Play ‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ On PC- Beware of ‘Angry Planes’ Mod

The enticing game, “Grand Theft Auto 5” now can be enjoyed on PC and the loyal fans can now try their skills on different mods released by its makers. Yet, there is word of caution before you install the mods as the “Angry Planes” mod seems to carry virus, which cannot be detected during the installation process.

 Play 'Grand Theft Auto 5' On PC- Beware of 'Angry Planes' ModThe virus on this mod easily passes any anti-virus scanning, making it a big threat to the computers. Once the mod starts operating, the player becomes the target of every other aircraft in the game, ruining the total fun. Not just that, it may also create malware affecting the PC security.

Makers of the game now recommend to uninstall the virus affected mod to play it safely, as deleting the mod will not ruin GTA fun in any way. Yet, the reports of PC Gamers hint that the GTA forums have been successful in removing the offending file from the mod.

Reports also indicate the virus to be of a rare kind and was not noticed in the last twelve years of GTA. However, the other mods are safe and players can easily give a boost to the thrill factor by installing any of them in their PC. … Read the rest

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Dead Space 3, Grand Theft Auto 5, BioShock Infinite: To Wake Up The Gaming Industry From Sleep



The gaming season was mostly cold in the year we just left behind. Now gaming experts are warming up to hopes of a better New Year. Where 2012 had seen a lot of hullabaloo over high-end game launches, most of them proved disappointing for pundits and players. With 2013 here, avid gamers are looking forward to notable launches of Dead Space 3, Grand Theft Auto 5 and BioShock Infinite.

 With each of these being the second installments of already hit games, we can expect a bit more than conventional interest in them. What better way but to pin hopes than on these popular games for reviving the gaming lull that 2012 had faced?

Michael Pachter, an industry insider muses, “GTA 5 is certainly one of the most anticipated games of 2013, but I hope it could be enough to curb the supposed “gamer fatigue” consumers are suffering from.”

It is important that the gaming market sales lift up this year, as a run-up to the next season that could see the launch of innovative consoles by top names like Microsoft. In this context Pachter added, “Publishers will likely plan an unprecedented number of new IP launches in the first two years of the cycle, providing relief from gamer fatigue.”


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