Google/Motorola Seeks to Ban iPad, iPhone and Apple Computers Imports to U.S.

Looks like Apple Inc still has many points to cover in the court, as another patent suit has been filed against the company. As per reported by Bloomberg, Google’s Motorola unit has hit Apple with a new patent-infringement lawsuit in the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) in Washington.

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Apple vs. Samsung: What Does It Mean for Google?

While the patent war between Apple and Samsung at first glance may seem like each side is accusing the other of stealing their designs, on a deeper level, this trial can have massive implications on many other tech giants, the most significant one being Google. With Apple seeking over $2.5 … Read the rest

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Microsoft Surface vs. Apple iPad: Will Microsoft Beat Apple in the Tablet Game?

Where the ball was always in favor of iPad for most of us till recently, is the recent tablet that has errr, surfaced from Microsoft going to have us confused?

Barely a month after Microsoft announced its new range of Surface tablets, speculation is rife about whether it will overtake … Read the rest

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Samsung’s Tablet Design Does Not Match Ipad, Not as Cool Says British Court

Samsung must have been very happy as the British court announced the result in its favor; ruling that Samsung’s tablet design does not infringe with that of iPad’s. That over rules the Apple’s request of importing ban in the nation. However, the reason that the judge gave was that Samsung … Read the rest

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