HTC M7 Giving High Energy Coming On March 8 For The Price Of $879


We have been talking about HTC M7 now and then. Its features have been leaked many times but the price and release date for unknown. So now what we have with us is release and price of the phone for Europe. The phone would be launched on March 8 for $879.

The confirmed specs of the phone are as follows:

4.7 inch Full HD Display(1920*1080 resolution)

1.7Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon Quad Core Processor


32GB Internal Storage(with microSD Support)

13Mpx Camera offcourse with Ultrapixels

HTC 5.0

4G,NFC Supported

Double HP Techno Beats Audio

2300mAh Battery

Android Jelly Bean


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HTC Droid DNA Or HTC DLX Plus: A Godly Hour For HTC

@LlabTooFeR—uour read it right! This is one of the Twitter members labeled to be the ‘most updated’ messenger about HTC. His recent tweets state that the upcoming HTC M7 is being hailed as a sequel to highly promising HTC DROID DNA. Its ‘DLXPLUS’, the codenamed listing of the specifications of the sequel is also doing the rounds on Twitter.

The FHD 4.7 inch screen harks back to the prequel along with the 468ppi pixel density– Hey, I’ve heard this spec earlier. Yes, this was part of few stories related to HTC M7. Truly, the specs revealed by @LlabTooFeR seem to  match perfectly.

Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 APQ8064 Quad-core 1.7GHz processor, 16 GB native storage and 2 GB of Ram are the other reasons why you could be in for seduction by HTC M7. Striking features are rear facing 13 MP camera and front-facing 2.1 MP camera. To run on top you may choose Sense 50, but you will get pre-installed Jelly Bean.

As per the hints from the tweet, Verizon would stay with the name DROID DNA for the sequel whereas Sprint would call it HTC M7. For us we just want it soon—what’s in a name?

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HTC M7 Vs BlackBerry Z10: If Z10 Won’t Bring Back RIM From Dead, Nothing Will

HTC’s M7 is expected to push the company back into one of the top spots as an Android smartphone maker. Even though the company hasn’t yet provided too many details about the phone and its expected release date, we wonder if it is worthy enough to make RIM’s chances with the BlackBerry 10 even more difficult than it already is. Yes, it hasn’t come out yet, but RIM’s pinning all of its hopes on the success of their latest OS offering. That’s why we’re pitting the M7 against the BlackBerry 10 Developer Alpha device.

Display: In terms of display size, the HTC M7’s 4.7-inch screen fares much better than the BlackBerry 10’s 4.2-inch screen – and not just because of the larger screen. Even in terms of resolution, the M7’s 1920X1080 pixel screen has a higher resolution than the BlackBerry 10’s 1280X768 pixel display.

Tech specs: While we don’t know much details about the processor, the M7 does have a higher 2 GB RAM than the BlackBerry 10’s 1 GB equivalent, which makes it a much more appealing choice for those who love to multitask or run heavy apps.

The OS: While little is known so far about whether the BlackBerry 10 will be able to make a mark in a market where Android and iOS have been reigning supreme over the past couple of years, one of the obvious differences is in the extent of apps on offer. Currently, the Android OS is the most popular smartphone OS in the world and has over 700,000 apps on offer. However, the upcoming BlackBerry 10 has just about 43,000 apps – a far more limiting variety.

Connectivity: The BlackBerry 10 Developer Alpha has just 3G connectivity, while the HTC M7 can connect to LTE networks. This means that if you’re looking for higher browsing speeds, you might as well opt for the M7.

Storage space: Another huge advantage of the M7 is its 32 GB of internal storage, when compared to the BlackBerry 10’s 16 GB storage option. This means that you’ll end up reaching for a memory card a lot sooner on the BlackBerry 10.

With such spectacular features, looks like HTC’s upcoming flagship phone will definitely make things much harder for RIM. BlackBerry 10, good luck to you indeed!

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