Security Flaw in Firefox 16 Detected, Mozilla Puts a Temporary Stop

Bug in Firefox 16 security fixedMozilla on Wednesday put a temporary stop to its Firefox 16- the latest version after noticing some susceptibility in its security. The problem, which revolves around its latest version of the browser, allows an attacker to view a user’s browsing history.

As soon as the threat was detected, Mozilla removed Firefox 16 from the current Firefox installer page.

In its blog post, Mozilla promised a patched version soon to all those who upgraded.

Version 15.0.1 was up-to-date and unaffected by the bug.

On clearing its stance, Mozilla said it is “actively working on a fix” and plans to ship an update anytime soon.

According to Mozilla, “The vulnerability could allow a malicious site to potentially determine which websites users have visited and have access to the URL or URL parameters.”

Firefox 16 was launched on Monday. The focus of update was on new developer tools, including a developer command line.

For mobile devices, Firefox for Android came out with Reader Mode, for easy viewing, reading and sharing of articles and stories from mobile phone or tablet.

However, Mozilla has already rolled out a fix for the Firefox 16 bug, which users can download from their site via the rest

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Does Microsoft Service Agreement Update Bother You?

In a new service agreement sent by Microsoft to users via e-mail, the company, it seems can now share a user’s data with all of its cloud-based services.

According to this latest update, users now have no choice to decide how their data is used for each service.

This latest change by Microsoft is somewhat same as Google+, which treats all Google services as one.

The agreement is quite easy to read. See and read what Microsoft has upgraded and written here:

So will this change impact user’s privacy rights? Yes, quite possibly.

This revamped service agreement means that Microsoft can now apply data from user’s Outlook or Hotmail, SkyDrive, or Office account and use it in combination with other online service such as the Bing search engine.

It seems that this change can offer a better and improved usage experience to users as it takes the guess-work away from trying to figure out user’s behavior within each individual service.

As per the service agreement, Microsoft states that the change will “provide, protect and improve Microsoft products and services.”

It seems like Microsoft can now share user’s data across services legally. The new updates would go in effect, starting 27th September.… Read the rest

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Promote Work on Google+ With New Business App for Free!

Now Google+ will help companies get closer to their customers and will help them spread the word around about their businesses easier and faster.

Google Inc. recently added new business-focused feature to its Google+. The added features include restricted posts, video Hangout integration with Google Calendar, and better administrative controls.

The service is free until the end of 2013.

Focusing on consumers, team at Google apps has added this feature to let consumers promote their business. The internet search giant is also working to add more administrative controls designed for organizations.

With this feature, consumers can use Google+ for video chat and social networking.

In an official Google Blog, Clay Bavor, Product Management Director, Google Apps said, “Today we’re launching an initial set of Google+ features designed specifically for businesses, and we’re excited to move into a full preview mode for Apps customers.”

Bavor further said, “During this preview period, organizations that have gone Google will be able to use the business features of Google+ for free through the end of 2013 while we continue to add more features and administrative controls designed for organizations.”

The first major feature, restricted posts will be private to organizations and won’t be re-shared outside business network. Users will also be able to share the post with people outside the organization as well.

Next is Google+ Hangouts integration with Google Calendar. Google had already integrated Hangouts with Gmail and Docs. Now Google Apps users will be able to add Hangouts to events in their calendars, so that attendees can join a Hangout from the invite or Cal entry.

Finally, Google has added better administrative controls to Google+. With this, admins will be able to set defaults and restrictions on what employees can do with Google+ posts. They can also set up restrictions on Google+ Hangouts to make video meetings private.

Google also plans to add “a mobile version of Google+ for enterprise users and more administrative controls.”… Read the rest

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