Microsoft Surface Vs iPad Mini: The Price Is The Real Factor


The latest to come out in the Tablet market is the Surface and the iPad mini. Both the Tablets have their advantage and disadvantages. Apple has already gained popularity in the Tablet market, thanks to the soaring sales of iPad. Microsoft Surface has the latest operating system which has been designed to work on multiple platforms.

According to an analyst the worst nightmare of Windows 8 Surface can be iPad mini.

As per a report on Cnet, Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu states that the iPad mini will cause major agitation for the competition that runs on the Windows 8 platform. In an investor’s note he states,“We continue to believe iPad Mini is the competition’s worst nightmare and will likely slow down adoption of competitor tablets. In particular, we believe this could end up being a very tough holiday season for Windows 8.”


Surface tabs

Windows 8 Surface has been exorbitantly priced at $599 which gives iPad mini an upperhand (priced at $329) in the competition. Wu calls the Surface “arguably overpriced”.

The iPad mini  sports an aluminum and glass body with 7.2mm thick, and weighs only 0.68 pounds. As per an official statement by Apple, the iPad mini has 35 percent more screen real estate than 7-inch tablets, and up to 67 percent more usable viewing area when browsing the web. The dual-core A5 chip on the iPad mini lets the graphics respond quickly and a multi-touch experience that Apple believes to be both, fast and fluid provides all day battery life.

The iPad mini has a front-facing FaceTime HD camera and a 5-megapixel iSight camera at the back, which makes for a great video experience. The iSight camera includes video image stabilization and both cameras feature backside illumination, which  as per Apple claims lets users to capture great pictures in low light.… Read the rest

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Google’s Upcoming Event On Oct 29th: New Nexus Devices Expected

October 29th is a special day not just for Microsoft, but also for Google. The makers of Android are also expected to announce some new products on this day, and if rumors are to be believed, we can expect to see new Nexus phones and tablets being unveiled on this day. The world can expect to get a peek into 2 new Nexus 7 tablets, both with 32GB of storage, but one offering 3G connectivity options.

There are also talks of Google revealing a 10-inch Nexus tablet, being developed in collaboration with Samsung. The device is expected to have a 2560X1600 pixel resolution – way better than even iPad’s Retina Display technology, and could run on Android 4.2 or on the Jelly Bean.

Tech enthusiasts are also hoping to see a new Nexus smartphone, being developed by LG, featuring a quad-core 1.5GHz processor, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of internal storage. The LG Nexus smartphone is expected to have a 4.7-inch display, 2100 mAh battery, an 8MP rear camera, a 1.3MP front-facing camera, and could also run on Android 4.2.

On the same day, Microsoft is expected to unveil the Windows Phone 8 based Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 smartphones, as well as the HTC 8X. Which of these events would you be tuned into? Don’t worry, we’ll bring you the most comprehensive coverage of both!… Read the rest

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iPad Mini: Will it Eat Away The iPad Sales?

If recent analyst reports are to be believed, the introduction of iPad Mini into the market could take away almost 1 million potential iPad customers. While everyone’s looking forward to Apple’s upcoming release as the perfect answer to the growing competition from Google Nexus and Amazon Kindle Fire tablets, analysts have predicted that it could even pull away customers from spending too much money on the iPad.

According to a recent report from Piper Jaffray, the iPad Mini is expected to launch on November 2, and sell around 5 million pieces by the end of this year. However, this could cost Apple a loss of revenue on at least 1 million 9.7-inch sized iPads. The firm expects the iPad Mini to corner 25% of Apple’s revenues from tablet sales, and has even predicted a larger sales estimate for iPads in 2013. The firm also believes that the optimal pricing for the iPad Mini ought to be in the range of $249-299, but for this to work out, Apple may have to exclude the Retina Display technology and reduce storage down to 8GB on the device.

All eyes are on Apple as the tech world expects the company to unveil the iPad Mini during a press event in San Jose on October 23. Are you planning to pick one up too?… Read the rest

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Windows 8 And iPad Mini All Set To Sizzle Next Week

First, it was all about Microsoft’s Windows 8 finally getting released. And then came along Apple’s announcement to expect ‘little’ things, which the tech world is expecting to be the iPad Mini. The week of October 23rd doesn’t seem to get any bigger, with two of the largest tech companies having important product launches, and for us the audience, well, we can’t wait for next week to begin! Oh, and there’s more than just Windows 8 and iPad Mini for the geeks to look forward to:

October 23rd: Look out for some big gaming action to get started. We’ve got three amazing games debuting on this day – Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Forza Horizon, and Persona 4: The Golden. Later in the day, Apple will finally give us more insight into its big announcement about the ‘little’ things – it could be an iPad Mini, a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display, a new Mac Mini desktop, or a slimmer iMac. With Apple, you never quite know until the cat’s out of the bag!

October 24th: This day will see the start of the PhotoPlus International Expo in New York, where we could see some new cameras being announced. On the very same day, we’ve got Samsung officially lifting the lid on the various carrier versions of the Galaxy Note II, again in New York.

October 25th: A five hour event where Microsoft will officially bring out the Windows 8 – this one’s going to be huge, and not just in terms of the amount of time the program will last. By the next day, we could see Windows 8 products going on sale, so if you’re dying to pick one up, mark this day on your calendars!

October 29th: After the weekend, if you’re still not hungover on all the tech excitement, there’s more news to cheer. We’re expecting Andy Rubin, Google Android chief, to announce new Google Nexus devices at the “D” conference, also in New York. We’re hoping to see at least 1 new smartphone and a new Nexus tablet. This day gets even more exciting with the Windows 8 phone debut by Microsoft in San Francisco. Following this event, we’re hoping to finally see the HTC and Nokia phones running Windows 8 hit the markets!… Read the rest

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iPad Mini Revealed By Anonymous May Be Priced At $250


The cat is out of the bag. Anonymous who has access to the internal system of Media Market, Europe’s largest electronics retailer has revealed the pictures and prices of iPad mini.

The much awaited Apple tablet which is expected to get unveiled  on Oct 23 will come in 16 different versions. The models will start from 8GB WiFi for approximately $250 to 64 GB version which may have 4G LTE connectivity as well as 3G.

iPad Mini is Apple’s answer to Amazon Kindle Tablet and Google Nexus.Wall Street analysts have predicted for months that Apple was planning a smaller, less costly version of its popular iPad to take on cheaper competing devices, a move that analysts say might hurt its margins, but prevent its rivals from dominating an increasingly important computing segment.

This could be the prices of various versions of iPad Mini

  • 8GB WiFi Black/White, $250
  • 8GB Cellular Black/White $350
  • 16GB WiFi Black/White $350
  • 16GB Cellular WiFi Black/White $450
  • 32GB WiFi Black/White $450
  • 32GB Cellular Black/White$550
  • 64GB WiFi Black/White $550






















 … Read the rest

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Apple’s iPad Mini May Come To Your City On October 23rd

iPad Mini speculated to launch 23rd octAccording to the most recent speculations going on the Web, Apple is most likely to unveil its upcoming iPad Mini on October 23rd. However, there is not official announcement regarding this smaller version of the iPad.

Speculated to have a 7.85-inch tablet, the successor to ‘New iPad’ will hit the shelves in direct competition to other tabs of the same size such as Samsung Galaxy tab, Amazon’s Kindle Fire, and Google Nexus 7 tablet.

According to report in WSJ’s AllThingsD, “Apple will hold a special event this month, at which it will showcase a new, smaller iPad. People familiar with Apple’s plans, tell us that the company will unveil the so-called “iPad mini” on Oct. 23 at an invitation-only event”.

The site also speculates that the launching will occur at Apple’s Town Hall Auditorium, where iPhone 4S was also introduced.

This latest iPad Mini is expected to come with only Wi-Fi connectivity. Speculations say that there won’t be a 3G version of the tab, which means it will cost cheaper. It is expected the iPad Mini will have the same price as Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire, as both the device are also Wi-Fi only. The Nexus 7 comes with access to Android v4.1 (Jelly Bean) as well as future Android releases. However, Apple’s iPad Mini will come out with the firm’s latest iOS 6.

Now it’s a matter of few days, whether we’ll actually see an iPad Mini this 23rd or not.… Read the rest

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Apple Orders 10 million iPad Minis; November 2 Likely Launch Date

Reports are coming in that Apple has ordered an approximate 10 million iPad mini units from its suppliers for the holiday season. The computers and phone maker is said to have asked for shipping during the holiday quarter in a report in The Wall Street Journal.  The mini iPad might go on sale on November 2.

WSJ has said that this figure is double the amount Amazon has ordered with its suppliers for the same quarter. If media reports are to be believed, the mini iPad is already in production and it could be revealed at a special event on October 17.

As Apple’s market-share in the US tablet market go on a downward swing, they might be interested in grabbing a share of the 7-inch tablet pie.

“It makes sense for market leader Apple to extend its dominance in tablets with a smaller tablet,” The Wall Street Journal quotes Capital Securities analyst Diana Wu.

“iPad mini will be a big hit if Apple prices it below $300,” RBS analyst Wanli Wang told WSJ.… Read the rest

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iPad vs iPad Mini: Would iPad Mini Win?

Apple's latest iPad MiniNews of iPad Mini is surfacing round the corner joining Apple’s next great rumor, not even a month following its latest iPhone 5 launch. A successor to the ‘New iPad’, ‘iPad Mini’ will possibly be a 7-inch version and is expected to be introduced on October 17th.

Apple’s iPad is already a success among the existing tab market. However, some analysts feel there are six ways that could make this smaller ‘iPad Mini’ be better than the already existing ‘New iPad’.

Apple’s competitive tabs in the same budget include Amazon’s Fire tablet, Google Nexus 7, and Barnes & Noble Nook tablets.

Smaller and lightweight, iPad Mini is expected to work in a great way. There are many who feel that this smaller version could surpass its predecessors.

Let’s discuss some of the reasons-

Augmented Reality

Looking at the real world around us, Augmented reality seems to be a great thing for smartphones or tablets. Carrying around a smaller iPad will be good for all consumers.


Reading Ebooks on a full-size iPad can be taxing at times. The new iPad is already fun when it comes to browsing the Web and watching videos. And with the smaller iPad, reading will become all the more fun.


iPad Mini will give you all directions for driving or walking. So now just take care of all visual distractions you might get while driving down the highway.

Driving Games

There are few driving games, which will let you use the iPad or tab as a steering wheel, turning the entire tablet to steer right and left. And the problem with the current iPad is its weight, which makes playing tiring after a while.


Many people take pictures on their smartphones. But capturing with iPad Mini might be added fun. It will fight in your pockets.


Apple will keep the price of iPad Mini lesser than the ‘New iPad’, which means more apps, more videos, better size, and more games.

Resource: PC MAG… Read the rest

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The 7 Inch Tablet Market All Set To Get A New Entrant: The Apple iPad Mini Production Starts

Widespread reports of Apple starting the mass production of its iPad Mini is hitting the web, leaving all Apple fans waiting for its launch. This smaller version of the iPad will be cheaper than its predecessor, which has a 9.7-inch screen.

The iPad Mini will have a screen size of 7.85-inch with liquid-crystal display and a lower resolution as compared to the latest iPad.

Earlier in September, there were reports that indicated that Asia-based LG Display and AU Optronics had already starting the manufacturing of LCD screens for Apple’s new device.

With Google, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon taking a deep plunge into the tab market with their 7-inch tabs, Apple with its smaller tab hopes to stay ahead in the competitive market.

The Google Nexus 7 was introduced in July. Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet comes with a price tag of $200, which is about half the price of iPad. Tablet from Barnes & Noble has a price range starting at $199.

Already a leader in the market, this smaller tablet would surely help Apple further up its sales. Apple is reportedly sending out invitations for its media event, where it plans to unveil the iPad Mini on Wednesday, October 17th.… Read the rest

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