Canon’s New Power Shot Camera Series All Set To Revamp The Auto Focus Technology

Canon India Pvt. Ltd. has introduced three Powershot digital cameras- the PowerShot G15, PowerShot S110, and PowerShot SX50 HS. These latest cameras to be uncovered by Canon offer users with powerful features including great focus speed and multiple-shot speed.

Canon is a photographic and digital imaging solutions provider, and with its latest offering, the firm tries to achieve the target of collecting revenue of Rs 2,100 crore during this year.
According to a statement by Canon India, the firm says, “Canon India, subsidiary of Canon Singapore Pte Ltd, targets a growth of Rs 2,100 crore in 2012 which is 32 per cent over last year.”

In 2011, Canon India generated revenues of Rs 1,525 crore.

These three latest models the company introduced provide advancements in auto focus (AF) technology for high-speed responsive AF systems, which is designed to capture the moment as it happens, with reduced lag time.

The PowerShot G15 and PowerShot S110 models are designed with new 12.1-megapixel High-Sensitivity CMOS image sensor for great light gathering and image quality.

The PowerShot S110 comes with connectivity to Wi-Fi for on-the-spot sharing, while the PowerShot SX50 HS boasts of world’s first 50x optical zoom available in any digital camera. All three cameras are easy-to-use and offer versatile shooting choices.
Currently, Canon India holds offices in 10 cities warehouses in 13 cities across the country. The photography solution provider firm gives employment to more than 1,100 people.… Read the rest

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Motorola Razr i Set to be Superfast with 2Ghz Single-Core Processor

For those planning to indulge in a new smartphone, must look around as the choice have just gone aplenty. This year is marked to be the year of new launches and latest devices. The latest to join the competition and plunge into the market is Motorola Razr i.

Early this month, Motorola Mobility, now owned by Google Inc took the covers off three new versions of its Razr brand and just last week the firm unveiled its fourth Razr model at an event in London.

The latest in the line is the Motorola Razr i, which is marked to be super fast due to the 2Ghz single-core Intel processor. This sleek and stylish phone will have edge-to-edge screen and long battery life to give users an enhanced experience. Now watching videos and playing games will add fun due to the bigger screen.

The Motorola Razr i sports a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Advanced edge-to-edge display and has a clear display of 960×540 pixel resolution. This lightweight phone is 8.3mm in thickness and weighs 126grams. Powered by a 2000mAh battery, the Razr i will give users a usage time of around 20 hours. With a cool and stylish look, the Razr i has a Kevlar back with a frame made of aluminum.

The device is also aiming for a smart camera mode with an 8MP camera, which is designed to take 10 shots per second and just a second to start up. Quite quick! With the Razr i, users also get 1080p HD video recording mode.

With no date announced for a US release, the Motorola Razr i will hit the shelves in Britain, France, Germany, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico this October.

Intel and Motorola joined hands in January as both the brands hope to penetrate fully into the successful and rapidly growing mobile market. With a processor of its own, Intel hopes to take a lead with its rival chipmaker ARM, whose technology is used in most of the chipsets in the mobile devices available.… Read the rest

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With iPhone 5 Apple’s Shares Rise by 1.4 Percent, Expected To Be A Major Booster To It’s Sales

Tech giant and world’s most valuable firm; Apple Inc uncovered its latest next-gen smartphone, iPhone 5, which came out after a long wait of almost a year, just as iPhone 4S was launched.

The new version of iPhone is quite similar to what was speculated. It boasts a larger screen, faster chip, cool looks and supports speedier wireless networks. With its latest offering, Apple hopes to lead and stay ahead of its rivals- Samsung, Google, Microsoft Corp. and Nokia Oyj who are its biggest competitors in the smartphone market, which stands at a value of $219.1 billion.

The cost of iPhone 5 ranges from $199 to $399.

With a glass and aluminum casing, the stylish iPhone 5 has a chip to process commands swiftly. The 4-inch screen is slightly bigger than its predecessors, which had 3.5-inches screens.

Apple also worked on its mobile software, adding 3D mapping, closer integration with Facebook and improvements on the Siri voice-recognition tool. With the revamped speech-command service Siri, users of iPhone 5 will be able to search for sports scores and make dinner reservations by simply speaking to the smartphone.

Following the launch of the enhanced iPhone 5, Apple’s shares gained 1.4 percent to $669.79 as of the close in New York, extending this year’s surge in Apple’s stock to 65 percent.

With iPhone 5, Apple hopes to sell around 48.2 million units by the end of Christmas season.

Since the debut of iPhones in 2007, Apple has sold more than 244 million units, which made the handset accountable for Apple’s two-thirds of profit.

Apple iPhone 5 is predicted to be the biggest hit of Apple’s smartphones so far.

The new iPhone, Apple’s sixth since 2007, works with LTE, data networks, which were introduced by companies including AT&T Inc. and Verizon Wireless. Samsung and Google’s Motorola Mobility also offer handsets that run on LTE, which carriers say offer quicker video, music and other content downloads, compared with the existing wireless networks.

Adding a bigger screen is Apple’s way of following a trend, which Samsung, HTC Corp. and Motorola Mobility started with their smartphones.

During the event, Apple also announced a new version of its updated iPod Touch wireless music player.

Pre-orders of iPhone 5 start today, Sept. 14th. The phone will hit the shelves on Sept. 21st. According to analysts, Apple may sell 10 million units of iPhone 5 by September end and the total number may reach to 48.2 million by December.

To achieve that big a mark poses a tough challenge to Apple, as the rivals are all set to prove they can break more ground and outshine more than the Cupertino Calif.-based company.… Read the rest

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iPhone Review: Long-awaited iPhone 5 Lacks the ‘Wow’ Factor

Apple took covers off its latest next-gen iPhone 5 only to reveal a thinner and faster model. The sixth generation iPhone 5 will hit the shelves September 21 to offer direct competition to Samsung and Google.

The much-awaited and much-speculated iPhone 5, when uncovered, turned out to be same as was expected by various gadgetgeeks and technology analysts. The smartphone was the hot topic of rumors ever since iPhone 4S was released in 2011.

However, this sleek iPhone got a major kick as analysts said that although the phone is bigger and thinner, it surely does lack the ‘wow’ factor. Michael Yoshikami, chief executive, Destination Wealth Management said in a statement, “There is not a wow factor because everything you saw today is evolutionary. I do think they did enough to satisfy.”

There are also rumors of Apple launching a Mini iPad, on the likes of Amazon and Samsung. Mini iPad, a smaller version of the firm’s famous iPad is expected to be unveiled in October this year. However, in case Apple does launch a smaller iPad, many analysts believe to be more convinced about the firm’s stock heading into the final quarter.

Following iPhone 5 launch, Apple shares ended the day up 1.4% at $669.79.

iPhone 5 is launched amidst Apple’s competition with Samsung and Google. Microsoft Corp is also trying to plunge into the smartphone market with its Windows Phone 8 operating system.

Many analysts believe that Apple will hit the mark of selling around 10 to 12 million units of the new iPhones in this month alone.

Tim Cook, Chief Executive, Apple jolted the event in San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Centre. But iPhone 5 was unveiled by Phil Schiller, Marketing chief of Apple.

Let’s see what this phone looks like.

The latest and fastest iPhone 5 sports a 4-inch retina display. Sleek and stylish in looks, this smartphone can surf a high-speed 4G LTE wireless network, and is 20 percent lighter and 18 percent thinner than its predecessor.

The iPhone 5 will hit the shelves on Sept. 21 in the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and Britain. The phone is expected to hit around 100 countries by end of 2012. Nothing is said about its release in India.

Apple iPhone accounts for nearly half of the firm’s revenue. And with a tough competitor like Samsung, stakes are high for the company.

As per a research done by IDC, market research firm, Samsung rules the smartphone market with a 32.6 percent share followed by Apple with 17 percent.

Apple has opened pre-orders for iPhone 5 Sept. 14th, this Friday. As usual, the iPhone 5 will come in black and white. This smartphone comes with Apple’s latest “A6” processor, which runs twice as fast as the previous generation. It will pack three microphones, which will enhance built-in voice assistant Siri. The phone also has an 8 megapixel camera that can take panoramic views.

You can easily grab a 16GB model of iPhone 5 for $199, a 32GB model for $299, and a 64GB model for $399, just like the previous iPhone 4S.

This offer is strictly on-contract pricing through partners AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon.

Previous versions of iPhone lacked a good battery support. The battery of iPhone 5 is revamped, which can support eight hours of 4G Web browsing.

However, it is also important to note that Samsung and Google’s Motorola already have larger and 4G-ready phones. So what is attractive about the iPhone 5? Apple is believed to have focused on pulling the operating system, the hardware and what users can consume on the hardware.

Apple also launched a new lineup of iPods and a redesigned iTunes store. The launch event ended with a surprise performance by rock band Foo Fighters.

For the iPhone 5, Apple has introduced a smaller and more efficient “Lightning” connector. And with the iPhone, the firm is shipping new “EarPods” audiophones, designed after digitally scanning hundreds of ears.

Apple also upgraded its latest iOS- 6 mobile operating system and included voice navigation for driving, which is a handy feature already available on many Android smartphones, and “Passbook”. Siri has been improved.

Apple showed an onstage demonstration, with Siri answering questions about the result of a recent pro football game and reciting a list of movies playing around town, along with ratings.… Read the rest

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