The Spotlight Is On HTC One, What Would Be The Challenges Faced By Samsung Galaxy S4?

HTC didn’t exactly have a great year in 2012, and it wasn’t just because of the massive success of Samsung’s smartphone lineup. To make matters worse, it went ahead and launched more than one flagship smartphone, letting down many of its fans and confusing other customers. But looks like the … Read the rest

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Tossed In Tempting Features And Extensive Marketing Would Bestselling Samsung Galaxy S4 Take Over HTC One?

Samsung hits a sixer every time it arrives on pitch. Going by the previous highs in terms of Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy S3 sales, this time the Samsung Galaxy S4 could be in for a record. Turning the pages in the Samsung sales book back, we see that the … Read the rest

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HTC One Tests Samsung’s Bullfighting Skills- Is HTC Shooing Away The Samsung Galaxy Lineup?

Is Samsung turning nasty now with so much competition around? I guess it can barely tolerate HTC gaining impetus on smartphone and phablet territory. Why else would it pay reviewers to write drastically negative comments on the HTC One?


Fresh from its raid post-LG complaints of Samsung having stolen … Read the rest

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HTC One Set To Enchant Smartphone Lovers—Will Samsung Galaxy S4 Escape Its Magical Web Or Get Spellbound?

The smartphone party is getting hotter. With HTC looking to snap at any counterpart coming close to its territory, the scenario seems justified. Now here is more news that escalated the HTC flagship avatar—HTC One – to a height most brands crave to reach.

Ever … Read the rest

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