iPhone 6 Release: Will The Magic of Sapphire Screen Work?


Apple has expended over half a billion in the development of sapphire crystal display for its new release, the iPhone6 that won’t bear a scratch even when brushed against concrete surface. Sapphire glass is 2.5 times harder than Corning Gorilla Glass. The sapphire glass can break concrete without leaving any scratch on it. The Sapphire crystal has been used in iPhone 5s but just on the lens of the rear camera and Touch ID button  Apple has paid GT Advanced Technologies $578 to enhance the production of its next gen iPhone series. A scratch resistance display would give the iPhone 6 a competitive advantage over its contemporaries. But this could set the price of iPhone 6 very high.  With the launch of iPhone 5, the profit margin declined as the new specs of the phone added to the expense, yet the price of the iPhone 5 remained unchanged. But with [+more]

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iPhone 6 Release Date Nears: Rumored To Come With 3D Sensor Interactive Feature

Apple iPhone 6 release is just round the corner. Industry experts believes that with the dismissal of Apple iPhone 5S/ 5C, the tech giant will bring some revolutionary features in Apple iPhone 6. According to highly placed sources at Apple, “iPhone 6 will come with longer battery life, improved camera, wraparound display and sapphire screen.” It has also been rumored that iPhone 6 will have a 3D sensor technology which will make user interaction a breeze. Apple has recently obtained Prime Sense technology from an Israeli company. The company is the expert in designing sensors that help in user interaction. Another noteworthy acquisition, which Apple has done, is of company responsible for Xbox Kinect sensor. The acquisition deal cost apple $350 million. It is predicted that since now Apple has hold over such technology, the 3D sensor will be included in the 6th generation iPhone.   According to Susquehanna analyst, [+more]

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When Will Dynamic Apple iPhone 6 Release? The Question of Apple’s Dying Image/


Though iPhone 5c and 5s have been launched in the market, but the fanatics have their eyes laid on the big release- the iPhone 6. It will be a device that will come with larger display. As per several resources Apple brought the larger display after months and months of effort. iPhone 6 permits you to dynamically alter the photo focus just like Lytro camera with intriguing royalty that the iPhone 6 camera will possess the Lytro like abilities. Speaking about Lytro, it is a camera that permits you to capture pictures and select and focal points sometime later via plenoptic technique, which means fire and forget!!! The patent details of Apple include refocus able image mode adaptor as per Apple Insider. The other tweaks include 8MP iSight body for efficient performance than simply increasing the MP count. iPhone 6 again stated the Liquid Metallic body while the Eye-tracking technology [+more]

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Top 5 Reasons Why iPhone 5C Would be Better Than the iPhone 6?


Yep, crazy as it may sound, there are actually some pretty good reasons to buy the iPhone 5C rather than the iPhone 6! Apple is expected to reveal the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S in a few hours and also to release the completed version of the new iOS 7. The first reason is that the iPhone 5C will be released sooner than the iPhone 6. What this means is that anyone looking to shift to an Apple smartphone, the iPhone 5C will let them start with the latest iOS from tomorrow onwards. And that neatly brings me to the second point, which is price. The iPhone 5C will be the first iPhone made out of plastic and is aimed at the lower end of the smartphone market but will still have the new iOS 7. The iPhone 6 on the other hand will be the flagship iPhone and [+more]

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The iPhone 5 Cheaper: iPhone 6, IPhone 5S, IPhone 5C Release Date On The Verge


The tech giant from Cupertino, Apple is expected to launch a new smartphone next month. Expectation are that Apple might launch the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 6, but some circles believe that Apple might be about to launch a cheaper iPhone – code named the iPhone 5C. Either way, retailers have decided that whatever comes next it will decrease the demand for the iPhone 5. The retailers have responded by slashing the price of the smartphone. Best Buy has already cut the price of the iPhone 5 by 100 $. If Apple releases two new phones next month, like many expect, the price for the iPhone 5 could fall further still. Apple will most likely reveal its new iOS 7 and at least one new smartphone in the first half of September and release them by the second half. While some believe that Apple will release two new iPhones [+more]

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iPhone 6, iPhone 5S Release Date Nears as Best Buy Slashes $100 Off on Unlocked iPhone 5


A month before the release of the iphone 6 and iphone 5S, it is unexpected to watch the slithering that has occurred in the prices of iphone 5. The huge seasonal discounts offered by the retailers such as best buy are not in sync with the discounts it usually offers. The unlocked 32GB iphone can now be bought for just $799 dollars which is around $100 lesser than the original price of the original iphone 5. This rate cutter is proving a benefit to all the future buyers who were intending to buy an iPhone 5. These are rumors or mere speculations can be understood very well as the retailers best buy have already out a foot forward and have announced a good discount on the iPhone 5. It is likely that the launch of the iPhone 6 an iPhone 5Swill made in the mid of September. Well in the [+more]

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Apple iPhone 5S And iPhone 6: The Maverick Of The Phones to Sweeten The September

Apple iPhone 6 to Cost $ 100 Extra- Possible Reactions Cited

The mystery surrounding the launch of iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 might be uncovered soon as certain rumours indicate towards the launch of these devices in September. Certain reports also suggest that Apple is taking orders for the components of the iPhone’s units, production of which might start in August. However, the wait might end soon as we expect the Cupertino Calif.-based firm to announce the devices at its WWDC 2013, slated to be held in San Francisco from June 10 to 14. The iPhone 5S is expected to roll out with twice the resolution of its predecessor’s iPhone 5′s retina display. Rumours surfacing iPhone 6 indicate towards a 4.8-inch device, designed with a curved display and a 3D camera. Some speculations also hint towards a faster A7 processor and 2GB of RAM in the iPhone 6. Will Apple launch both the smartphones together at the same time? That does not [+more]

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Apple iPad 5 And iPhone 6 To Go Hi-Tech As Samsung And BlackBerry Go On Prowl

iPad 5

    Apple seems not-too-snug in its seat with Samsung and BlackBerry  on the prowl. This time, we have reason to believes that iPhone 6 and iPad 5 could see a slew of the latest features that could give all Apple counterparts a run for money.   Apple could take on high-laced technology in the form of 1080 p HD display coupled with laser-based perception tech like it never used before.  The latter could double as a desktop keyboard too! A snippet from Patently Apple reveals that the next installments of the Apple outings could come with a control panel 115 that could run on sensory light waves. It says, “Remember, this could also apply to Apple’s iPhone as well which would indicate that there would be some kind of associated smart cover or built-in stand so that the projected keyboard could function properly onto a surface.” However, for now [+more]

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iPhone 6 Images Leaked: Is It Going To Be A Seriously Fierce Smartphone Against Samsung Galaxy S4 ?

images (1)

Apple seems to have packed in its strategy very tight this year, snaps of what possibly could be parts that would go into the iPhone 5S, and iPhone 6 have surfaced on a website of late. Our sources reveal that these pictures are of parts that could be used for the loudspeaker module on the iPhone 5S.   The site in picture is nowhereelse.fr and the pictures reveal that the parts are apparently similar to the existing modules in use on the current iPhone model. Amidst launch rumors galore, the website only seal our belief that Apple is ready to get back with a punch this 2013.  

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