibilities are endless. And when Microsoft unveils Windows Blue, we think it might just become even more attractive a device.

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