8 Confirmed Features of Apple iPhone 6 Revealed Ahead of its Release Date

People are going to witness and experience several things in Apple’s WWDC 2014. Though people are not expecting Apple to launch iPhone 6 during this conference but they are sure that iOS 8 would be brought to life and revealed in WWDC 2014. Thus, it would not be wrong to say that iPhone 6 shall run on iOS 8. Apart from this, iPhone is expected to have at least eight upgraded features, which are as follows: iOS 8 will make the phone run faster. Apple would pack iPhone 6 with some amazing hardware as always and to make them run smoothly iOS 8 would be optimized accordingly. iPhone would have integrated apps feature where the apps are supposed to communicate with one another. For instance, when you click a picture, Twitter or Facebook would suggest you to upload the same. The smartphone would have option of automatic message deletion. Phone [+more]

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Why Apple’s iPhone 6 Big Screen Will be a Special Success: Analyst Predictions and Specs

Why Apple's iPhone 6 Big Screen Will be a Special Success: Analyst Predictions and Specs

Analysts believe that Apple will hit the mother lode of all their upgrade cycles if the new iPhone 6 is coming out with a big screen of 5 inch or higher. It is a known fact that many of the iPhone owners now experience significant large-screen envy as even the half-priced Android devices are coming up with fairly bigger displays. As per the report released to the investors previous week by the ISI, analyst Brian Marshall explains that they found out that a bigger iPhone will surely drive the need for essential upgrades among the loyal iPhone users, and also will grab a large number of Android fans to Apple’s club.  As of now, the iPhone 5s as well as iPhone 5c from Apple came out with a screen size of 4 inches. If Apple is taking a decision to enhance the screen size to 4.8 or 5 in the [+more]

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Google Nexus 6 Release Date: Will Apple iPhone 6 Prove Google’s Biggest Rival?

Nexus 6 Release Date Based on HTC One M8

The forthcoming flagship smart phone model from Google, named as Nexus 6 is deemed to be the biggest rival for the Apple’s much awaited iPhone 6 as both are in the same market segment. Both of these devices are expected to hit the stands around the same time later this year as announced by the manufacturers. The release date of Google’s Nexus 6 has not been officially revealed till date, but according to the available reports, it is believed that this smartphone will be unveiled in the last quarter of this year. The new VP of Google, Sundar Pichai had also given a hint in the recent Mobile World Congress that their device would hit the market by this October. However, the previous assumption was that it may be coming forth after the Google’s I/O Developers Conference, which will be head on 24th of June or at the initial week [+more]

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iPhone 6 Release Date in August: Top 3 Confirmed Specifications

3 Confirmed Specs of iPhone 6 Release Date In August

Apple iPhone 6, is most likely to be launched as early as August 2014. This comes after rumors swirled that the manufacturing of display panels for the upcoming Apple device is scheduled to start in May 2014, specifically for the 4.7-inch variant. “The suppliers of Apple – Japan Display, LG and Sharp – are due to begin their manufacturing process for the thin touch panel films, almost like the one used in the iPhone 5S, with effect from May 2014″, according to reports by Reuters. The only obvious difference will be the screen size, as it has been reported earlier several times that Apple will get away with the 4-inch screen standard that graced the iPhone 5S. Other reports have also suggested that Apple is also planning a bigger iPhone phablet, which will have a screen size of up to 5.5-inch, but the company’s immediate focus is on the 4.7-inch variant. [+more]

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Google Most Likely To Release Nexus 6 In October 2014

Google is most likely to release its much-awaited flagship smartphone Nexus 6 as early as October 2014, as hinted by Google Android Chief Sundar Pichai. Pichai released a statement in February during the MWC 2014 that the company is unlikely to launch the next Nexus smartphone until the second half of the year, clearing speculations that the smartphone may be released as early as June or July 2014. Android watchers have guessed six confirmed features of the smartphone based on leaks and clues offered by its immediate predecessor, the Nexus 5. LG is the default manufacturer of the Nexus 6 as the company has delivered exceptional results with the Nexus 4 and 5. However, the passage is not that easy as Lenovo and Motorola are also in the race. Lenovo-Motorola are still to present a base model for the next Nexus, while LG has showed two possible templates – the [+more]

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iPhone 6 Release Date Nears As iOS 8 Makes It Way: Top 2 Confirmed Features of the New iPhone

iPhone 6 Release Date As iOS 8 Makes It Way: Confirmed Features

Apple will roll to its to its strongest level since last year, with the launch of much anticipated iPhone 6 in September. The phone is speculated to  come in two variants– 5.5-inch one and a 4.7- inch . Both models are currently in production and can be expected some time in the fall.  Apple has always launched its major products during fall.  A report in a Japanese business daily, Nikkei notes that “There is a possibility  of two screen sizes in new Apple offering which would hit the shelves by the end of year.” However, there is no official word regarding the same.  A similar report had also suggested that Apple has partnered with Sharp to produce the display screens of a higher resolution. The Taiwan Commercial Times reports that, “ A Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. had been roped in to start the production of the Apple chips.”  These handful [+more]

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iPhone 6 Release Date is to Remain 4-inch: Will Apple Fail Once Again Against Samsung?

3 confirmed Killer specs of iPhone 6 on Release Date

As far as iPhone 6 release date is concerned, it is not yet clear whether the Cupertino-based tech giant will bring in a bigger screen for its upcoming flagship phone. Tim Cook has not given any assurance that the iPhone 6 would be sporting a screen size that is now common with most phablets. Cook hinted this in an interview and opined that before they launch a bigger display iPhone, they want to get reliable technology right. However, Cook added that there are going to be several new and exciting categories and that their engineers have their hands full with some amazing stuff. Cook also clarified that Apple does not completely rule out the possibility that the next iPhone will have a larger screen, possible a 5-inch screen. There is also a possibility that Apple might be pushing for a key makeover for the present iPhone model. It might look [+more]

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Tim Cook Hints That iPhone 6 Release Date May Happen With Mobile Payment Feature?

cheap phones, sony phones, nokia phones

There is still no confirmation regarding the release of iPhone 6. However, various rumors suggest that in its wake to beat competition from Samsung Galaxy S5, iPhone 6 will sport highly innovative features. One of the most interesting features of iPhone 6 will be mobile payment feature. In his recent interview TIME magazine Tim Cook has hinted that Apple will make mobile payments possible with its upcoming flagship. “You can tell by looking at the demographics of our customers and the amount of commerce that goes through iOS devices…that it’s a big opportunity on the platform,” Tim Cook spoke to investors, during the quarterly earnings call last week of January   According to analysts Apple has not had a very successful year and they are speculating that Apple will come with some revolutionary devices at a better price point this year “We believe a revolutionary payments solution is now a very [+more]

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Apple iPhone 6 Release and Samsung Galaxy S5 Release to Come with $50 Discount?

Galaxy Gear 2 and Galaxy Gear 2 Neo- Line Up for Release after Galaxy S5 will Run on Tizen OS

iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5 are about to hit the stores in 2014 and with anticipation on the rise retail stores have started to provide discounts for the upcoming flagships offerings from electronics giants. Best Buy has already started a giving $50 off on the flagship upgrades of 2014. According to Latinpost.com the electronics store said in its statement, “Beginning this coming Sunday and ending Feb. 15, you can simply sign up for a $50 Best Buy gift card that can go toward purchasing and activating your mobile phone at Best Buy any time during 2014.” Does that mean iPhone 6 and S5 will be launched in the market with $50 discount? Apple is rumored to release iPhone 6 in between May and June   and with not so successful year with iPhone 5S and 5C it is being speculated that Apple will play with the price points of iPhone [+more]

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Apple iPhone 6 Release May Happen Sooner As Apple Stock Fails to Live up to Investors Predictions

Apple has reported that in December 2013 it made a $13 billion profit, which could be largely dedicated to sale of 51 million units of iPhone 5S and 5C. Though Tim Cook believes that it is the best quarterly performance by the Company, Wall Street seems to disagree as the shares of the company decreased immediately after release of the figures. Apparently, the investors are not very sure about California-Cupertino based company’s growth. Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C did not capture consumer’s fancy as Apple it was expected by Apple and from what it seems Tim Cook has no intention of entering in the mass market with low-end phones. In his various interviews Cook has indicated that Apple only wants to focus on premium segment of phones.  According to CNET.com Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster believes that Apple has made its stance on the lower-end clear and its current [+more]

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