Lumia 435 Review: Bowls Out Lumia 532

Microsoft might be in news for its upcoming flagships Lumia 940 and 940 XL but that does not stop us for revisiting  Lumia 532 and Lumia 435, Physically, there is barely much difference between the pair and both run 4-incher screens of WVGA grade. The similarities extend to 1 GB RAM, Snapdragon chips and Cortex A7 processors. As for the camera, the Lumia 532 packs in a 5 MP main shutter while the Lumia 435 offers a meager 2 MP shutter.

Lumia 435 Is Still A Hit For Beefy Battery And Awesome Specs, Bowls Out Lumia 532 TooThe OS is again common—that of Windows Phone 8.1 with Update 1. The beef lies in the 1560 mAh batteries common to both again. However,  performance wise the two models offer very close figures.

On 3G, the talk time durability lasted close to 16 hours for the Lumia 435 while the other variant gives us 14.5 hours.

As for the standby ability, the Lumia 435 can last for seven days as compared to five days of 532. Turning the Glance mode off on the later will give you 7 days standby though. In fact, the Lumia 435 lasts up to 58 hours flat on 3G talk time ad video views.   … Read the rest

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Wallet-Friendly Microsoft Lumia 435 Impresses With Bulky Battery, Sexy Styling And Functionality

Microsoft has surprised us with the Lumia 435 not because the smartphone is wallet friendly but because it offers us almost everything we desire at such a price. To begin with, the handset will soon be available for receiving an upgrade to Windows 10 once the latter hits the mart. The neon color and plasticy style might appear very usual for the Lumia 435 but dig deep and you will find a strong internal structure.Blazing fast LTE to Windows Phone to be brought by Lumia 1330/1335

This means Windows 8.1 with Denim, iced up with Cortana.  More so, multitasking is cake walk thanks to 1.2 GHz Snapdragon dual-core processor. The one hitch here is that some apps take little time to load but then we are not complaining. The sheer variety of inbuilt apps is impresive—from biz apps to social media—almost everything is just a click away on the Lumia 435.

We did expect slightly more from the screen resolution which is 233 ppi resolution. Naturally, the brightest screen setting appears too dull and we did compromise on the angle viewing. However, the expandable storage upto 12 GB is a surprise given the low price of Lumia 435. The RAM stands at 1 GB.

Then again the camera app on this Lumia is not great and just 2 MP under the hood is depressing. As for the front cam, 0.3 MP is a consolation since it allows video calls at least. 1560 mAh for a replaceable battery offers good standby time.

Overall, the Lumia 435 is a great bargain for first time smartphone buyers and we now know that Microsoft will not disappoint with its Lumia line ever again.

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