iPhone 6 Release Date Nears: Rumored To Come With 3D Sensor Interactive Feature

Apple iPhone 6 release is just round the corner. Industry experts believes that with the dismissal of Apple iPhone 5S/ 5C, the tech giant will bring some revolutionary features in Apple iPhone 6. According to highly placed sources at Apple, “iPhone 6 will come with longer battery life, improved camera, wraparound display and sapphire screen.” It has also been rumored that iPhone 6 will have a 3D sensor technology which will make user interaction a breeze. Apple has recently obtained Prime Sense technology from an Israeli company. The company is the expert in designing sensors that help in user interaction. Another noteworthy acquisition, which Apple has done, is of company responsible for Xbox Kinect sensor. The acquisition deal cost apple $350 million. It is predicted that since now Apple has hold over such technology, the 3D sensor will be included in the 6th generation iPhone.   According to Susquehanna analyst, [+more]

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When Will Dynamic Apple iPhone 6 Release? The Question of Apple’s Dying Image/

Though iPhone 5c and 5s have been launched in the market, but the fanatics have their eyes laid on the big release- the iPhone 6. It will be a device that will come with larger display. As per several resources Apple brought the larger display after months and months of effort. iPhone 6 permits you to dynamically alter the photo focus just like Lytro camera with intriguing royalty that the iPhone 6 camera will possess the Lytro like abilities. Speaking about Lytro, it is a camera that permits you to capture pictures and select and focal points sometime later via plenoptic technique, which means fire and forget!!! The patent details of Apple include refocus able image mode adaptor as per Apple Insider. The other tweaks include 8MP iSight body for efficient performance than simply increasing the MP count. iPhone 6 again stated the Liquid Metallic body while the Eye-tracking technology [+more]

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Are The Price and Specifications of iPhone 6 Likely To Beat HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4?

Indeed, the craze for big-screen phones has taken the smartphone industry by storm. It’s a tough fight between HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5. The non-Apple products seem to be taking a lead today.  Keeping this is mind; there are strong rumors that Apple will come up with a 4.8-inch display screen for the iPhone 6. If this is true, then the new iPhone will compete with HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 in the screen size department. What to expect in iPhone 6? Needless to say, a bigger screen would consume more power so Apple would focus to better the technology that increases battery life. For this, the developers could come up with gaze detection technology. Here, the phone would detect when you look at the screen and when you don’t to manage screen lighting. Another much anticipated spec for the iPhone 6 would iOS7. For beginners, [+more]

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iPhone 6 Concept Video Leaked: A Revolution in Mobile Computing?

3 confirmed Killer specs of iPhone 6 on Release Date

Everyone has dreams about what they would like in their smartphone. For some reason Apple fans seem to be pinning all of their hopes and dreams on the iPhone 6 rather than the iPhone 5S. I too have a list of certain features that I would love to see in a smartphone, from the mundane to the fantastical. I’d like a waterproof iPhone and considering that Apple bought AuthenTec to develop its finger-print scanner for iPhone’s, I really don’t see Apple having much of a problem with acquiring one of the many companies that will retro-fit the iPhone to be waterproof – with no change in the dimensions! But if you’d like to see something truly fantastical, check out the iPhone 6 concept video by Apple fans Ran Avni and Pritesh Chavan. They have come up with an idea of a folding iPhone. It looks just like a normal iPhone, [+more]

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Apple iPhone 6 May Whip Sony Xperia Z, Cut Throat Features to Even Baffle Samsung Galaxy S5

Rumored Specs and Update on Release Date of Apple’s Flagship iPhone 6

Showing of the iOS 7 has helped developers and Beta testers work out the kinks in the system – but it has also given pundits an idea of what to expect in the upcoming iPhone 6. We have already told our readers about a possible finger-print sensor and sapphire crystal display to make the phone unbreakable. Some more killer features for the iPhone 6 might be the much anticipated iRadio a new RSS reader and an in-car integration system! iRadio has actually been name iTunes Radio by Apple, but it’s pretty clear that most users are going to call it iRadio for short. It is a music streaming service and acts like free web-based radio stations. To replace the now defunct Google Reader Apple have a RSS reader function for the iPhone 6. And to help in-car integration, dozens of new cars in 2014 will have the ability to connect [+more]

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