Why Apple’s iPhone 6 Big Screen Will be a Special Success: Analyst Predictions and Specs

Analysts believe that Apple will hit the mother lode of all their upgrade cycles if the new Why Apple's iPhone 6 Big Screen Will be a Special Success: Analyst Predictions and SpecsiPhone 6 is coming out with a big screen of 5 inch or higher. It is a known fact that many of the iPhone owners now experience significant large-screen envy as even the half-priced Android devices are coming up with fairly bigger displays.

As per the report released to the investors previous week by the ISI, analyst Brian Marshall explains that they found out that a bigger iPhone will surely drive the need for essential upgrades among the loyal iPhone users, and also will grab a large number of Android fans to Apple’s club.

 As of now, the iPhone 5s as well as iPhone 5c from Apple came out with a screen size of 4 inches. If Apple is taking a decision to enhance the screen size to 4.8 or 5 in the forthcoming device, which is believed to be “iPhone 6”, then it will be for the second time in its history Apple is doing so with the display size. Originally, the first model was released with a 3.5-inch display, which had been carried through to the second-generation iPhones up to 4S.

 On the other hand, there are also many reports claiming Apple had already experimented with the screen size approaching to 6 inches for the next-generation iPhone; however, in every possibility one can now believe that it will not go below 5 inches in any case.… Read the rest

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Tim Cook Hints That iPhone 6 Release Date May Happen With Mobile Payment Feature?

There is still no confirmation regarding the release of iPhone 6. However, various rumors suggest that in its wake to beat competition from Samsung Galaxy S5, iPhone 6 will sport highly innovative features. One of the most interesting features of iPhone 6 will be mobile payment feature.

In his recent interview TIME magazine Tim Cook has hinted that Apple will make mobile payments possible with its upcoming flagship.

“You can tell by looking at the demographics of our customers and the amount of commerce that goes through iOS devices…that it’s a big opportunity on the platform,” Tim Cook spoke to investors, during the quarterly earnings call last week of January 

 According to analysts Apple has not had a very successful year and they are speculating that Apple will come with some revolutionary devices at a better price point this year

“We believe a revolutionary payments solution is now a very real opportunity that the company could choose to pursue,” Carl Icahn, billionaire investor, siad in his open letter to Apple shareholders

Apple’s biggest rival Samsung may add a 21-megapixel camera to its upcoming rival Samsung Galaxy S5. The recent leaked image of S5 shows that it will have an state of art camera which will make for exceptional pictures.

With S5 And iPhone 6 both gearing for 2014 release it will be interesting to see which one of them will emerge as a winner.


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Apple iPhone 6 Release May Happen Sooner As Apple Stock Fails to Live up to Investors Predictions

Apple has reported that in December 2013 it made a $13 billion profit, which could be largely dedicated to sale of 51 million units of iPhone 5S and 5C. Though Tim Cook believes that it is the best quarterly performance by the Company, Wall Street seems to disagree as the shares of the company decreased immediately after release of the figures. Apparently, the investors are not very sure about California-Cupertino based company’s growth.

Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C did not capture consumer’s fancy as Apple it was expected by Apple and from what it seems Tim Cook has no intention of entering in the mass market with low-end phones. In his various interviews Cook has indicated that Apple only wants to focus on premium segment of phones.

 According to CNET.com Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster believes that Apple has made its stance on the lower-end clear and its current focus is on creating premium products at a premium price point.

This has made the analyst predict that Apple iPhone sales will decrease in 2014 and 2015. Munster further said in his investor note that the reason for Apple plummeting sales is the US market, which has now reached saturation point, as there the major source of sales is upgrades not new purchases.


Therefore, if Apple wants to accelerate its growth the only factor, which will work in its favor, is the early releases of iPhone 6 which may help Apple get an edge above its Android counterparts.


Recent rumors suggest that Apple will release iPhone 6 in the first quarter of 2014 and it is expected that the just like iPhone 5, iPhone 6 will come in two versions.











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Apple iPhone 6 Release Date: The Phone Will Be Cheaper , Slimmer With A8 Chip?

cheap phones, sony phones, nokia phones

Apple sold more than 51 million units of Apple iPhone 5S and 5C and by bringing the attractive the price tag to the phone; the company plans to replicate the success.

Apple iPhone 6 is rumored to be the first phablet of California-Cupertino based company and it is also being speculated that Apple will be offering two variations of iPhone 6 the way it did with iPhone 5.

According to reports by Digitimes.com.au, “ Apple iPhone 6 is a powerful device with some state of the art features.  The phone is touted to come with 64-bit A8 CPU in April 2014.”

Every year Apple upgrades its chip and this year also it is expected that Apple will launch its Apple devices with an A8 chip.  As DigiTimes further noted, “Apple’s A8 chip will be a package-on-package (PoP) SoC solution comprising processors and mobile DRAM in a single package.”

If the reports by DigiTimes deems true than there will be a considerable reduction in  iPhone 6 size and weight, which will make the phone feather weight and much easy to maneuver.



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Apple iPhone 6 Release Date Nears As Tim Cook Hints on Investing Sapphire Glass Firm

cheap phones, sony phones, nokia phones

 For long time it has been speculated that Apple iPhone 6 will come with a sapphire screen. However, according to BGR.com, in the course of his interview Tim Cook mentioned that by no means investing in sapphire glass company should be confused with Apple iPhone 6.

It has also been predicted by various analysts around the world that iPhone 6 is touted to come in two versions, one in normal 4+inch screen and other in phablet 5+inch size.

 Though Apple’s CEO did not comment on possibility of sapphire screen feature on iPhone6 and according to IBTimes.com.au  report an Apple insider  has revealed that iPhone 6 prototype features sapphire glass and the company is still testing the prototype. 

“Apple manufacturing partner Foxconn is said to have successfully assembled at least 100 prototype next-generation iPhone units with sapphire-covered displays,” the website reported.

Apparently, the insider even told BGR.com that iPhone 6 is now ready for mass production.

Let us know what do you think of Apple iPhone 6 release, will it or won’t it happen tin May –June of 2014?




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iPhone 6 Release Date With A Bigger Screen? To Beat Note 4 And Galaxy S5?

If iPhone 6 want to take over the android phone market, then it may to sport a screen size akin to a phablet. Apple’s last offerings including Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 both had a 4-inch screen size. Both the phones didn’t create much stir in the market as Samsung and other Android player captured the market with their bigger screen sized phones.

Looking at the recent success of Samsung Galaxy Note series and Galaxy S4, the trend for bigger screen has set in and it will be more logical for Apple to go with the wind.

According to GottaBeMobile.com, Apple wants to capture the Chinese market and to do so it will have to make major changes and improvement in the screen size.

“As Apple goes global and consumers across the world experience the benefits of larger screens there is more pressure for an iPhone 6 with a bigger screen,” revealed the report by Gotta Be Mobile.com

Even Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted in his latest interview with Bloomberg that Apple is working some spectacular things.

“We have great things we are working on but we want to keep them secret. That way you will be so much happier when you see it,” Bloomberg reported the Apple chief as saying.

Do you think Tim is talking about Apple’s first phablet, iPhone 6 here?

Let us know your thoughts.

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Apple iPhone 6 Launch Buzz: To Release in Early 2014?

iPhone-5SPreviously, the Apple iPhone 6 was expected to be released in early 2014 -some time in March. If the launch of the iPhone 6 does take place in March, Apple could get a significant portion of the market. They will also have to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy S5.

According to Cross Map, Apple plans on launching a model with a larger screen in May and is expected to look like a cross between the Galaxy Note 3 and the S4. This screen is expected to be around five inches, a twenty nm processor which could either be an altered version of the A7 chip set or an A8 processor.   

These rumors have also been backed from DigiTimes, how had received their news directly from Apple; they had stated that Apple will launch new 5 inch phone in many while iPhone is to expected in October and will have the A8 processor. The iPhone 6 is expected to have a curved and flexible display, an enhanced version of Siri0hwile these rumors are confirmed, the unconfirmed rumors are that the device may have a M7 graphics chip and finger print sensor. Samsung will reportedly help Apple with their processor. 

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Apple iPhone 6 Release Date: March or September 2014?

businessAt present, Apple is working on its recent, the best ever iPhone version. It is very difficult to forecast its features, and specs, before its release. The expected date of release is quite confusing and the iPhone fans seem to be very exciting. March or September 2014 has been affixed as the release date of the iPhone 6.

The March launch of the successor of iPhone5s will help Apple to get a good market share in the phablet segment. But the Cupertino organisation is all set to launch the iPhone 6 with a screen of 4.8 inches which is quite larger and broader than the iPhone 5s. it will be just 2 inch smaller than its contemporary S4.

The device boasts of sensational specs. it is said to come with a screen which is quite strong with the ability to chip concrete without even getting one scratch. It is the sapphire glass which surpasses the Gorilla Glass material. The new specs include NFC and eye scanning technique.

The enhanced A7 chip format will come in the iPhone 6. The A7 processor has been seen in iPad Air and iPhone 5s. The A7x chip comes with quad core processor and advanced quad core graphics. The latest patent of Apple includes voice based image tagging and searching that permits the people to tag and sort it out with voice command.

The user just have to tell his iPhone, “its me at the beach” and he tag pictures accordingly. You can also tag pictures and locations based on time. The device will also feature an enhanced Siri which can offer accurate answers to queries.

Another patent filed by Apple is the inclusion of heart rate monitor in the bezel or Apple’s device frame. Apple focuses on biometric and safety with M7 co-processor. Apple also seems to include hover gesture which will make the device stand against GS4 and GS5.… Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Release in April 2014: iPhone 6 to Have a Foe Just After CES 2014?

Samsung Galaxy S5 release could happen in April 2014. This reports is contrary to what was earlier claimed. Previously it was rumored that Samsung Galaxy S5 release may happen as early as January.buystrip_product

According to GottaBeMobile, the new claims regarding the April release of Samsung’s new flagship phone have more credibility as tech blogger Eldur Murtazin previous guesses regarding the release of various flagships have deemed true.

 A reported by IBtimes.com, according to reports of GottaBe Mobile.com, “April is the sweet spot for Samsung as the GS5 release date on the month will ensure that buyers from all over the world will get hold of the handset on time plus with the variants and specifications (colours, storage configurations, etc.) of their choice.”

Apple is also planning to launch its new flagship iPhone 6 in the first quarter of 2014. If these speculations come true then Samsung Galaxy S5 will go head on with Apple iPhone 6. It is predicted that Samsung Galaxy S5 will come with a slightly wider screen of 5.2 inch and will spot 2560 x 1440 screen resolution with pixel density of 560ppi.

On the other hand Apple iPhone 6, reportedly is going to a phablet. Various rumors have suggested that the phone will come with some enticing features along worth 64-bit CPU, Lytro like service, upgraded camera and best battery life.… Read the rest

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iPhone 6 Rumors: To Release in October 2014 With Lytro, Smart Bezel And NFC Enhancements

color_split_back_ipad_lThe iPhone 6 rumours continue to be around setting the release of the device in October 2014. Apple will also launch its iWatch and Smartwatch along with it. while Samsung released Samsung Galaxy Gear, its smartwatch in 2012, Apple is working hard on it and ready to release it in 2014.

 Apple wishes to enhance the iWatch battery life to 5 days making it three day longer than the Galaxy Gear battery life. The iPhone 6 rumours comprise of inclusion of facial recognition technique and curved screen, with few analyst stating June 2014 as its release date. Th other speculations state it will be like a phablet. MacRumours state it will boast of 4.8unch Retina +IGZO display

 The recent patents of Apple stated that the new iPhone will have the AMOLE screen just like the iPod Nano, 4th generation. The patents are still unfolded and come with gesture control, facial recognition, and 3D display. The wraparound comes with touch screen and makes it impossible for people to hold the gadget without pressing side buttons.

 Another patent release of iPhone 6 could bring fingerprint sensor with MFC technique which will help in data transmission, wireless payment, media transfer and playback etc. Apple can also use sonar to change the infrared sensors. It will help the phone to detect and alert you about an incoming object is in the way. the innovative smart bezel may be included in the device to incorporate on- screen activities.

 As per the patent, this include that the phone will support primary screen to display visual content  and secondary screen that functions as a guide to give inputs for the users. Wireless technology, enhanced Bluetooth sapphire crystal are also expected in the yet to be released iPhone 6

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