How To Delete Emails Permanently From iPads and iPhones on iOS8

Are you hunting for the easiest and best means to delete your emails permanently from an iPad or an iPhone? Begin by opening Mail app and moving on to Edit. Move down to this list and around the bottom check if you can see the All Trash Option. Make sure this is ticked so that you can access it from your mailbox page. Now, select All Mailboxes or your single inbox before pressing Edit.

Here’s How To Delete Emails Permanently From iPads and iPhones on iOS8 The Next Step

Press and hold your Move button using a finger before un-checking the email you had just checked. Once you leave holding onto the Move button, the email must be selected to for moving over to another location. Select move to Trash as an option.  

Visit the All Trash folder or the Trash folder before choosing Edit followed by Delete All. Keep in mind that deleting emails will take ample time.

Wrap Up The Delete Game

Using the above steps to erase them all from the iPhone or iPad inbox is the easiest and most foolproof way. Keep repeating the process for any other folder/s you might want to clean up.

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Apple TV, iOS 8, iWatch, iTV, iPhone 6 Release Date: What All Apple Will Offer in 2014?

Apple TV, iOS 8, iPhone 6, iWatch, iTV: Apple Possibilities For 2014

Cupertino-based tech giant Apple’s two trump cards are the iPad and the iPhone and certainly, no doubts exist about this. Also, with the release date of iPhone 6 drawing close, there is a lot of hype and buzz surrounding the specs and features of this much anticipated new iPhone from Apple. The iPhone 6, in all likelihood, will be launched a few months from now.

Also, there are rumors that Apple is now aggressively looking to foray into newer categories, preferably the phablet and might as well launch the iPhone 6 in two screen sizes. While one is expected to be a 4.5 inch screen device, the other, designed for the phablet category, will sport a screen of more than 5 inches or a 5 inch screen. Apple TV, digital media playing device from Apple is also likely to get some updates in the coming months, even though the small time frame indicates that Apple is not riding high on the TV and does not consider it to be a highly ambitious one as opposed to the new and upcoming iPhone 6. Rumors also suggest that Apple could launch the iOs 8, eighth gen OS very soon. … Read the rest

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