Amazon Kindle Fire HD Launched, A Challenge for iPad?

The world’s largest internet retailer Amazon on Thursday took covers off its latest offering- a 4G tablet that’s designed with HD and is a lot cheaper than the Apple’s iPad.

Amazon uncovered four new tablets and a new e-reader: the light-up Kindle Paperwhite e-ink reader, which is an innovative and latest version of the Kindle Fire. The company also launched three versions of an enhanced tablet that it named the Kindle Fire HD.

Offering devices with price tags ranging from $159 to $599, these new tabs designed by Amazon make a great buy as they offer some features just as Apple’s iPad, but at a much lower costs. Amazon Kindle Fire HD is designed with ads called ‘special offers’, which has helped the firm keep the prices low.

The announcement by Amazon included a 4G LTE-enabled, 8.9-inch, 32GB tablet that’s priced at $599, whereas if you see Apple, a 32GB iPad with a 4G connection costs $729. Quite a difference!

However, if you compare, there are also some differences between the two tabs. The iPad has a 9.7-inch screen and comes with iCloud storage and a lot more variety of applications as compared to the latest Kindle Fire HD.

Amazon offers a $50 per year data plan for its tablet for the plan that comes with just 250 MB of data whereas AT&T’s plan is $14.99 per month for the same amount.

The Kindle Fire HD is great for some light e-mail and Web surfing.

Jeff Bezos, chief executive, Amazon said, “We want to make money when people use our devices, not when they buy our devices,” at the conference in California.

With such low prices, it’s going to be a good tab race and beating the price Amazon offers is going to be tough for all rivals.

Amazon’s new e-reader is $69 and has a built-in, adjustable light, which will make users read e-ink in the dark.

With twice as much RAM and an improved battery life, the new Kindle Fire will cost $159, which is $40 less than its predecessor.

The Kindle Fire HD line that got the attention is launched by Amazon with two options. The model with a seven-inch screen is priced at $199 with a choice of 16 GB or 32 GB storage and 3G connectivity. This model will also have the dual-WiFi antennas and speakers. Then there is an 8.9-inch version, which is made with the same specifications as the other model but will come with 16GB, 32GB or 64GB.

Launching a 4G tablet has made it clear that Amazon is taking a direct stand in the tab market, with its main competitor being Apple.

Now only time will see if Amazon Kindle Fire HD becomes a preferred tablet of users to access media over the Internet, read books, play games, watch movies, and do Skype chatting with friends and family!

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New iPhone Coming Soon? Watch Out for Sep. 12th!

Apple has set an official date, 12th September for a press release. And it is natural on our part to speculate if it’s the new iPhone or iPad Mini that is going to hit the shelves near us soon. Lately, there have been lot of rumors that the Cupertino Calif.-based company is in plans to launch its latest next-gen iPhone.

Slated to take place at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, the event is most likely to unveil the new iPhone- one that might not be called iPhone 5!

The invitation sent out by Apple has a white background with 12 number written in black, which casts a faint, shadowy number 5 so maybe it is called iPhone 5 or it just emphasized the fact that it is the 5th iPhone by Apple. We can’t really comment much. However, it can also be called the ‘New iPhone’, just like the ‘New iPad’!

Now let’s take a look at some of the features (what is rumored it might have) of this much anticipated smartphone.

New iPhone is expected to have a slightly bigger screen than iPhone 4S, but it will be thinner and faster. The phone might have a display of 4-inch diagonally with a wider aspect ratio and a Retina qualifying 320 ppi pixel density.

There are also rumors that the device will be compatible with 4G LTE, which will offer users faster mobile browsing.

It is also expected that the new iPhone will use a smaller dock connector of either 19 or 9 pin port, which will be foolproof in design and will be based on faster I/O tech. So I guess, Apple is going to offer a light and easier way to charge its latest smartphone.

New iPhone might also have Apple’s newest mobile OS, which includes features such as Facebook integration, a Do Not Disturb mode, a completely upgraded maps app, redesigned stores and iTunes apps, and a magical color-changing status bar.

Some features might also be changed a little bit from beta to beta however, including the appearance of App Store search results.

The design of new iPhone is rumored to get a fresh coat of paint. The overall look will be sleek and stylish as with all Apple devices, which do make a statement.

There’s bound to be other new things about the next iPhone, including maybe a beefier processor, a true A6 maybe! It might also have better graphics processing capabilities and expanded storage options. There’s also a chance to see redesigned earbuds.

Whatever speculations might be, but just in case Apple’s iPhone turns to be true just as guessed, I think all of us will just have to keep out pockets a little tight, until its release!… Read the rest

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Amazon Has No Plans to Take on Apple’s iPad. Read On Why…

Not a 10-inch model as speculated, but Amazon plans to uncover two models of 7-inch Kindle Fire tablets, Sep. 6th!

Counter to the rumors of hitting directly at Apple with a bigger version of Kindle, Amazon will reportedly unveil two 7-inch Kindle Fire models at its media event coming Thursday.

So in case you were waiting for a 10-inch version, the wait is going to be a bit longer, I guess.

As per a report in CNet, out of the two 7-inch models, one will have a faster and better hardware with more connectivity choices, while the other will be an updated version of the already existing Kindle Fire, which Amazon has recently sold out and taken off the shelves in the US.

The innovative higher-end Kindle Fire model will also boasts of a faster processor, a camera, an HDMI port, and other hardware upgrades, which marks it to be a tough competitor of Google’s nexus 7. Whereas the lower-end or revamped model of the original is just slightly upgraded with a newer interface. This model is believed to cost lower than $199 and will also have ad support.

Currently, the Kindle e-readers display ads while asleep and on the main library page.

The new Kindle devices are set to make debut in a week’s time on Amazon’s media event that’s slated for Sept. 6th. The season seems to be great for tablets as Apple also plans to launch its iPad Mini this October. For now, we will just have to wait until next week when Amazon announces the pricing, naming, and availability of its devices!… Read the rest

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Spy vs. Spy Would be a Riot!

After making its debut in the MAD magazine, the famous spies now return to the small screen with their app, which will make all the people ROFL… Will the game version stand up to the original? Find out…

Nobody can really forget the memories of the white and black spies, which could tickle the most hard faced man on this planet. The original spies, who made their debut in the MAD magazine, have gone on to product commercials, video games, and even TV shows as well. And now, they have come in a new avatar as the Spy vs. Spy app released on the iPhone and iPad as well. And what’s more, it is a game designed for two! A multiplayer format released by the developer Robots and Pencils Inc. is the most wonderful addition to this game as its success lies in two gamers battling each other as the resourceful ‘spies’.

The app allows players to arrange their buttons as per their own preference. One can do it by tapping the settings on the main menu or alternatively can try it by pausing the game play and tapping Controls directly. The game, which was initially launched in July 2012, has been modified for gamers with some new additions such as a joystick and a new control scheme, which facilitates its multiplayer game play. On the interface, you would have a cool set of four buttons arranged for facilitating the game play.

The triangular-nosed characters have been renowned for quite some time and many would be familiar with their video games as well. And that is why many fans would love to toy with the unique characters in this new app.

It is rare that people quit games in between and more so if it is a grueling duel of this nature. And yes, if you are worried about the fact that your opponent may quit or just desert you in between, the game has even got a rule which punishes the quitter with a loss on their account on leaving it in between.

The new set of improvisations will really make a difference to this game. And when the swords and clubs are not in use, you can always new strategies to attack your opponent. The game is available both for iPhone and iPad at a cool price of 8 Hong Kong dollars. You would require an iOS 4.1 or a more advanced version for trying it on your device. Following its revisions, the game returns in a better format and with the wily characters trying to outsmart each other, it would be one riot on your screen. And of course, you and your best mates can have a go at each other with the help of these fellows. The fans are loving it and every one’s playing it so what are you waiting for? Come join the fight between the white and black, testing it out for you on who gives a better smack! Enjoy the battle of the spies!… Read the rest

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Boom Land Moves on From the Angry Birds Segment!

For those who have seen enough of the Angry Birds, here comes a game, which takes you to a familiar territory but with much more explosives to give you company. Just go ‘Boom Boom’ with this new app ‘Boom Land’…

I am sure most of you would have had enough of the Angry Birds and their pigs and among the flying birds, you would have remembered the funny looking Black Bird (yeah, they are all funny, I admit) which would swell up and explode bringing down the house with its explosive power. Now, Mirage-lab has just introduced its latest app ‘Boom Land’, which really brings out the ‘explosive’ side of you.

The game also gives you a smarter side of setting up and completing levels by placing your dynamite at strategic locations to bring down the structures. The smarter you play, the more you succeed. And besides the regular bowling ball shaped dynamite, you have more innovative explosives at your disposal as well. You can choose between them as per the obstacle in the level with a total of 72 levels to be played in total. As in all games, the difficulty quotient varies with each passing level. And if you are one of those (just like me) who do like to see some ‘good’ explosions happening on their iPhone time and again, then this is the game for you. The game has a clear Boom button which triggers the explosions and you don’t have to worry about the bomb going off all of a sudden while you are determining the exact position for the explosion. The winner’s spoils are dependent on the amount of destruction which can be generated with each planned attack. Ultimate destruction of the piled up structures is the goal for which you have to plan all the steps wisely. There is a progress bar on the screen, which establishes the exact destruction caused by each explosion. A strike rate of over 90 per cent will help you to progress to a new level. With each explosion, you need to place bags of gunpowder to explode at strategic locations. Besides being a good interesting app, which goes Boom, time and again, you can always try out different explosives and see various effects. Also, the setting and obstacles have a striking resemblance to the Angry Birds ensemble, so you won’t be too far away from the all familiar territory. But one good thing is that you would be playing directly with explosives rather than birds which go ‘Poof’!

You can even opt for a free version at iTunes before you purchase the whole package. And yes, if you like to blow up things albeit in a safe way, then do try this at home, office or anywhere you wish like! Boom Land is here and you can just have it on your iPhone or iPad for just 0.99$. So, what are you waiting for, just go ‘BOOM’ today!!!! And just to save the day, there are no piggies riding this game and it is all about destruction with explosives – Boom Time in Boom Land!… Read the rest

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Why Amazon’s 7-inch Kindle Fire Has Become The Apple of My Eye.

The rains have set in. What could be better than a hot cuppa, some zesty pakoras and the intriguing company of Chekov (courtesy my digital companion- The 7-inch tablet). But unfortunately for me the yearning for this mysterious yet immersive world of digital literature  has come at a time when I already have too much on my plate. All sorts of occasions have suddenly popped up, be it my parents’ anniversary, our house warming party or the so- called brain storming session to crack the new campaign for a major client, I am required on a mandatory basis everywhere. Uff!  How I wish the world comes to halt so that I can make time for my 7-inch buddy!


And if you are one of those who are enchanted by neat technology, just like me, then you guessed it right, my 7-inch tablet comes from  Amazon’s hive. The Kindle Fire has got me hooked. It arrived last year and took the mini tablet market by storm since. The $199 tablet, which was sold out in the US,  is the second most popular tablet after Apple’s iPad. All of us know that Kindle revolutionized the mini- tablet world by being the first of its kind, and off course Google Nexus followed the suit. Kindle Fire is a tasteful 7-inch tablet and its IPS (in-Plane switching technology) makes it a book worm’s paradise . What works for me in the Kindle Fire is its 8 hour long battery life and the vibrant colorful screen.

Reading books and watching movies becomes more fun with the effervescent colors of Kindle Fire screen. (The colors look even better in the backdrop of rains and bird tweets)

The best feature of Kindle Fire is its weight. It weighs as light as 14.6 ounces, which makes it easy to carry all around the world. I am not only traveling for my personal affairs but the unavoidable  frequent business trips has made me addicted to the Kindle’s business apps (I can say that my business documents have never been more secure). Kindle comes loaded with document editing tools, which at times have helped me complete my presentations in the very nick of time.

Well, I am intrigued by short stories of Chekov for now (he must have never thought that there will be time when his massive collection of short stories would be compressed in a cool digital wonder like Kindle Fire).

Kindle Fire has undoubtedly revamped the way we read books today.

I am enjoying my Kindle time, what are you doing this rainy season?… Read the rest

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In Duel with Motorola, Apple Says iPhone Too Popular for a US Ban

Apple triumphs over Samsung in the patent case. But the legal battles are far from over for the world’s most valuable company. Now it’s Apple Inc. vs. Google Motorola.

Apple Inc. is recently reported to rely upon the popularity of its devices in a hope to ruin Google’s Motorola Mobility’s attempt to put a ban on the import of its iPhone and iPad in the US market. iPhone and iPad are two of the best-selling devices and the firm calls them too good for the US to put a ban.

Today marks the day when the U.S. International Trade Commission in Washington will announce whether iPad and iPhone violate Motorola Mobility patents, and if so, whether it will put a stop on them from being imported into the US market from Asia.

The ITC is also reported to consider whether to limit use of import bans in disputes over patents, which relate to industry wide standards. This step is supported by some members of Congress, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, and companies including Intel Corp.

Qualcomm Inc., which makes and designs chips for mobile phones, said the suggestion to limit import bans based on standard-essential patents sounds to be an extreme solution in search of a problem.

Rodney Sweetland, patent lawyer with Durane Morris in Washington believes that no political system will ban the import of iPhone in the US, which is the most popular smartphone in the market. Sweetland, currently specializes in ITC cases.

Google’s Motorola Mobility accused Apple of infringing four patents, two of which relate to industry standards for 3G wireless and Wi-Fi technologies. It also charged Apple on the basis of denying offers to license the standard-essential patents. Motorola Mobility says it fulfilled its requirement to make a logical royalty offer, but Apple refused to discuss. The other two patents along with the seven patents that are the subject of a new complaint Motorola Mobility filed Aug. 17 are not standard-essential.

Apple however, has denied infringing the patents and argues them to be invalid. Apple says that even in case there is a patent violation, the commission should not stop its devices at the US border.

A trade judge in April said Apple violated one patent, which is essential to 3G. The ITC is evaluating his findings.

It was reported that 62 percent of Apple’s sales in 2011 accounted for $47.1 billion in sales of iPhones and $20.4 billion in sales of iPad.

Google however, plans to target Apple Mac computers, the iPod Touch and Apple TV in its second standard-essential patent in Motorola Mobility’s complaint.

“Blocking imports of iPhones in the US market, based on infringement of a standard-essential patent can cause harm to US competition, consumers and innovation,” wrote the FTC wrote in a June 6 filing with the agency.

Motorola Mobility told the commission in July 16 filing, “Apple and others — without analyzing the facts of this case — point to the problem of ‘hold up. But they ignore the counter problem of ‘hold out’ — an unwilling licensee being rewarded for its intransigence in a manner that will deprive patent owners of value and create disincentives for innovative companies from participating in standards setting.”

ITC has reported to get over a dozen complaints over the past two years, as various companies strive for increased shares of the smartphone market that grew 62 percent to $219 billion last year.

Google, based in Mountain View, Calif. is hoping to win the patent case. The firm is relying on Motorola Mobility’s history with mobile phones along with its trove of 17,000 patents. It hopes to force Apple into a settlement of the ITC case, which could also cover handset makers who use Google’s Android operating system, including Samsung Electronics Co. and HTC Corp.

Back in 2007, Motorola Mobility approached Apple about a patent license, asking for a royalty of 2.25 percent of the price of Apple products. Apple and Microsoft Corp., which has its own legal fights with Motorola Mobility, declared the demand to be unreasonable.

President Barack Obama is also believed to review the decision made by the commission decision and is hoped to reject any import ban on public policy grounds.… Read the rest

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ZARA App: Now Shop Round the Clock!

Ladies, it’s time to celebrate and get hooked on to your iPads all over again – and this time, it’s a style thing. Our favorite high street fashion label, ZARA, has launched its iPad app, and that too in 19 different languages! Now this may have been old news for some, considering ZARA already had an app for iPhones and Android devices. But the latest ZARA for iPad app offers far more features guaranteed to get you hooked onto your screen for a long time.

The app lets you look up clothes organized by categories, and even get details about each product you view, including a description, available sizes and price, and even lets you share interesting finds on the app on social networking platforms to get your friends’ thoughts on them.

Using the ZARA for iPad app, users can even check out the latest campaigns, new arrivals, Lookbooks, and weekly updated content. So browse through the app for new outfits and accessories and pick them up online itself, or let the mapping tool lead you to the nearest ZARA store, where you can try out the outfit you like before buying it.

Told you, this would get you hooked on to your iPads for the longest time for sure!… Read the rest

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It’s a Heyday for Apple; Gets Awarded $1B in the Case Against Samsung

Ok. So it is decided. Apple triumph in the landmark patent dispute. The nine person jury agreed with Apple’s claims that Samsung has infringed Apple’s patent and copied the design of Apple products, wake to beat the popular iPad and iPhone. The jury decided against Samsung claims that Apple infringed Samsung’s patent.

Apple was awarded $1.05 billion, half of $2.5 billion that Apple requested. If the Jury ruling survives the appeal than Samsung business all over the world are likely to get affected.

Apple and Samsung both are key players in the Smartphone and the Tablet Market. Till now, the ruling has not affected the sales of the Samsung products but Apple has requested to ban the Samsung products, which have been copied from Apple.

“While a billion [dollars] is significant, Samsung has the balance sheet to cover it,” said Demetrios Anaipakos, a patent lawyer. “What’s more substantial is an injunction. If Samsung is required to pull devices off the market, that will be much more expensive.”

The jury found infringement by Samsung in six of seven patents raised by Apple in the suit. In five cases, the infringement was willful, the jury said.

After the victory, the Apple’s shares have taken a huge jump. “Today’s verdict should not be viewed as a win for Apple, but as a loss for the American consumer,” Samsung said Friday night after the ruling. “It will lead to fewer choices, less innovation, and potentially higher prices. It is unfortunate that patent law can be manipulated to give one company a monopoly over rectangles with rounded corners, or technology that is being improved every day by Samsung and other companies.”

According to Craig Timberg and Hayley Tsukayama of The Washington Post, the ruling could lead to higher licensing fees, which companies pay one another to use proprietary technology. Such higher costs could eventually raise consumer prices and send more profits to Apple should it choose to license its technology.

“Clearly Apple is the winner here in financial terms, with things coming from licensing down the road,” said Al Hilwa, a technology analyst with International Data Corp.

He predicted that the net effect would be price increases for consumers. “Someone has to swallow these licensing fees,” he said.… Read the rest

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Flying App with One Epic Knight; An Interesting Gameplay!

If you are always on the lookout for new games on your iPhone or iPad and worry about burdening costs, then here comes an interesting option for a superb runner game!

I would often exhaust much of my salary on putting more interesting games and apps on my phone trying to make it one of the most updated versions of its kind in my workplace. But once a while, one does come across some very friendly options, which are lighter on the pocket and keep oneself busy on the device for quite some time. The latest addition in my device is the One Epic Knight, a 3-D endless runner launched by Simutronics Corp. Besides the fun doled out by runner games, it has a RPG touch to it which makes it unique. But hold your horses, there is only a single knight for your playing techniques.

The game begins with the knight waiting outside a dungeon setting to begin his race. Though the game play appears similar to Agent Dash with similar control mechanisms but of course, the dungeon setting and armored appeal is just ‘different’. While running, you have to change directions consistently and jump over obstacles or duck under various ones from time to time. The weapons are spent as per their usage and coins get scattered around from time to time. For those who have been used to playing FantasyXRunners, you would find it similar but offering a fresh perspective on the game. But if you have come across Imangi’s Temple Run, then you may not be surprised out of your zone with this game. But yes, the ‘Scary Movie’ was hilarious and it spoofed on many popular movies released around the same time. Similarly, One Epic Knight brings about a character, which can pull out its own set of jabbering one-liners, which can rustle up some tough nuts. But over a period of time, they also get repetitive with the tasks associated with the runner. But when you hear the little fellow scream “Leeroy Jenkins” or “They call me limberjack”, you can’t help rather than having a good laugh!

Some of the obstacles in the games involve critters appearing like a bugging menace, which can be smashed into pieces with various weapons found on the way, the best of which is the amazing ‘MEAT’ that is basically a humongous piece of meat, which can be used to bash up opponents. The game is addictive just like the other games in its league. It has different levels of upgrades including Weapon enhancements, Shield upgrades, Rampage, Mana upgrades, and Loot upgrades.

Well, rather than just going the long and short about the game, I will skip towards its USP. The best part about the game is its price. It is absolutely FREE! Historical settings are often attractive in the mystery they behold. And of course, it is not one for the Diablo fans, but potions, dungeons, critters, shields, armors, need I say more! Let the swords out and run into the ‘Mana Madness’ along with the ‘One epic Knight’!… Read the rest

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