Is Apple iPhone 6 Going to be The Finest Thing Apple Ever Produced ? Hoping Release Date is Just Near…

Apple iPhone 6 to Cost $ 100 Extra- Possible Reactions Cited

Just yesterday, we wrote about a rumor we’d heard that said Apple could delay the iPhone 6’s launch a little longer and bring out cheaper iPhone models in the meantime to gain market share. But now, a little birdie tells us that we might just be able to get our hands on the new iPhone 6 much sooner. An image clicked at a UK operator store has a reference indicating that the 4G iPhone 6 could be out soon. Of course, Apple will only bring out new devices after it has unveiled the new iOS 7 – when that would be, we still have no idea. So far, we were expecting minor updates on the iPhone 5 this year from Apple in the form of an iPhone 5S. But the CEO Tim Cook hinted that the company’s working on some spectacular hardware which could be unveiled this fall, hinting possibly [+more]

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Apple iPhone 6 Vs Samsung Galaxy S4: Would Apple Reclaim its Precious Market, This Time Round?

iPhone 6 To Come With iOS 8 - Top 5 Features To Expect

Amidst falling popularity and worrying concerns, Apple seems to be delaying the next-generation iPhone even more. We expected either an iPhone 5S or an iPhone 6 to be announced shortly, but according to the latest rumors, we’re just going to have to wait for a longer time. In the meanwhile, however, Apple is expected to unveil a few models of the low-cost iPhone. We initially were hoping to see just one low-cost iPhone, but it’s possible that Apple is struggling to stay noticed in the competitive market and could go the Samsung way by expanding its range of offerings. According to rumors, we could see Apple bringing out a lineup of cheaper iPhones along with the iPhone 5S sometime this year in a desperate bid to reclaim precious market share that it has been losing to its competitors, especially Samsung ( Samsung Galaxy s4 and s3). And for the iPhone [+more]

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iPhone 5S to Come in Different Color Options; iPhone 6 Could be a Phablet: Analyst


When it comes to Apple, mum’s the word until the company decides to announce what it’s working on. Till date, we have no clue if the successor to the iPhone 5 will be called the iPhone 5S or if it will be the iPhone 6. Many analysts expect Apple to announce the iPhone 5S this year as an intermediary offering until they can bring out a spectacularly redesigned iPhone 6 next year. Peter Misek, an analyst at Jeffries, feels that the iPhone 6 could be a phablet-like device with a large screen that would be showcased sometime in June 2014. Apple drew considerable criticism for its 4-inch iPhone 5 at a time when its competitors had much bigger screen sizes. So we might expect Apple to correct that and come with a possible 5-inch screen in the iPhone 6. In March 2013, we found out that Sharp was working on [+more]

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Have Apple iPhone 6 And Nokia Lumia 928 Reached Their Limit in Innovation?


We never knew there was an upper limit in terms of technology’s performance and power, but things sure seem to be hitting a lull when you look at the latest smartphones hitting the market. Take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S4 for instance – it created quite the hype ahead of its launch, but now that it’s here, there isn’t really anything all that spectacular in it. Sure it’s among the more powerful devices out in the market currently, but there isn’t anything truly groundbreaking in it. For the archrival of Apple, we really were expecting more innovation from Samsung. But it’s not like things are all rosy at the other end either – for all the hype when it comes to innovation and Apple, the iPhone 5 was also quite a downer. There wasn’t anything very exciting, but sure, we’re hearing rumors about fantastic technology coming up in [+more]

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Apple iPhone 6: No Big Screen, Low-End Version to Be Expected?

i phone 6

Apple’s stocks are not doing too well of late, and we doubt if things could get better anytime soon for the company. If it was the iPhone 5 that failed to make a splash in the market last year, for this year, it’s the delay in releasing the iPhone 5S since iOS 7 isn’t ready yet. But that hasn’t stopped Apple fans and enthusiasts from speculating what lies in the future. We’d been hoping that the iPhone 6 could come with a larger screen and possibly even in a low-cost version, but the latest rumors suggest otherwise. In what seems to be a huge disappointment, the departure of some key executives from the company could also add to the delay in Apple’s release of the new iPhone, be it the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 6. CitiGroup analyst Glen Yeung doubts if Apple will comply with the current trend of [+more]

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Apple iPhone 5S Vs LG Optimus G Pro Vs Samsung Galaxy S4: Turned Inside Out—Not Impressive

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Wonder how the iPhone 5S will look like from within? Here is a snippet that could get you talking. Despite knowing that the iPhone 5S would just be an upgrade and not a new avatar from Apple, I still wanted it to surprise me with new bits. But my thought crumbled right at the time I spied the same processor from iPhone 5 punched into the 5S. Perhaps a silver lining in the cloud comes in the form of a quad-core A7 processor coupled with a promise of 2GB LPDDR-800 RAM. However, before going overboard on the amazement this holds for users, remember—this is just a probability. Perhaps prayers could translate the same into reality. Multitasking might get groovier on the iPhone 5S. in a market flooded with so many kings—Samsung Galaxy S4 LG Optimus G Proand the Sony Xperia Z—Apple indeed needs to climb up the ladder to wear the [+more]

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Samsung’s Masterpiece, Samsung Galaxy S4 Is Already Out Here, Is Apple Planning Planning To Pull Out Apple iPhone 5S And Mini Soon?


Samsung’s already shown us its masterpiece for this year, the Galaxy S4. And now, we’re dying to find out what Apple’s going to pull out of its hat to counter its archrival’s offering. We’ve been hearing a lot about how Apple could launch the iPhone 5S this year and save the iPhone 6 for the next year. Given how much flak the company faced for its iPhone 5’s 4-inch screen, we’ve heard that the iPhone 5S could be offered with different screen sizes to choose from, at least 2-3 options. This is what Topeka Capital’s analyst Brian White feels. He also expects the company to bring out the iPhone 5S in multiple color options, instead of the plain old black and white choices. He feels that offering different screen choices is a key way for Apple to increase its market share. We wonder if that means we could soon see [+more]

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Apple iPhone 5S May Get Gulped Down By Samsung Galaxy S4, Apple iPhone 6 May Bring Back The Crown


While 2012 wasn’t exactly a great year for Apple with customers not exactly falling head over heels for the iPhone 5, the impending release of the iPhone 5S this year might end up doing more harm than good for the company. According to former ad expert, Ken Segall, the addition to the “S” to their upcoming iPhone model will only end up disappointing Apple loyalists, making it seem like the company has nothing much on offer for this year. Ken feels a better strategy for Apple would be to skip the launch of the iPhone 5S for this year and head straight into bringing out a completely revamped iPhone 6 instead. To start with, it will have undergone tremendous changes, not just in terms of a power upgrade, but also to its overall design and experience, which Apple might not put into the iPhone 5S. Even though the iPhone 5 [+more]

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iPad 5, iPad Mini 2 And iPhone 5S Coming This Year- Pick From Apple’s i-Pies Being Baked


Apple is baking too many pies this year. If rumors could actually turn true, Apple is all set to reveal an attractive line of iDevices. Here is what leaks and buzz from varied sources point to in terms of new products Apple shall roll onto our way. Apple iPad 5- Come October and we might get hands on the next installment of the iPad. Rumor mills say that it could come with IGZO display that could allow you to scroll over the screen with a pencil. When it comes to the power part of the story, iOS 7 is expected to make way into the iPad . iPad Mini 2- In a fit follow up to the success of iPad Mini, Apple plans a sequel this year. An HD Retina Display and IGZO screen would accompany a bumped up A6X processor. Expect it to get more stylish and sexy too [+more]

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Would Apple Take On Samsung Galaxy S4 With Dynamic Duo Of iPhone5S, iPhone Math

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini vs Apple iPhone 5S

It was just yesterday that we told you about upcoming models of the Apple iPhone. The rumor was that this year Apple would be releasing the iPhone5S and a 4.8-inch variant of iPhone called iPhone Math. It was also heard that Apple would be adding a 12 MP camera to its arsenal but now there are some alterations in the rumors. It is being heard that Apple would release two 4-inch versions of iPhone and a bigger screen iPhone would be released in 2014. Of the two 4-inch versions of iPhone, one is likely to be a cheaper version and should have a polycarbonate body. There are chances that this time Apple would offer iPhone in various hues. According to DigiTimes, 37 million units of Apple have been shipped out, of which 20 million are the Apple iPhone 5.

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