World’s Cheapest Tablet Aakash 2 To Become More Affordable At Rs 1500

Telecom and IT Minister Kapil Sibal has indicated that the government would like to make the world’s cheapest tablet more affordable and offer the Aakash 2 tablet to consumers at Rs 1500. Addressing a function, Sibal said that he would like to see this tablet in the hands of each and every student in the country.

Currently, the government is procuring the tablet from its maker, Datawind, at a cost of Rs 2,263 per tablet and selling it to students at a subsidized rate of Rs 1,130 per tablet. Sibal also stressed on the need to develop expertise in making cutting-edge technology more affordable and accessible and would like the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) to work on realizing this. He also mentioned that C-DAC should work on developing technology that can help ensure the safety of women.

Kapil Sibal also talked about the need for India to scale up its technological skills and become self-reliant in this regard, especially in the area of super-computers. He wished to see C-DAC and India providing technological solutions to countries globally.… Read the rest

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India Gets Nationwide Portability from February 2013: Sibal

Finally a relief would come to those who have been cringing  to change their mobile numbers’ on and off when they move from one place to another in the country. Telecom minister Kapil Sabil today announced that in February it would be possible to have a nationwide portability. Letting go off roaming rates under “ One India’’  is another thing on Government cards. If it gets approved it would definitely bring down those sky-high phone bills.

These steps are being taken by government   to increase the penetration of mobile phones in the rural sector. Government is aiming for a 100% mobile penetration in India.

Sibal also said that the increase in broadband connectivity and GDP are closely related and the Smartphone and tablet market will enhance growth if domestic manufacturers strengthen their capabilities.… Read the rest

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Budget Tablet: The New Version Of Aakash Tablet Will Have A SIM Card Slot



Chances are that you buy the upgraded version of Aakash tablet with certain expectations. After all, a budget tablet has a way of conjuring up images of convenience and handiness. And indeed Aakash Tablet fulfills more than these expectations. As confirmed by Telecommunications Minister, Kapil Sibal, the new version of the Tablet along with Wi Fi only connectivity would have a SIM card slot.

Ecstatic about the new Aakash tablet Sibal further said that  in the coming five to seven years, every child in the country will have an Aakash tablet for as little as Rs 1,500.

As reported by IBN Live Sibal was speaking at the inaugural function of the Science Congress. At the event, Sibal further assured that the UPA government is working towards ensuring that the infrastructure for the virtual world will be completed at the earliest, in order to be able to connect 250,000 gram panchayats through the National Optical Fibre Network (NOFN).


Sibal was quoted as saying, “Government’s plan is to connect 2.5 lakh panchayats through the National fibre optics connectivity, the last mile of which would be through wireless broadband.”Read the rest

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Starting Next Year Travel Cheap All Around The Country With Free Roaming !


Here is some good news for the mobile users; starting next year you can travel around the country without paying any roaming charges.

Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal said “Mobile phone subscribers will not have to pay roaming charges from next year”.

“Our secretary has told you that it will be free from next year,” Sibal said clearing the doubts on the timing of slashing off the roaming charges as projected in the National Telecom Policy 2012.

Kapil Sibal divulged the details to media regarding roaming charges policy in the curtain raiser event of India Internet Governance Conference.

According to NTP 2012, mobile phone subscribers don’t have to pay any extra amount which is known as roaming charges once they step out of their telecom circle.

Also, Telecom Secretary R Chandrashekhar said “The Department of Telecom (DoT) is working on Notice Inviting Applications for spectrum auction after which it will work on unified licence (UL) guidelines – also a part of the NTP 2012”.

“We are first going to attend to all issues linked to auction. The moment NIA is issued this week, we will focus on UL. After details of full UL are worked out, the modalities for free roaming will follow,” he said.

As calendared, NIA will be issued on September 28.

GSM industry body COAI Director General Rajan S Mathews said “He appreciates the concept of free roaming, but added that industry will have to work on details of implementation of ‘One Nation – Free Roaming’ ”.

When media asked about the affect the policy would have on call rates, Mathews said, “That is matter which we will have to work with Trai (telecom regulator). Trai is ultimately responsible for setting the tariffs…We hope that Trai will follow due process of consultation paper”.… Read the rest

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