HTC One M8 Vs Samsung Galaxy S4: Which One Should You Buy?

HTC One M8 is currently, a flagship smartphone of Taiwan-based HTC. The smartphoneHTC One M8 Vs Samsung Galaxy S4 is equipped with a range of new and advanced features, and it is also termed as the best looking smartphone in the world. Its technical specifications are second to none.

On the other hand, Samsung’s Galaxy S4 … Read the rest

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Amazon Fire Phone vs HTC One M8 vs LG G3: Setting The Rivals Side-by-Side

LG G3 vs HTC One M8 vs Amazon Fire PhoneIt’s been more than a decade that we have seen the advent of smartphones. And now with the industry booming, we see a new invention every month. With a plethora of devices piling up the market shelves, decision making has become tedious. Therefore, to ease purchase making decision for you, … Read the rest

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Issues Emerges Over HTC One M8: Camera Sensor Problem Creates Dent in Image

The recently launched flagship smartphone of HTC, codenamed M8, is witnessing issues with the camera sensor, as per the complaints of the smartphone owners worldwide.

The owners are complaining that the camera sensors got hairline scratches, resulting in affecting the quality of pictures. Meanwhile, some owners are also complaining that … Read the rest

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