Security Flaw in Firefox 16 Detected, Mozilla Puts a Temporary Stop

Bug in Firefox 16 security fixedMozilla on Wednesday put a temporary stop to its Firefox 16- the latest version after noticing some susceptibility in its security. The problem, which revolves around its latest version of the browser, allows an attacker to view a user’s browsing history.

As soon as the threat was detected, Mozilla removed … Read the rest

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Does Microsoft Service Agreement Update Bother You?

In a new service agreement sent by Microsoft to users via e-mail, the company, it seems can now share a user’s data with all of its cloud-based services.

According to this latest update, users now have no choice to decide how their data is used for each service.

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Promote Work on Google+ With New Business App for Free!

Now Google+ will help companies get closer to their customers and will help them spread the word around about their businesses easier and faster.

Google Inc. recently added new business-focused feature to its Google+. The added features include restricted posts, video Hangout integration with Google Calendar, and better administrative controls.… Read the rest

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