iPhone 6 Release: New iPhone to Come With Wrap Around Display


  iPhone 6 may come with a flexible wraparound display. To get an edge above LG and Samsung phones according to statement released by techradar.com, the Cupertino based company has just been awarded, “A patent for a flexible wraparound display, made using a powder liquidmetal process.” It is being speculated that Apple will be using the wraparound display in its all upcoming iPhones including the about to be release iPhone 6.  With the wraparound display the users will be able to view content on the back, front and sides of the phone. According to the website the patent has also suggested that, “ The phone will still have non touch surfaces on top and bottom of the phone. Also references have been made that device of different shapes, including a hollow cylinder, a hollow tube with an oval, or even a triangular or rectangular shape could be used”. Does this [+more]

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iPhone 6 Release Date Update: Top 4 Reasons Why Next iPhone Will Be Highly Priced

Ever since tech giant Apple launched the iOs 7, there have been many speculations about its jailbreak release.

Apple fans await the best features and specifications as per the rumours of iPhone 6. The phone is all set to make a release in 2014, however, out of all what comes as a big surprise for the fans is the price of the iPhone 6  As per Susquehanna Fiscal Group personnel stated that the replacement gadget of iPhone 5s will surely come in the market in 2014 with higher price marks. Apple could easily get away with $50 to $100 extra amount for its large screen size.  While the news won’t be appreciated by the millions of iPhone fans who are waiting for the phone, there are several signs that force the price hike on the iPhone 6. Below here are some indications that showcase that the 2014 debut will be pricier  Curved or Wraparound screen One thing that differentiates the iPhone 6 from its predecessor will be the [+more]

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iPhone 6 Rumors: To Release in October 2014 With Lytro, Smart Bezel And NFC Enhancements


The iPhone 6 rumours continue to be around setting the release of the device in October 2014. Apple will also launch its iWatch and Smartwatch along with it. while Samsung released Samsung Galaxy Gear, its smartwatch in 2012, Apple is working hard on it and ready to release it in 2014.  Apple wishes to enhance the iWatch battery life to 5 days making it three day longer than the Galaxy Gear battery life. The iPhone 6 rumours comprise of inclusion of facial recognition technique and curved screen, with few analyst stating June 2014 as its release date. Th other speculations state it will be like a phablet. MacRumours state it will boast of 4.8unch Retina +IGZO display  The recent patents of Apple stated that the new iPhone will have the AMOLE screen just like the iPod Nano, 4th generation. The patents are still unfolded and come with gesture control, facial [+more]

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“iPhone 6 To Release in June 2014; To Come Without HD Screen” Says Analyst


AAPL is all set to release the iPhone 6 in 2014. Reports suggest that the next generation release of iPhone, Apple iPhone 6 will come with a bigger display an curved an flexible screen, while others say it will be a full HD screen. Apple hasn’t made any official announcement. However, analyst predict the release to be near June 2014, while other reports state that it will be released in the latter of 201. The Worldwide Developers Conference will occur in June 2014. Thus, sources believe Apple will release the device at the same time. Tech companies usually release new product at such events. However, these predictions are made on the basis of trends and till now the congress event and release of 12.9 inch tablet make the June 2014 release apt No Full HD Reports agree that iPhone 6 will sports a big screen and better resolution. The sources [+more]

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iPhone 6 Release Date Is Round The Corner: iPhone 5S Deals and Discounts Surface


iPhone 6 release date doesn’t look very far as more amazing offers for the iPhone 5s have been caught online. Retail stores and network carriers have brought the price of Apple devices down. T-Mobile offered a remarkable deal on the iPhone 5s, which proposed that the consumers can take the smartphone for free. T- Mobile has made an upfront price of both iPhone 5c as well as 5s with $0 price along with 2 year, Simply Choice plan scheme. It has also provided discounts and deals on iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina tabs. If you opt for  T-Mobile plan, you can purchase the tablet at $0 upfront by just paying $26.25 and $22.08, as monthly fee, respectively. Speaking about the Amazon deals, the unlocked iPhone 5s version rates have been cut off by 38%. The 16GB iPhone 5s version is now priced at $845 whilst buyers can but the [+more]

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Apple iPhone 6 Release Mystery Fails To Dissolve- WWDC To September ‘14—The Wait Gets Longer


The buzz around the arrival of the Apple iPhone 6 is getting stronger by the day. While we have been hearing rumors galore about the iPhone 6 specs and its release, here is some news that could surprise you. We expect the 6th Apple kid to arrive coming June next year.  The Cupertino giant has made it a trend to release an iPhone each year and boost the newbie model with new specs in the year following release. Going by this, the iPhone 6 is an all-new package– not just meatier but also sexier!  However, Apple insiders reveal that the makers are trying to figure out the best way between consumer oriented and professionally allied solutions with the iPhone 6. This could push the iPhone 6 release to as late as September 2014.  With the WWDC coming up in the summer of 2014, we even here that, the release date [+more]

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iPhone 6 Vs Samsung Galaxy S4 : Apples Or Oranges This Christmas?


There may be a grand debate about the which smartphone should you go for now when you know that iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S4 are being surfaced online. The Galaxy S4 had made its debut in February 2013 while Apple could be making a release in the June 2013. The analyst of Jefferies, Peter Misek, has shared some information about the about to release iPhone 6. The new flagship release of Apple is said to feature a 4.8 inches screen, somewhat alike Galaxy S3 along with IGZO+ Retina Display and come compacted with an all-new A7 quad core CPU On the contrary, Samsung has already recrafted the Galaxy S4 to give a re-launch after Apple accused the former of copying its design and style in 2013. Samsung has worked immensely to enhance the technical department of the phone to win from Apple’s iPhone 6. In a recent Product-Reviews Facebook [+more]

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Nexus 5 vs iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S5:The War Of The Smartphone Giants:

It remains to be seen which smartphone of the three – Samsung Galaxy S5, Google Nexus 5 and Apple iPhone 6 will rule the smartphone market. Here is a brief look at the three, battling it out for the “best smartphone of the year” spot: Display:  Nexus 5: The latest Google smartphone has 4.95-inch HD display screen, making it one of the best for video and image viewing. It also is thinner and slimmer than the previous generation Google Nexus. iPhone 6: As per some rumors, iPhone 6 will have a 4.9-inch display. The display will be made of sapphire and will be scratch and damage resistant. Galaxy S5: It seems as of now that S5 wins the battle as far as display is concerned. The impressive 5.2-inch screen with 2k HD display with pixel density up to 560 ppi expected, it certainly ranks way ahead. Processor:  Nexus 5: Nexus [+more]

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Is Apple iPhone 6 Release The Next Biggie Of 2014- Will The Shutter And Face Recognition Shut Samsung Loyalists Up?


While we are going mad over when the Apple iPhone 6 could step into our mortal world, Apple is engaged in patenting innovations we never thought. Having brought you news about the wrap-screen and the plenoptic shutter, we have now sniffed news about more exclusivity of the Apple phablet! With the face recognition spec that is clearly inspired from the Samsung Galaxy Lineup, Apple has sealed the U.S. Patent No. 8,600,120. However, further scoop on this comes with the news that this feature will enable users to unlock apps on the iPhone 6 as well as work without interference of the background. This is a swing up from Samsung’s face recognition spec, we bet. While the plenoptic lens is old news, the fresh baked sniff here is that the camera will enable users to refocus on the images that already have been captured. We smell a con from the Lytro [+more]

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iPhone 6 Release: Will The Magic of Sapphire Screen Work?


Apple has expended over half a billion in the development of sapphire crystal display for its new release, the iPhone6 that won’t bear a scratch even when brushed against concrete surface. Sapphire glass is 2.5 times harder than Corning Gorilla Glass. The sapphire glass can break concrete without leaving any scratch on it. The Sapphire crystal has been used in iPhone 5s but just on the lens of the rear camera and Touch ID button  Apple has paid GT Advanced Technologies $578 to enhance the production of its next gen iPhone series. A scratch resistance display would give the iPhone 6 a competitive advantage over its contemporaries. But this could set the price of iPhone 6 very high.  With the launch of iPhone 5, the profit margin declined as the new specs of the phone added to the expense, yet the price of the iPhone 5 remained unchanged. But with [+more]

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