Top 5 Reasons Why iPhone 5C Would be Better Than the iPhone 6?

Yep, crazy as it may sound, there are actually some pretty good reasons to buy the iPhone 5C rather than the iPhone 6! Apple is expected to reveal the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S in a few hours and also to release the completed version of the new iOS 7.

The first reason is that the iPhone 5C will be released sooner than the iPhone 6. What this means is that anyone looking to shift to an Apple smartphone, the iPhone 5C will let them start with the latest iOS from tomorrow onwards. And that neatly brings me to the second point, which is price. The iPhone 5C will be the first iPhone made out of plastic and is aimed at the lower end of the smartphone market but will still have the new iOS 7. The iPhone 6 on the other hand will be the flagship iPhone and will be sold at a premium. A big plus for the younger crowd is that the iPhone 5C will not only be cheaper and run iOS 7 but it will also come in a variety of colours, something that no Apple iPhone has offered as of yet! … Read the rest

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iPhone 6, iPhone 5S Release Date Nears as Best Buy Slashes $100 Off on Unlocked iPhone 5

A month before the release of the iphone 6 and iphone 5S, it is unexpected to watch the slithering that has occurred in the prices of iphone 5. The huge seasonal discounts offered by the retailers such as best buy are not in sync with the discounts it usually offers. The unlocked 32GB iphone can now be bought for just $799 dollars which is around $100 lesser than the original price of the original iphone 5. This rate cutter is proving a benefit to all the future buyers who were intending to buy an iPhone 5.

These are rumors or mere speculations can be understood very well as the retailers best buy have already out a foot forward and have announced a good discount on the iPhone 5. It is likely that the launch of the iPhone 6 an iPhone 5Swill made in the mid of September. Well in the mean while the consumers are enjoying the discount offered to them via best buy as a huge slot offered in the prices of iphone 5. People are inspired to make the most of the offered deals and discounts on iPhone 5. … Read the rest

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Apple iPhone 5S And iPhone 6: The Maverick Of The Phones to Sweeten The September

The mystery surrounding the launch of iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 might be uncovered soon as certain rumours indicate towards the launch of these devices in September. Certain reports also suggest that Apple is taking orders for the components of the iPhone’s units, production of which might start in August.
However, the wait might end soon as we expect the Cupertino Calif.-based firm to announce the devices at its WWDC 2013, slated to be held in San Francisco from June 10 to 14.
The iPhone 5S is expected to roll out with twice the resolution of its predecessor’s iPhone 5’s retina display. Rumours surfacing iPhone 6 indicate towards a 4.8-inch device, designed with a curved display and a 3D camera. Some speculations also hint towards a faster A7 processor and 2GB of RAM in the iPhone 6.
Will Apple launch both the smartphones together at the same time? That does not seem very likely as the firm always keeps a gap of few months between the launch of its products. But we can surely bet on getting a more innovative and stylish device as Apple never fails to disappoint.… Read the rest

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Striking This July Would iPhone 5S And iPad Mini 2 Emerge Par Excellence?

Apple needs to set its stocks soaring and perhaps the only way out of the dismal 36 percent low seen this season, hopes could be put on a new outing—and nothing else.


What better way to pull out of the RIM-Apple tug-of-war that saw the former emerging victor, than launching the apple iPhone 5S? Come July and you could see this rumor transform into reality. However, before you start planning your budget, hear it right—the 5S has not been put into production yet. Just that, we have been hearing snatches about its amazing 13 megapixel shutter that could come from Sony. Till July comes we would have to wait.


Wait-there’s another buzz on the block—chances are that Apple would launch a latest version of the iPad Mini 2 this October. All brushed up, with retina display in tow, the new iPad could come with enhanced resolution like you never thought.


Perhaps this is a rumor “three” many—post— the yet to arrive Apple iPhone Math!… Read the rest

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Time For Apple Epidemic? iPhone 5S And iPhoneMathMay Get Added To Apple’s Arsenal In June



Most of us are avid Apple fans and there seems to be some interesting rumor brewing regarding iPhone which is enough to take Apple obsession to whole new level. As per China Times, Apple would be launching three new variants of iPhone in 2013. Two of the models would be coming in June and the third one would be slinged in last quarter of the year.

When stories of Apple iPhone 5 stormed the technology world, Apple denied the existence of any such device but coming from such solid source ,it has hard not to believe that a sequel to iPhone 5( most probably iPhone5S) and a 4.8 inch model of iPhone called iPhone Math would be hitting the tech jungle in June.

Both these phones would sport 8 megapixel camera where as the third version of iPhone (hopefully iPhone6) would be coming in end of the year with a 12 megapixel camera.

The components of new version iPhone would be produced by Foxconn.Well-sourced analyst analyst Ming-Chi Kuo told China Times that ,the next Apple iPhone will sports a fingerprint scanner that will be built right into the home button. He also expects a low-priced version of the phone in the third quarter to be made of polycarbonate, resemble the Apple iPhone 5 in design, and come in 6 colors.

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iPhone 5S To Come In Variety Of Colors, iPad Mini 2 And iPad 5 To Hatch In March: White




So , this is what we are hearing about Apple. Firstly they have no plans of bringing out cheaper version of iPhone and secondly Apple iPad mini 2 and the fifth-generation Apple iPad would come out in March 2013.

So let’s began with the easy on pocket version of iPhone and why Apple is not keen to get into economical bracket. Phil Schiller, Apple’s Marketing Chief, told The Shanghai News that company is not developing a less expensive version of phone just to expand its market. Apple caters to premium segment of market and after selling 5 million iPhone 5 devices Apple is positive about its market shares.

Now moving on to new version of iPad and iPad Mini, yes it is in March, that you may get your hands on them.  Brian White, an analyst with Topeka Capital Markets, said that Apple may release its two new tablets in two months from now.  He notes that Apple iPad mini2 would have a faster processor and 9.7 -inch Apple iPad 5would is faster and lighter than the previous model.

White also said that consumers can expect a new version if iPhone (5S) in the month of May-June and there would be variety of colors to choose from this time.… Read the rest

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iPhone 5 vs iPhone 5S: Bigger Screen And Splash Of Colors


As per the Topeka Capital Market analyst Brian White the rumored iPhone 5S will have a bigger screen size and would be available in variety of colors. Just like Android even Apple would give choice to its consumers in terms of colors, features and price.

The next version of iPhone5 is all set to launch in the month of May /June and there tech world is already ablaze with the whispers of iOS7. It is heard that Apps are being tested for their compatibility on iOS 7.

iPhone 5 may come in hues of pink, yellow, blue, white & silver and black & slate.

As reported by White, Apple is planning to diversify both in terms of screen size and colors with the launch of next iPhone (i.e., likely called the iPhone 5S). The production of devices would start in March /April and they are most likely to hit the stores in May /June.

White also said that Apple’s move of adding more colors and screen size to its single model is its strategy to better bifurcate the market and expand its reach.

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