Samsung: Apple Wants to Limit Consumer Choices With Plea for Ban

Adding a deep effect on the ongoing patent war between Samsung Electronics and Apple Inc., the latter recently sought a ban on the sale of latest Galaxy smartphones in the US market.

However, the Korean manufacturer reacted on Saturday and accused the Cupertino, Calif.-based company of opting out for a … Read the rest

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Bruce Willis Reads iTunes Terms of Service Agreement, May Take Apple To Court!

In an intriguing move, Bruce Willis, star of The Sixth Sense and Die Hard series is planning to take a legal action against the revolutionary Apple Inc.

It seems that most of us pass on to next level when it comes to reading on the terms and conditions of the … Read the rest

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In Duel with Motorola, Apple Says iPhone Too Popular for a US Ban

Apple triumphs over Samsung in the patent case. But the legal battles are far from over for the world’s most valuable company. Now it’s Apple Inc. vs. Google Motorola.

Apple Inc. is recently reported to rely upon the popularity of its devices in a hope to ruin Google’s Motorola Mobility’s … Read the rest

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Google/Motorola Seeks to Ban iPad, iPhone and Apple Computers Imports to U.S.

Looks like Apple Inc still has many points to cover in the court, as another patent suit has been filed against the company. As per reported by Bloomberg, Google’s Motorola unit has hit Apple with a new patent-infringement lawsuit in the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) in Washington.

It is … Read the rest

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