The New iOS 6 Updates Steals Away The Battery Life Of iPhone 5, iPad Mini


An updates has been rolled out for iPhone5 and iPad to fix a Wi-Fi issue.  But the sad news is that the users who have updated there devices has been hit by battery draining plague.

Complains in regards to iPhone5 are more as compared to iPad mini. Before the update it was reported that the phone had a decent battery but since the update it is depleting at a faster rate.

The battery drain in iPad mini is quite insignificant.

People on Apple discussion forums have put up posts such as, “I’m losing 10% an hour roughly light web only, 100% at 1pm, 63% at 4.48pm 6.0.2 is caning the battery. Please sort it Apple!” while another states, “I forgot to mention that my phone is heating up while battery drains out.”

Apple needs to send out a fix soon for this issue as the battery life of the handset is a strong selling point of the iPhone 5.… Read the rest

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StumbleUpon App Gets Makeover for iOS 6 Update

The launch of the new iPhone has seen a lot of apps being updated. One among these is StumbleUpon. A StumbleUpon vice-president Cody Simms says it is a reimagined app that makes stumbling more fun. The website, which also has an app in this name, gives users tips on online articles based on your interests. It’s revamped the app developed for iPhone and iPad to be able to meet Apple’s new iOS 6 update. The iOS 6 update from Apple offers 200 new features for both the Apple products. This includes a new map feature and Passbook feature to gather all your tickets, loyalty cards and boarding passes in one place.

While earlier the app used information from your historical data, it will now be using new toolbars so that users are able to find information faster. The app also comes with a sliding feature where you can preview the webpage before you decide to get there.

About 25% of the website’s traffic comes from mobile phones and tablets. It is no wonder that the company decided to redesign their app after the iOS 6 update from the tablet and smartphone maker. The company has also said that they will further update it to take into account the new form factor of the iPhone5.… Read the rest

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