Slitting Throat of Internet Porn: Chidren Online Privacy May Come in Jeopardy


Government is wary as far as internet porn is concerned. David Cameron has made an announcement for sieving of adult content and has asked search engines to delete the results.  Also the government has ripped the budget of CEOP, the online safety police, by 10% which supposedly is has endangered the reach of programme which educate children about online dangers.

 As reported by Cameron has said, “You have a duty to act on this – and it is a moral duty. If there are technical obstacles… don’t just stand by and say nothing can be done; use your great brains to help overcome them.”

As per Open Rights Group,  Cameron’s has no idea what he is talking about. He is asking for the blocking of the specific key words and ‘All the ISP’s have rewired their technology.

 “It is embarrassing for our Prime Minister to stand up and demand a policy that is likely to be of highly marginal impact, and discuss it as if it was of vital national interest, while failing to concentrate on the real answers… these announcements risk being another case of blaming the commercial intermediaries – in this case, search engines – because that is easier and cheaper than doing what is really necessary.” Reported tech radar.

Well it seems Cameron’s war on porn seems to meet all the logic of internet and search engines. Would Cameron win the war or not?… Read the rest

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