Apple iPhone 5 is Coming Out Soon: Hinting About Features on Event Banners


Even as the world waits with bated breath for the official launch of the iPhone 5, or even information on when it could see the light of day finally, the rumor mills are rife with speculation on what the latest version of the ever popular smartphone can or cannot do. Yes, given Apple’s typical upgrades over versions, we can of course expect the new iPhone to be faster, thinner, and lighter than the older models. But what else can we expect to see in the latest iPhone? As the countdown begins for Apple to make the official announcement on the iPhone 5, there is further speculation that the banners being put up about the event could possibly contain hints about the features we can expect to see. It all started with MacRumors spotting what it believes to be stretched iOS icons on the banners, including those of iTunes, App and [+more]

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New iPhone Coming Soon? Watch Out for Sep. 12th!


Apple has set an official date, 12th September for a press release. And it is natural on our part to speculate if it’s the new iPhone or iPad Mini that is going to hit the shelves near us soon. Lately, there have been lot of rumors that the Cupertino Calif.-based company is in plans to launch its latest next-gen iPhone. Slated to take place at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, the event is most likely to unveil the new iPhone- one that might not be called iPhone 5! The invitation sent out by Apple has a white background with 12 number written in black, which casts a faint, shadowy number 5 so maybe it is called iPhone 5 or it just emphasized the fact that it is the 5th iPhone by Apple. We can’t really comment much. However, it can also be called the ‘New [+more]

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Rivalry of Smartphones? First Apple, Now Nokia, Motorola to Launch New Smartphones


Apple Inc. has never been short of competitors. Earlier, the firm had an advantage of catching its rivals off guard by launching new devices all of a sudden. But now, with growing competition, Apple is never at loss for attracting news for the launch of its latest devices as speculations have been around for its next iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. Major tech giants are now always on a look out to stay ahead of Apple and come out with devices earlier than Apple’s launch. As rumors of Apple unveiling its iPhone 5 this Sept. 12th comes around, several other tech companies have also crammed up to unveil their latest offerings. First in the line are Nokia and Motorola Mobility, both of whom have slated a press release for Wednesday, where they are likely to unveil new smartphones. And the next day, Thursday is scheduled for Amazon, where it is expected to [+more]

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Walmart Just Slashed $40 Off iPhone 4S in Anticipation Of iPhone 5!


Don’t we just love Apple for slashing down the prices of its already-launched iPhones and iPads ahead the launch of its latest versions! For those of us looking to join the league of proud owners of Apple devices, Walmart has some good news to offer. The popular retain chain has just announced on its Facebook page a significant drop of $40 on the stock of Apple iPhone 4S. Isn’t that great news, considering only those of us who don’t really mind even if our new Apple phone is 4S and not the much anticipated iPhone 5? This strategy of Apple to lower down the prices of its old models seems to have worked for majority of us, who are hoping to get a chance to line up outside Walmart to grab it in the first go. The offer is currently on all stocks of iPhone 4S, the 16GB model. Here [+more]

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Apple Stays the Most Valuable US Firm!


Revolutionizing the technology, smartphone, and tablet industry, Apple saw its stocks rise to a record price of $665.15 on Aug. 20, which gave the firm a market capitalization of $625.5 billion that is the highest ever for a US-based company. Apple Inc., is all set to grow its stocks further as the firm plans to launch the third generation upgrade of its smartphone, iPhone 5. Apple stocks jumped 16 percent in anticipation of a new iPhone and iPad Mini since July 26. Considered the most valuable U.S. firm in history, Apple is believed to have room for further growth as the company’s stock trades at a discount to the Nasdaq Composite Index. Investors value Apple at 15.4 times trailing 12-month earnings, while the average company in the 2,495-member Nasdaq trades at 16.5 times. This growth in profit by Apple has left behind its share increase, contributing to the lower price-to-earnings [+more]

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Verizon Vacation Blackout Roundup Rumors of iPhone 5 Coming Sep. 21…


There have been plenty of rumors regarding the launch of Apple iPhone 5. And to add more, here’s the latest in the list. Verizon (VZ) has reportedly told all its employees to cancel the vacation time from Sep. 21st until Sep. 30th due to the release of the next-generation iPhone 5. An important source from VZ has told TechCrunch that Verizon has forbidden its entire retail staff to ask for any vacation days during that period, in anticipation of customers lining up at the store to buy the latest smartphone. This news coincides with a report from last week that revealed that AT&T was also preparing for the late-September launch of new iPhone by blacking out the vacation days of its employees. The closing off of vacations by the carriers indeed conclude to the fact that they are preparing for something big, and hence the launch of next iPhone. So [+more]

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Get for Live Video Streaming on iPhone


The latest and innovative is an interesting video streaming application that is designed to let users record video footage that goes live automatically and is conveniently stored in cloud. Most of mobile video applications these days focus on burning videos and building user base instead of letting users shoot video easily from their cell phones. At such a time, comes as a breakthrough that is made to allow users use their own mobile phones to immediately create and share live and on-demand video streams. Mobile video streaming is famous with those who have phones, especially iPhones. As soon as these iPhones were launched with a camera, many apps were already slashing it to allow users stream from their phones. Accessing these apps required users to sign in to share video, name the channel or stream that they are shooting, offer a description, and much more. But with [+more]

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The Countdown for iPhone 5 Begins…


The preparations of the iPhone 5 have begin. Sharp has already started shipping smartphone  screens to Apple and it is touted that these screens will become a part of iPhone 5. Takashi Okuda, President, Sharp said simply, “Shipments will start in August,” during a press briefing following the company’s earnings release Thursday. Sharp is in bad shape financially. Okadu was in no mood to talk about the awful earnings of the company i.e. operating loss of around $1.76 billion and the announcement of 5,000 job cuts by next March. Sharp was a part of LCD price fixing scandal, which was concerned with a $114 million antitrust settlement, as well as an additional settlement to Dell and two other companies for around $200 million. It came as no surprise when Sharp did not reveal much about its arrangements with Apple. It is expected that iPhone 5 will be 4-inch tall (Reuters [+more]

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Prediction: iPhone 5 and iPad Mini to Hit the Shelves this September


Prepare yourself for an Apple September. The most anticipated gadgets of the year- the grand iPhone 5 and the much talked about iPad Mini are coming to woo you this September. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo revealed in a statement, “The shipment of iPhone and iPad Mini will start in August and they will hit the shelves by September.” Now the real question is what to expect from iPhone 5. The rumor mills are abuzz that iPhone 5 will have a large display (the guesses are it will be of 4.08 inch) and the width of the phone will not change much as compared to its current models. It has also been reported by Reuters that the iPhone 5 will sport a 19-pin mini port instead of a 30-pin connector dock. On the other hand, iPad Mini, which will be pitched against Google Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire is said [+more]

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Will Sales of 10 million Galaxy S III Smartphones Affect iPhone Sales?


  Samsung’s president of Information Technology and Mobile Communication J.K. Shin, in an interview to Korea’s Yonhap News said that it seems that the accumulated sales of their Galaxy S III crossed 10 million units in just two months’ time. Breaking down the numbers, it appears that the company has sold an average of 190,000 units of the smartphone per day, following its international release on May 29. What’s interesting is that the sales figure matches the estimate that was given by Reuters in June, which said that Samsung Galaxy S III will be able to reach the number of 10 million by the end of July. In another survey, Reuters has reported that Samsung recently exceeded Apple to become the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer. No, we are not saying that touching the number of 10 million is a big deal, especially when Apple sold 35.1 million units of iPhone [+more]

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