Apple Shall ‘Loop You In’ With The Latest iPad

Apple Shall ‘Loop You In’ With The Latest iPadThe rumour mill churned up a new bit of information — Apple is about to introduce a successor to the iPad Air 2 at its next press conference on March 21, 2016. The invitation for the conference had a cryptic message “let’s loop you in”. According to sources on the internet, the newest iPad Air would come with a price hike of $599 as compared to the older entry-level price of $499. But the 9.7 inch iPad would have 32 GB of storage, which is more than the 16 GB that iPad Air 2 offered.

The need for a more expensive iPad may have stemmed from the fact that there will be no iPad Air 3. The new iPad Air would be something like a smaller version of the iPad Pro that supports the accessories and is faster than its predecessor.

This also means that the Apple Pencil, which currently is compatible only with iPad pro, will work well on this latest gadget. Apple’s Smart Keyboard is also most likely to be compatible with it.

When iPad Pro was launched, there was no side update for the iPad Air. This latest iPad shall come with some upgrades like multitasking and split-view, which are otherwise not available on the iPad Air 2.

The new iPad shall start with 32 GB space along with the more expensive options that come with LTE and 128GB of storage. The company will most likely keep the old iPad Air 2 in the market, though it is not known if it’ll enjoy a price cut or not as of now.

It is a small wonder that Apple is choosing to raise the price on the mainstream iPad, despite the fact that iPad sales went down by 25 percent, year over year. In retrospect, Apple did not update the iPad Air, which might be one of the reasons behind the shifty sales numbers.  But then Apple does not believe in sharing sales prices from a given line of products too often.

It looks like Apple is trying to shift the iPad away from the ‘it’s just a bigger iPhone with a similar version of iOS’ notion that has been developed over the years. The iPad, iPhone with iOS 9 and the iPad Pro along with the latest accessories are supposed to be very different products, each with its own ecosphere. The iPad has generally been doing well as a more capable device and Apple is going to want to capitalize on these differences that the devices offer. The latest iPad Pro is like a statement in itself, a statement that predicts iPads as the future of computers.

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Microsoft Office 365 Editing Feature Not Free For iPad Pro Users

In case you have missed this little slip, it has come to light that advanced features of the Microsoft Office 365 would be chargeable on the Apple iPad Pro. This means users would have to shell out extra monies to use advanced features like editing on the iPad Pro. Note that these facilities are absolutely free on the Apple iPad. Prospective buyers should keep this in mind while purchasing the latest iPad Pro.

Microsoft Office 365 Editing Feature Would Not be Free for iPad Pro UsersThis is not particularly surprising as Microsoft had announced way back in March 2015 that any device with a display of more than 10.1 inches would need an Office 365 subscription to use it.

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Here’s How To Access Microsoft Office 365 Trial And Office Preview – See more at:
Here’s How To Access Microsoft Office 365 Trial And Office Preview – See more at:
Here’s How To Access Microsoft Office 365 Trial And Office Preview – See more at:

However, Apple’s iPad Pro is the first device running on iOS that will have to pay to use the editing feature on the Office 365 app. It would cost around $ 6.99 per month to get the subscription.

Microsoft first introduced Office for iPad in 2014. As soon as it was released, it became one of the top apps that could be downloaded for free. A subscription was required to edit and use advanced features on the app when it was first introduced. The company did away with these charges in the latter part of 2014, making the editing feature free to use.

Now, the company has hinted at a subscription for devices with bigger screen sizes. Office 365 is an extremely popular app used by more than a billion people, which helps Microsoft rake in a decent sum of money. Microsoft works really hard on this product to make it better and more productive with new features each time.

Recently, the company released Office 2016 for Windows and Mac that comes with several additional features including a black theme, Tell Me Assistant and the feature of co-authoring posts.

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iOS 9 Makes Multitasking Easy On The Apple iPad

Now, iPad users can get more from their devices with the Apple iOS 9. The latest Apple operating system offers multitasking in a whole new way. It allows users to work on different apps simultaneously with the help of a split screen view that is easy to set up.

Multitasking is now possible in Apple iPad with iOS 9Multitasking is now simple

To work in split screen  mode, users first have to open any built-in app that supports this feature and then swipe it from the screen’s right edge to place it on one-third area of the screen. Now, open another app and swipe down from the top of the screen’s right to open an app list. Pick the app and then pull the black dividing bar towards the center of the screen. Adjust the size according to your convenience and work.

Split screen in picture-in-picture mode

A split screen can also be enabled in picture-in-picture mode. All you need to do is to open a video in the video app and tap the home button while playing it. The video will continue to play in a small window while you can use other apps in the rest of the screen area. Here too, you can adjust the screen as per your convenience and continue working.… Read the rest

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New iOS 9 Update: Better Control, Battery Life

Apple has some really good news for users of the iOS 9. The company released free software updates for Apple iPads and iPhones running on iOS 9 to improve their performance significantly. According to reports, the new updates will not just improve battery life of these devices but also offer enhance functionality of the virtual assistant. A software update for the Apple Watch was also planned for the same day but could not be offered due to some bug issues.

Long battery life

The new update will improve battery life by diminishing use of non-essential tasks or visual effects. With the new update, the phone will also stop checking for automatic updates or email. Siri virtual assistant would also be improved with the update and users will be able to undertake swipe screen activities easily.

Accessing notifications should become easier because everything would be listed on the home screen according to time of occurrence. Alarm, security, maps and news service have also undergone transformation with the latest software update.

Access your iPad more conveniently

Multitasking is now simpler with the new software update on Apple iPad. However, the choices for multitasking have not been increased. Once the new update is installed, the iPad will offer better control like a laptop as sliding is much easier now. Getting the software update is simple, like the previous ones. Yet, users need to ensure proper backup of their data and at least 1.3 GB free space for running the update.… Read the rest

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Apple TV Touted to Launch in September with All New UI, Design and More Features

The Apple event slated to happen in September is highly awaited. Apart from newer iPhone models, the company is also expected to launch a brand new Apple TV. According to 9to5Mac, the new Apple TV would have a wider yet slimmer design. It is supposed to be an all-plastic body for better compatibility with most wireless devices and routers. The website also reported that Apple TV would come with a brand-new remote control that would be bigger and have more tactile keys. It is also believed to have touch-based input and sensor support.

According to The Verge, the new Apple TV could have a dedicated App Store.Apple TV Touted to Launch in September with All New UI, Design and More Features They also suggest it could come with Proactive so that users can search for shows, movies, or games across a range of apps and services. On the other hand, 9to5Mac says Apple may wait until the hardware hosts more third-party apps before rolling it out.

We expect this new device to support Siri. There is also likely to be a slimmer chassis and supported by an Apple A8 system. In all likelihood, the TV could work with a finger touch and offer enhanced on-board storage.

There are also reports of a dedicated SDK with the device enabling developers to provide apps for Apple TV as they do for the iPad and iPhone.

Despite being in existence for many years, Apple TV lags behind in terms of enjoying widespread adoption as with other Apple products. Lets hope the new Apple TV brings some changes worth considering.… Read the rest

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iPads And iPhones To Get iOS 9- Find Out About The Exciting New Features

All the iPhone and iPad models will soon get an iOS 9 update. This means that all the users would find a lot of new and exciting features in their devices. Let’s know which models are going to get what features.

iPads Getting iOS 9Except the original iPad model, all others would be compatible with iOS 9. However, not every model will get all the upcoming features because some features require more power than the previous models can offer. iPad Air, iPad mini 2 and iPad mini 3 would have features like Slide Over and Picture in Picture but iPad Air 2 would have an additional feature called Split View. With all these features, it would become a lot easier to carry on important tasks on these tablets.

Slide Over is a nice feature which lets you go to another app without dropping the app you are presently working on. You need to just swipe on the right side of your device from right to left to see another application.

Split View, which is exclusively available in iPad Air 2 is an upgraded version of Slide Over. This feature lets you use two apps at the same time. This split-screen multitasking app is the one that every iPad users have been eagerly waiting for but now the wait is over.

The Picture in Picture is yet another multitasking feature that allows you to use Face Time or watch a video at the same time you are using another app.

There is another feature which is creating much buzz is the Quick Type. This feature comes with add attachment, copy and paste and format text options. Moreover, this new keyboard makes your touchscreen function as a trackpad.

If you cannot wait till the next month to use these features, get the available iOS 9 public beta program to get early access of the features for testing.… Read the rest

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Apple iPad Pro May Come With Handwriting Recognition Device

Apple has acquired a new patent that will help the iPad Pro to recognize and accept handwriting from users. For the iPad Pro owners, this patent (if it is commercialized), will mean bidding good bye to add-on Bluetooth keyboards. This also signals the arrival of an Apple stylus much like what we now see on the Note series from Korean giant Samsung.

Looking Into The Patent

Apple Might Use Handwriting Recognition Spec On iPad Pro, Device To Release Next Year

As per the Apple patent, devices will be designed to accommodate a new area for handwriting input towards the bottom of the device screen. The scribbled text will then be converted into a digital format that users can see on the screen.

This area for handwriting input will also accommodate shortcuts for adding space, return, keying in numbers and addition of punctuations. All these will appear on a narrow bar below the space for handwriting. There is no mention of an exact stylus for the iPad Pro yet but this might just be part of the latest Pro. Apple has filed the application for this patent with the United States Patent & Trademark Office.

Details About iPad Pro

As for the iPad Pro, the device will come in 12.9-inches screen size and around 2016. The tablet might also house the brand new USB-C port from Apple that we first saw on the new MacBook.

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How To Update iPhone, iPad From iOS 8 To iOS 8.4

We finally have official news confirming release of the update iOS 8.4. However, there are diverse ways to get hands on the same. To begin with make sure all your data on iPhone and iPad to iCloud or on a computer. Getting access to the update of the iOS is over the air. Check into Settings and the Select Software Update from under the tab Software Update. You will automatically get a snippet about the changes the same will entail. Check on download and then install tab. Key in the password and accept the terms. Make sure you have ample free device space.

Here’s How To Update Your iOS 8 To iOS  8.4Alternatives For  Updating

 In case there is not ample space, plug your iPhone into your PC. Launch the iTunes app and click Update tab on the phone. Make sure the entire process occurs while the iPhone is plugged into the computer.  In case there are issues with downloading the update, then perform a factory reset function and then update to iOS 8.4.

The Bugs Gone

The iPhone update for the iOS 8 is laced with fixes for bugs that messed up messaging function as well as another that caused frequent crashes on the iPad while using messaging apps.

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Apple Will Let You Delete Apps On iOS 9 To Save Up Software Space

In case you tried to update your iOS 9 to the Beta 2 today, you might have stumbled upon a gem feature on the Beta 1 version.  The latest feature now permits users to delete apps from the operating system, if there is not ample space for newer downloads.

Apple Will Let You Delete Apps On iOS 9 To Save Up Software SpaceThe Inner Scoop

So in case you are scared of scarce space on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 9, simply delete some apps temporarily. Of course, once the update is over, the system automatically restores the deleted app and ensures that all your data stay put.

The Tweaks On iOS 9

The feature is actually a part of few tweaks that iOS 9 will throw our way or at least that is what we gauged from a keynote at WWDC 2015.  Apple will now be able to send out small updates that need less free memory space. Few more features that save space are part of the latest version of the iOS 9 such as App Thinning. This will now allow developers to easily distribute smaller parts of applications to users. This also enables Swift library built-in. 

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How To Make An iPad Or iPhone Read Books Aloud?

If you have been wondering how to get started with audio ebooks on your Apple iPhone or iPad, check out these easy steps. They help your Apple baby to accommodate all kinds of ebook, without the need to install other applications.

How to make iPad or iPhone read books aloud?Adjusting accessibility:

Open Settings and then access

General > Accessibility > Speech

Once you are there, change to Speak Screen by swiping it using your fingers from the top area of the iPhone/iPad screen. This will help Siri read all texts displayed.

Turn auto lock off temporarily

Access Settings > General > Auto-Lock

Ensure that auto-lock is turned to Never mode. Do not forget to turn the Auto-Lock function on again when you are not reading an ebook.

Select a book of your choice

Once you have followed the above steps, make sure you pick a book and open it over iBooks or Kindle. Swipe like described above to start Siri reading. Siri will actually start to read anything visible there as well as flip pages when done.

Now then, do not expect a well-paused and expressive read-out-loud session from Siri. However, the monotone is decent and easy-to-get-used-to once you get into the groove.

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