iPad Mini Is A Tough Nut To Crack… Passes Drop Test



iPad mini and Nexus 7 are most coveted tablet in the market. And if you have been wondering which one is the toughest amidst them then according to the drop test conducted, iPad mini is more sturdy.


iPad  mini  was even pitched against iPad and surprisingly it emerged to be stronger.

As reported by ibn live the three devices were handled by a machine, and dropped at the same time from the same height. There are three tests in all, carried out by a protection plan provider, Square Trade.

In the first test, every tablet was dropped on its corner; in the second, it was made to land on its face. In the third, it was dunked under water for 10 seconds.

In the first test, the iPad mini came out the least unscathed with only minor aesthetic aberrations, with no cracks visible on the screen. The Nexus 7 did have some cracks, but looked a lot better than the full sized iPad, which suffered the most in the corner drop test.

In the second test, the Nexus 7 did the best, and had only minor cracks, while the iPad mini was left worse for wear, and so was the third generation iPad, which suffered the most amount of damage.

In the third test, the three tablets are dunked in water for 10 seconds and upon removal, the iPad mini fares the best, as it works properly without any issues. The regular sized iPad faced issues with the home button after being submerged in water, while the Nexus 7 was declared unresponsive by the tester.

Reference : IBN LIVE

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The iPad Mini: Review, Price, Specs

So, Apple finally did lift the veil off the iPad Mini – a 7.9 inch device weighing just a little over 10 ounces and just 0.28 inches thin. It does remind me of a miniature version of the iPad 2, in keeping with its name. So what does the iPad Mini feel like in one’s hands? Well, we haven’t got our hands on one yet, but we think this is pretty much how the experience would go.

It’s 5.3 inches wide, which makes it a little difficult to hold with just one hand – but the extra width does have its advantages in terms of viewing experience. It will take some time to get used to the narrow bezel, because it just makes it harder to hold onto the device without accidentally touching the screen. On the plus side, we have to say it’s pretty good space management on Apple’s part.

On offer with the iPad Mini are over 275,000 apps which are way more than what an Android tab has, which makes the iPad Mini a far more appealing option. You can do so much more with this device! The all aluminum body feels a lot more sturdy and expensive than the generic plastic version. The only challenge we see with the iPad Mini is that of the price. While there are many 7-inch tablets available in the $199 range, this one starts at $329 and goes all the way up to $649. With that kind of money, shouldn’t one ought to pick up the full-sized iPad instead?… Read the rest

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