Google Set To Release Android 6.0– Christens It Marshmallow; Packs In Three Solid Specs

The latest generation for Android OS is finally set to hit marts and has interestingly been named Marshmallow. Currently, the platform is in its beta phase but a preview build release had been made available to developers last week. Around Fall this year, the final versions could be made available but it could be a little longer before these are updated to compatible handsets. We had known that Android 6.0 was set to arrive, back in May during the Google I/O Conference; this had been known as Android M then. However, going with the name of Marshmallow Google has kept its trend of using sweet treats as name for its Android update names.

Google Set To Release Android 6.0Top Three Marshmallow Features

Users of Android will barely see much interface-based differences between Android Lollipop 5.0 and the upcoming Marshmallow. The interfacial changes were already reduced by Lollipop sometime back. The major revamps are intrinsic and aim to enhance stability as well as performance. New and interesting specifications of the Android 6.0 platform are features focused on six main areas. Three of these areas stand focused on security and user experience. A brand new system for permissions will allow users to have total control over what parts of a device apps can access on Marshmallow. The system will be similar to how iOS works given that applications will now need permission based on case-by-case. Earlier, users had grated all permissions at once. Therefore, there had been share-ability issues for information along varied app platforms.

A welcome upgrade with Marshmallow is the new app linking feature that allows one application to directly connect with another using a single link or button. Earlier versions saw a pop up dialog box that asked the user if he/she wanted to open another application. Marshmallow will erase this.

Marshmallow also seeks to enhance battery usage with a brand new feature called Doze. It works by using in built motion sensors of phones for detecting if a device has actually been used. After a set time span, Android will cut down all background activities that will help reduce battery life. While some might question the effectiveness of the new feature, David Burke, VP of Engineering said that Doze could almost double the standby span for Nexus 9 tabs. This was published in the Verge.

Wrapping Up

Besides these main areas, Google will now focus on smaller enhancement such as improve copy-paste feature, volume controls and USB-C induced faster charging. In spite of these brand new functionalities, the upgrade bit to Marshmallow could still be challenging. First comes issues such as device compatibility and slow update releases from carriers. Perhaps these reasons justify why only 18 per cent android handsets had been running on Android 5.0 Lollipop.

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New Android OS Is Here; It’s Called The Marshmallow

Ever since Google announced they will be launching the Android M, there were speculations regarding the significance of the dessert it will be named after. Google has confirmed that the new Android M has been nick-named “Marshmallow”. The makers of the new OS have stated that the launch will happen later during fall but no dates have been finalized. This has got Android lovers excited because they are expecting a lot from the latest updates.

MarshmallowWhat will be new with “M”

One of the major updates would be granular app permissions that Android users have missed for a long time now. Users will now be able to modify the app permission beforehand so that it does not pop up every time during a download from the play store.

The Android Lollipop, which was the last update of the operating system, centered on the design factor. However, Android 6 Marshmallow will work more towards polishing the features and functions. This includes fixing some bugs associated with the Lollipop.

An advanced Android pay system has also been introduced with Marshmallow, which will enable customers to make payments through mobile phones a lot easier. Along with this, security features have been enhanced, which will additionally result in secure payments.

The Virtual Assistant from Google Android will be getting a touch up and will now work more efficiently with the Android 6.

What’s more in the kitty?

Android M will also have a standardized support for fingerprints as necessary APIs are introduced. Type C USB along with floating toolbar and direct share will also be there with the new Android M.

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