Apple WWDC : iOS7, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, iPad Mini, iPad 5… All on The Verge

Apple’s 24th annual developers’ conference to be held  next week will surely see some new versions of iOS and OS X software to test before they are released to customers. It’s a seven month gap for developers as well as customers after the release of iPad Mini in October.

Features of iOS 7 have already been leaked out by 9to5Mac in April and here we present some of the major ones:

More gestures will be included to access information other than one finger swipe and a four finger swipe to pull-up the menu. The report of 9to5Mac adds

that Apple will opt for AirDrop file-sharing service and a build in system level integration for sending media files to Flickr and Vimeo.

Apple and Yahoo together will bring additional contents and services like Yahoo’s sports and news sites to Apple’s devices. OS X 10.9, Apple’s operating system for Macs is also expected to be exposed at WWDC. Here are some major details from 9to5Mac:

One of main feature will be inclusion of tabs to solve the problem of floating windows on the desktop. It will also include Siri and integration of Apple Maps with full screen workable application along with new multi tasking features.

It is expected that the company will update and introduce some new hardware as well in WWDC which are due since long time. MacBook Pro and MacBook Air require up gradation in Display and FaceTime camera. The new version of Thunderbolt display and Apple’s Pandora-like Internet radio service, commonly referred to as iRadio are going to win hearts. Apple is making deals with

Warner Music Group and Universal Music to make music a free ad-supported service for iOS devices.

No new improvement in iCloud is on the agenda for Apple in WWDC meet, though the same needs to integrate storage and data-syncing tools into their applications. New iPhone or iPad is also unlikely to be seen as Apple trusts on developers to work out on new versions of iOS software before it comes to limelight.

Reports by 9to5Mac suggest that there will be no new iPad for WWDC this year as Apple’s Phil Schiller had introduced the iPad Mini in October. However, the casemaker Gumdrop Cases has already prepared a $59.99 protective

cover for the next iPad to matches up with specifications.
CNET’s live blog is full of

all details about Apple and can be tracked for everything it’s going to offer in near future.… Read the rest

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Essence of The Android to Encompass iOS 7… Would Apple iPhone 6 Pencil It in?

From the time when Apple CEO Tim Cook exposed that the company would give third party developers more access to iOS’ APIs, it has unbolted the potentials for features that was profoundly absent in the operating system.  Apple has kept tight control over this as it wants to confirm its customers have a completely stable operating system and a smooth and seamless user experience.

Back in April, it was stated that the standard Android keyboard replacement Swype had confirmed that it had a meeting with Apple which further dropped a hint that Apple was beginning to loosen the sways on what’s possible in iOS. Two of Android’s most downloaded applications are keyboard replacements – Swype and Swiftkey offer users advanced features.

A per sources, producers of the SwiftKey keyboard app can replace the stock keyboard on Android smartphones and tablets. “It’s great they are thinking in that way. That’s very different from the message we would have gotten a year ago,” said TouchType marketing Chief Joe Braidwood in an interview.

Furthermore, he added the most apparent API for Apple to open up would be the keyboard, since in his opinion it’s iOS’ utmost weakness. When asked how long it would take to port SwiftKey to iOS, he held that developers await to see what Apple announces on Monday at WWDC 2013.

If Apple fixes keyboard replacement apps, it is probable that Swype will be the first to be offered, since the company confirmed it met with Apple months ago.… Read the rest

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