How To Delete Emails Permanently From iPads and iPhones on iOS8

Are you hunting for the easiest and best means to delete your emails permanently from an iPad or an iPhone? Begin by opening Mail app and moving on to Edit. Move down to this list and around the bottom check if you can see the All Trash Option. Make sure this is ticked so that you can access it from your mailbox page. Now, select All Mailboxes or your single inbox before pressing Edit.

Here’s How To Delete Emails Permanently From iPads and iPhones on iOS8 The Next Step

Press and hold your Move button using a finger before un-checking the email you had just checked. Once you leave holding onto the Move button, the email must be selected to for moving over to another location. Select move to Trash as an option.  

Visit the All Trash folder or the Trash folder before choosing Edit followed by Delete All. Keep in mind that deleting emails will take ample time.

Wrap Up The Delete Game

Using the above steps to erase them all from the iPhone or iPad inbox is the easiest and most foolproof way. Keep repeating the process for any other folder/s you might want to clean up.

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Apple Rumoured To Launch 2016 MacBook Air To Compete With Microsoft Surface Pro 4

As a direct challenge to the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Apple is rumoured to launch a new 2016 MacBook Air around fall this year. Despite having scored a hit with the latest Macbook version, there is no looking back for the Cupertino giant. We barely have much detail to reveal about the 2016 variant that is in news but we can gauge that it will be more power packed than the model we last saw.

Apple To Launch 2016 MacBook Air To Compete With Microsoft Surface Pro 4The Resolution Story

The latest MacBook Air comes with 1440 x 900 pixel resolution on the screen. This was an improvement over the 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution screen we saw on the older MacBook version and so we think Apple is keen on improving the resolution story with all future models.

Pitch Up Against MS Surface Pro

Why we expect this to be a warning for the Surface Pro 4 is because Microsoft will release this model around the same time. We anticipate a pen-input spec to add functionality to the new Surface Pro.  

Last heard, the Surface Pro might hit retail around 29 July—the same day as Windows 10 release. Insiders also believe that the Apple iPad Pro might unveil around the same time so only time will tell what is next.

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Apple iPad Pro Release May Happen Soon

A preview of iOS 9 done by CODE unearthed has confirmed that Apple’s 12.9 inch tablet iPad pro may launch very soon. It has also been reported that the Cupertino based company has developed a new keyboard layout for the latest version of iOS. It was also speculated earlier that Apple was working on a new version of iPad which may host a large display and would directly compete with Samsung Galaxy Tab, as per

The much speculated iPad pro turns out to be real The specifications

The new iPad could host a humongous 12.9 inch display alongside a plethora of high end features.With the iPad pro, Apple is expected to make up for the falling sales of iPad since the new device will target productivity tasks. It might also compete with Microsoft’s surface 3 which could be a perfect replacement for a laptop, as claimed by Microsoft.  The new iPad pro is touted to host a 12.9 inch screen with 263 PPI which is quite similar to iPad air 2.

New features

Apple has also unveiled some new features of iOS 9 which also includes split screen multitasking feature.  This feature will enable the users to run two apps at the same time. Apple is also expected to botch up the processing unit and RAM so that users can seamless performance. 

According to article published in Express, there is no confirmation on the launch date of iPad pro but Apple is looking bullish on the prospects of this new tablet. 

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iPad Pro Rumor Roundup-Specs And Rumoured Release Date Revealed

Apple might have dabbled in the WWDC 2015 of late and wowed us with Apple Pay and its streaming service but it cannot hide the dip in sales for its iPad over the last year or so.
When the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3 last year in October, we had been haggling for a glimpse but soon lost interest thanks to more handy and more functional tabs that came at prices that were bargains from Samsung and few upstart brands. 

Recently the rumored “iPad Pro” or “iPad Plus” are making waves as the next big thing for Apple though.

iPad Pro Rumor Roundup-Specs And Release Story RevealedThe Features

This upcoming iPad Pro is set to feature about 12.9-incher as its touch screen, according to Apple Insider. This lends much bulk to it over and above the earlier iPads that had 7.9-inches screen on the Mini 3 and a 9.7-incher on Air 2.

The Air 2 wowed us with its 6.1 millimetres thickness but the rumored new variant could be sleeker still, though we wonder how. Amid speculation that the Cupertino maker could introduce this so called iPad Pro at the WWDC, we were left wanting till the end. The trend is generally a November or October release for iPads right after an iPhone variant announcement annually!

If the conjectures are to come true then by this time, Apple will have vested the rumored iPad Pro or Mini 4 with the already famous iOS 9.

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Best Lenovo Tablet To Buy: ThinkPad 10 vs. Yoga Tablet 2 vs.ThinkPad Helix

Lenovo has made a name for itself thanks to its awesome laptop variants that have taken the world by storm. If you are on a buying spree then it could get tough choosing among the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2, ThinkPad Helix (2nd gen) and freshly launched Lenovo Think Pad 10.

Best Lenovo Tablet To Buy: ThinkPad 10 vs. Yoga Tablet 2 vs. vs. ThinkPad Helix When it comes to display, the Yoga Tablet 2 comes with 10.1-incher IPS LED LCD display vested with touch and 1920× 1200px resolution. As for ThinkPad Helix (2nd gen) you can get hands on an 11.6-incher display vested with multi touch and 1,920×1,080px resolution. ThinkPad 10 is a 10.1-incher with 1920×1200px resolution.

Expect great multitasking and gaming on the Yoga Tablet 2 thanks to its 1.3 GHz Intel Atom Z3745 processor and 2 GB RAM. 2.00 GHz Intel Core M-5Y10c processor with 4 GB RAM lends beef to the ThinkPad Helix while ThinkPad 10 is laced with Intel Atom Z8500 chip.

As for the OS, Yoga Tablet 2 comes with  Android 4.4 KitKat as well as Windows 8.1 with Bing. The ThinkPad Helix comes with Windows 8.1 OS while ThinkPad 10 will feature Windows 10 post retail launch.

The Yoga Tablet 2 comes at $249.99 on Android and $369.99 for Windows against the $999.99 of Lenovo ThinkPad Helix. As for Lenovo ThinkPad 10 be prepped to shell out a cool $549.Read the rest

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iOS 9 Is Apple’ s Game Changer And Here’s Why?

Apple has finally announced the latest version of its OS- the iOS 9 at WWDC 2015 event held in San Francisco on Monday. We were jolly well pleased with the  iOS 8 onslaught but the latest iOS 9 takes us for more than a joyride.

iOS 9 Is Apple’ s Game Changer And Here’s Why?A major revamp comes in context of Siri. With iOS 9 Siri has been drenched in color and has an all-new interface now. Also, be in for a surprise when you find Siri recognizing requests that are totally off the regular track. From photo hunting to reminders on playing some track for ages bygone– Siri is sassier and sincere this time.

While Siri on iOS 8 was at best a personal assistant, on iOS 9 it is your proactive assistant.

Another thing that iOS 9 brags about is the latest Spotlight Search on the iPhone and the iPad. Gear up to check out location based and time based information display, app suggestions and keys contact info displayed using this feature. Well then, you must also know that Spotlight could fish out videos in search results. From the time of iOS8, seems like loads have changed!… Read the rest

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Apple WWDC 2015: What To Expect?

The Big Apple Day– WWDC 2015 is set to happen–finally. As the day prepares to unfurl, the excitement among users has shot up around what the big announcements from Apple would be. For starters, we might hear big scoop on the Apple Watch. Third party applications and allied functions on the watch will see a major leap, according to 
Jeff Williams, the senior vice president, Operations at Apple.

Apple WWDC: What To Expect?Up next on cards could be the official announcement for Apple Beats– a direct competitor in the face of 
Spotify. Streaming means big business but this is the first time the Cupertino brand is landling so much importance on the same. 

It is estimated to be priced affordably at $10 every month, according to The Wall Street Journal. Beats Music will power the same, while chances of an Android variant too is possible. 

Apple might announce latest add-ons and specs for its wares– iPhone and iPad variants.  Gear up to know the next biggie on the Apple block– the iOS 9. Same goes for plausible improvements to Siri as well.  Cross- communicability with  Apple apps including Spotlight search, Passbook and Calendar  is on cards, according to Mark Gurman from 9to5MacRead the rest

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Apple Might Delay iPad Pro Release Till 2016 Until Inclusion Of ‘Force Touch’

Like other devices from Apple, the alleged iPad Pro is also becoming a ‘hot’ product from the gadget giant. But the company is pushing the date of iPad Pro’s release to 2016 so that the new device can be launched with exclusive ‘Force Touch’ feature.

Apple may delay iPad Pro release till 2016 until inclusion of ‘Force touch’So far it was speculated that Apple might release iPad Pro in 2015, but since Apple is reportedly not sure about the type of screen to be used on the device, the release date of the tablet is supposed to be in 2016.

Samsung Display, Japan Display and LG Display are some of the top screen makers with whom Apple is discussing its deal to procure Silver Nanowire-Wound (AgNW) touch screen coating in place of old-fashioned ITO-based screens, as reported by ETNews.

AgNW is the latest screen coating that is far more flexible than ITO-based panels and as per the experts, this coating is quite apt for ‘Force Touch’. Force Touch feature has been already employed in new Macbook and Apple Watch at much reasonable cost and now company is planning to introduce it in iPad Pro. Even the next delivery of iPhones are expected to come with this innovative feature.

However, iPad Pro is rumoured to have sapphire glass panles, which may augment the cost of the device and offset the affordability that is acquired by using the AgNW. So, there is no chance that Apple buyers can avail low cost devices from the company. 

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iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus: Apple To Launch New Handsets, Improvisations Planned For iPad

Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has taken up the market by storm soon after its release and it seems that the company still has many surprises in store. If Cupertino’s reports are to be believed, Apple Loop indicates that the company has decided to terminate the iOS 8.2 and it will be compulsory for all users to get their devices upgraded to iOS8.3.

The reports also indicate that new iOS is expected to be free from bugs of older versions and is expected to offer improved performance. However, this is not all, there are speculations that the company will release three new handsets shortly.

Apple To Launch Three New Handsets-Improvisations Planned For iPadThe much hyped Apple iPhone 7 is expected to be launched sometimes in September and may be soon joined by iPhone7 Plus. Though the phones may not drastically apart from iPhone6 and iPhone6 Plus, they are believed to have improved features. The company may also stop the production of iPhone 5S and 5C.

Instead it may bring an all-new iPhone 7 mini with a four-inch-screen. Though there is much-hype  regarding the iPhones, rumors suggest that the company may also bring some modifications in iPad features.

The upcoming model of iPad may have a larger screen of 12-inches for ease of use and may even include some improved features. While the Apple iPhone and iPad has been in the news over the last week, users also praised the tattoo issue of Apple Watch for now.

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3 Awesome Paid iPhone Apps That Are Free Downloads Right Now

Flaunting an iPhone does no good until you get the right apps onboard, spunk you Apple iPhone or iPad up with few must have apps that are currently up for grabs. Of course, the prices are slashed and time is ticking fast.

3 Awesome Paid iPhone Apps That Are Free Downloads Right NowNoon Pacific- For all music enthuisiasts, Noon Pacific is a must-have up. Hoard the 1.99 dollar app for free now and get access to the best songs round the week—collated from top music blogs.

Perks—Access more than 100 mixtapes every week

Over– In case you like to funk up photos or jazz up selfies, Over is the way to do. Pay nothing to get hands on the 1.99 dollar app now. From custom fonts to ease of use and great sharing specs, the app is a boon.

Perks—Allows superb art innovation to be done on snaps. Unimaginable editing functions.

Futurecast- While 2.99 dollars might not seem justified for an app, a free giveaway can bowl you over to get this one. Sync this with your Apple Watch as well and get alerts on when it is sunny (or anything else) in Philadelphia—or anywhere in the US for that matter.

Perks– Ease of use and precision involved in its predictions.

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