Best Of Apple iPhone 7 Renders: Design, Home Button And Release Date

Apple is all set to release its flagship iPhone 7 either by the second half of this year or early next year. Amidst the waiting, we have collated the best renders from iPhone 7 enthusiasts from around the world. Coming from Antonio De Rosa, the ADR Studio designer, we expect Apple to launch iPhone 7 sans a Home Button.

The artist also anticipates finding the Digital Crown akin to what we saw on Apple Watch. Popular artist Serova reveals that the Apple iPhone 7 might come encased in thin steel. The render reveals that the new flagship might be bigger in size than its predecessors.

Apple iPhone 7 Renders Flood The InternetPopular Renders On The Round

Coming from Hasan Kaymak, we got renders that reveal an iPhone 7 Edge version with a design algorithm similar to what we saw on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. This image has no bezels and the notifications onscreen can be seen by scrolling through the side of the iPhone 7. Farfetched we think!

Yet Another Render

In fact, artists have even sniffed some iPod Nano inspiration for the iPhone 7.  Jackson Chung has rendered the Apple iPhone 7 as having touch-sensitive panels that will show notifications and erase the need  to flick the main screen on to check these.

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Is Apple Planning to Pull the Plug Off iPod?

Apple’s beloved iPod is no more displayed on the official website of the company post shuffling of the portal during its yearly WWDC developer meeting. For the past 13 years, the iPod was indispensable to the company website. But recently, it has been pushed deep beneath the ‘Apple Music’ tab. This is Apple’s novel service for music streaming, launched this Monday, according to

Is Apple planning to pull the plug off from iPod?This new development on Apple’s portal could be a signal of the slaying of the iPod. It is not shocking since we haven’t seen any new update and model launch of the iPod since 2012. Apple did not display sales of the device in its first quarter report for 2015. This was a massive signal that one of Apple’s hottest at one time is dying.

Although Apple seems to be removing iPod from its product list, the iPod has given them many advantages ever since its release in 2001. 

With the release of the iPhone, the MP3 player got a setback. The smartphone is now being used as a holding device with all features of the iPod and more.

However, if this end is the beginning of a new era of technology then we must say that the iPod has had a good journey so far!… Read the rest

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iTunes – Now more Social than Ever Before

                                                                                                                                                                    While usually these upgrades are more on the technical side in the backend, this time around, the iTunes interface has been completely revamped, and how! Featuring an edge-to-edge snappy design, you can enjoy an entirely new experience with better view of the album art. But wait, that’s not all – the enhancement to iTunes doesn’t just end with a new look.

Probably the most exciting upgrade to iTunes is the integration of iCloud. There’s also the introduction of a brand new feature called “Up Next”, which is similar to the one in Spotify. With this feature, you can make a mini playlist of sorts, adding more songs to play after the currently playing track.

Another area that has been redesigned is the mini-player – it’s now got its own search bar and you can even manage your playlists directly from the mini-player. We have to say that the new iTunes sure looks a lot more stylish with a brand new look even for the iTunes Store. What we don’t know yet is if the resource-heavy iTunes has received a boost to improve its sluggishness though. Users can get their hands on the upgraded iTunes by late October, as per Apple reports.… Read the rest

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Apple Uncovered iPhone 5 & iPod… Next is iPad Mini?

Quite true to the speculations going around, iPhone 5 was just the same as what was expected, no big surprises there!

Delivering what analysts thought Apple would, the fun of iPhone 5 will begin as the smartphone hits the shelves this 21st.

Despite all rumors and leaks, it was assumed that Apple would also announce ‘iPad Mini’ alongside. But the event was so packed with new releases that Apple thought it to be best to unveil the ‘iPad Mini’ next month.

At the press conference, Apple announced the new iPhone, revamped iPod, and an updated version of iTunes.

Clubbing together speculations of iPad Mini, Apple might have something in store for the holiday season. So we have enough time to grab a model of iPhone 5 and think about iPad Mini later on.

In case both- the iPad mini and iPhone 5 hit the stores by October end, Apple will get huge amount of foot traffic in its stores during November and the Christmas season!

Whenever the smaller version of much successful iPad is launched, the tab will have to face competition with Apple’s rivals- inexpensive 7-inch the Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, and Google Nexus 7.

Being powerful and strong, these tabs are less expensive and are priced at between $159 and $249.

Both the Kindle Fires have Amazon’s impressive ecosystem backing them, while the Nexus 7 offers Google’s latest Android software and Google Play apps and content.

iPad has sold around 84 million units so far. In its last quarter alone, Apple sold 17 million iPads. But nothing can guarantee the success of iPad Mini, as yet.

At the press conference for iPhone 5, Tim Cook, CEO, Apple said, “The iPad is driving the post-PC revolution at a breathtaking pace.”

Apple can hope to grab users’ attention with its ‘iPad Mini’, which is believed to come out at a lower price of maybe $299.

Another catch for the iPad Mini will be access to the App Store, which now has 700,000 apps, with 250,000 tailored for the iPad.

Post the iPhone 5 launch, now let’s just wait for the next offering by Apple – a smaller iPad, which we believe will be more comfortable to hold and lighter than the already existing 10-inch iPad.… Read the rest

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