Google Nexus 5 Release And Deals in US Soon, Google Nexus 4 Dead And Over?

Of lately, Google was offering its flagship the Nexus 4 device at an incredibly low price of $199 for the 8GB and $249 for the 16GB version, slashed from $299 and $349 respectively.

However, those who didn’t avail the offer might have a reason to pout.

The cheapest Nexus 4 on offer is now out of stock in the US and as per Google, the firm has no plans to restock the device.

However, reports also suggest the decline in shipment time of the Nexus 4 from two to three days a week, which point out towards the end of device’s supply.

The news follows certain reports that indicate the Google is gearing up to launch its upcoming Nexus 5, which we might see anytime soon.

We hear Google is working on to offer the Nexus 5 with its upcoming version of Android, 5.0 Key Lime Pie.

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Top 10 Smartphones in US: From Nokia Lumia 920 to HTC One to Google Nexus 4 to Samsung Galaxy S4

The smartphone industry has seen a marked boom over the past few years. The technology has advanced rapidly and the number of smartphones available now is truly phenomenal. All of this makes it really difficult to decide on which phone to buy but fret not; here is a list of the best of the best smartphones



The smartphone industry has seen a marked boom over the past few years. The technology has advanced rapidly and the number of smartphones available now is truly phenomenal. All of this makes it really difficult to decide on which phone to buy but fret not; here is a list of the best of the best smartphones.

9. Nokia Lumia 920: The Lumia 920 hints are better times ahead not just for Nokia but also for the makers or the Lumia’s OS Windows 8, Microsoft. The phone is brilliant and runs very well. In fact it is even possible to use the touch screen with gloves on!

8. HTC One S: The HTC One S is a great and not too expensive phone to play around with. It is capable and feels better than its costs. It runs the latest Android Jelly Bean OS and is a solid performer.

7. Nokia Lumis 520: Probably one of the best cheap smartphone available on the market right now the Windows 8 running Lumia 520 is also one of the best. Its simplicity is its best bonus point and is probably the best phone for a first time smartphone user. It also has an amazingly smooth touch-screen experience.

6. Samsung Galaxy S3: Even with the Galaxy S4 out, the Galaxy S3 is still one of the best Android phones I have ever used. The phone is amazingly fast and has some of the best colours on any screen ever.

5. Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Larger than any other phone on the list the Galaxy Note 2 is a bona-fide phablet. And it is amazing! Blisteringly fast, very capable and it has certainly brought back the stylus with class.

4. Google Nexus 4: One of the best phones ever made! It was almost unbelievably cheap for the stuff it could do. Since the issues with production, it has become more expensive, but with a new Nexus smartphone rumoured to be on the way, it might just be a great choice for someone looking to get a great phone at an amazing price.

3. iPhone 5: The flagship iPhone at present, it is an amazing device. Amazing technology, great user interface and a spiffy design, it is still one of the best phones ever.

2. Samsung Galaxy S4: The new Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the most amazing performing phones ever seen, if not the most amazing. Even though not as popular as the Galaxy S3 was at its release, the Galaxy S4 is truly an amazing device.

1. HTC One: With this phone HTC has proved that is most certainly is one of the big dogs. The HTC One is a perfect combination of style, power and innovation. However you cut it, the HTC One is truly beautiful.… Read the rest

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Will the Google I/O Conference Fulfill Our Motorola X and Google Nexus 4 Fantasies?

The Google I/O Conference is here and it’s likely to be a hit if it shows us what we want to see. Here is our take on the two devices we desperately hope to set a date with during the San Francisco I/O event between May 15-17.

The Nexus 5: Nicknamed Megaladon, this is the apple of our eyes even before it’s born. Rumors point to a 2.3 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor or atleast 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor for the Nexus 5. As a sequel to Google LG Nexus 4, this might as well floor us with a 16-MP shutter for the rear and a 2-MP baby cam at the front. Throw in 16/32/64GB in-device memory and you get hands on what is set to be the first wonder baby fed with Android Key Lime Pie.

This is our dream for the Google I/O but here is the dampener: “We have now heard that there could be a 32GB version of the LG Nexus 4 coming to Google I/O instead with LTE and CDMA bands…..This would be more plausible than the LG Nexus 5 as storage was an issue with the LG Nexus 4 and so was the lack of LTE.”

The Motorola X: There has been too much talk on this but all in vain! Personally, we feel that we have dreamt too much of this Motorola darling called the X and yet fantasize to see this at the Google I/O. Yes—we are that crazy. A smarty anticipated to kill us with a 1080p 4.7-inch display on a bezel that could put the Size Zeroes to shame, The Motorola X might be ready for water and torture with its Gorilla Glass screen and 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core Krait 400 CPU.

This is our dream number two. Here is the dampener two as well–The Motorola X could be delayed. The device we are fantasizing of could is only likely to launch in August this year.… Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs LG Optimus G Pro Vs LG Google Nexus 4 Vs HTC One: The Gods Come Into Battleground With Shiny Swords

With such a large number of smartphones out in the market, how do you know which is the best deal for your money? Given how pricey these phones, you better make sure you’re getting the most powerful return for your buck. So here’s a comparison of some of the hottest phones in the market based on various performance benchmark tests:

GLBenchmark 2.5 Egypt HD: Yes, this benchmark test’s next version, 2.7, is already out, but we still decided to stick with this tried and tested version instead. We got the Nexus 4 leading this test with a score of 44 fps, while the Galaxy S4 managed a pretty good 40 fps. We can’t really give a lot of credit to the Nexus 4 for being a winner in this category because it’s got a lower resolution 720p screen when compared to the others. The Galaxy S4, on the other hand, owes its lead to its powerful processor, while the HTC One came third scoring 32 fps.

AnTuTu: This is one of the most popular performance benchmarking tests for smartphones and in this one, the Galaxy S4 and the HTC One are nearly neck-to-neck. The test assesses the performance of the hardware and scores the HTC One slightly higher at 23529 than the Galaxy S4’s 23391. The Optimus G Pro ranks a distant third, scoring under 20000 here.

Quadrant Standard: Yet another popular benchmarking test, this one’s results have the Galaxy S4 scoring a slight lead over the HTC One. While the HTC One scores around 12000, the Galaxy S4 got a few more points, while the Optimus G Pro came in third, scoring some points less than 12000.

Vellamo HTML5 and Vellamo Metal: This test assesses how well the phones’ HTML5 performance as well as the ‘Metal’ performance. In the HTML5 test, we’ve got LG’s Optimus G Pro leading the pack scoring just under 2500, followed closely by the HTC One. The Galaxy S4’s HTML5 performance ranks third with around 2000 points. In the Metal test, we’ve got close competition between the HTC One and the Galaxy S4, with the former getting a slight lead. The Optimus G Pro’s got a distant third rank in this test.

3DMark: Yet another popular benchmark test, this one basically tests on three categories – Ice Storm Extreme, Graphics and Physics.  In the first category, the Nexus 4 takes the lead followed closely by the HTC One. In the Graphics test, both these phones got identical scores. But in the Physics test, we had the Nexus 4 taking the lead, followed closely by the Galaxy Note 2, while the HTC One ranked a distant third.

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Pixel War Of the Giants—HTC One,Sony Xperia z,Apple iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4 Take Me For A Ride

When my wallet gets lighter with a new smartphone buy, I do weigh the camera story the buy comes with. However, this time I had to weigh HTC One, Google Nexus, Nokia Lumia 920, Samsung Galaxy S III, Apple iPhone 5 and the Sony Xperia Z—yes, heave a sigh-the list is over! Weigh them? Actually, I needed to weigh the camera story for each.

  • For starters, in an age that promises 13-MP cameras on smartphone users, HTC One has bucked the trend to house a mere 4.3-MP shutter. The quality is just fair but the high point is that smaller pictures could be wonderful with the One. Pegged against the giants that come with awesome shutter pixels, this might not go far.
  • Check out the rest for clicks with each of these smarties. The settings were automatic on all phones and night mode for shoots for non-light conditions.HTC loses out even before we begin the tests because of its hazy picture.
  • Nokia is noisy and the pictures hardly flesh out sharply enough.
  • I barely found the Samsung and Apple cameras doing anything different. The noise was not too much yet the picture came out well detailed.
  • I hoped for Xperia Z’s Exmor R tag to work miracles but it did a good job without a capital G. Though it gave distinct images, yet the smudgy factor remained.
  • The Nexus 4 seemed a tad disappointing even in broad day light; the noise was as irritating as loud bangs would. However, it surprised me with the fine details!

For dessert, here is the rank:

Apple iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S III, Nexus 4


Nokia Lumia 920, Sony Xperia Z… Read the rest

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Would The Ubuntu Touch On Nexus 4 Take Away The Samsung Galaxy S3 And Apple iPhone 5 Charm Forever?

Canonical gave us a peek into what to expect by released the Ubuntu Touch Preview version today, and we got a touch of what the Nexus 4 would look like running on it. The Touch Preview version the company has released has the version number 12.10, while the complete version which could release in October would be 13.10. So, could it be worth the hype?

To install Ubuntu on the phone, you require Ubuntu terminal commands, so let’s warn you right away – don’t try this unless you are familiar with using Ubuntu. Installing the Preview OS was surprisingly easy but when you start it up, be prepared to receive many fake notifications of social networks as well as a fake contact list.

Unfortunately, the Preview version is still a work in progress, so you won’t be able to sync your Nexus 4 with your e-mail, contact list and social accounts – which is a huge downer! However, in terms of overall performance, we found it quite pleasing. It looks good, works quite smoothly, and feels familiar to those who have used Ubuntu on their computers. There’s no landscape mode on the phone yet, and we’re not quite sure if there’s one in the works.

It looks promising, but getting the hang of it can take time. We found it especially difficult to navigate. Opening an app wasn’t tough, but once in the app, it took quite some time to figure our way around or return to the previous screen. Ubuntu Touch Preview requires you to swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen to get a back button.

Hopefully, Canonical will work out the kinks and make the user experience on the Ubuntu Phone a whole lot better over the next 8 months before they release the actual OS.

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Asus PadFone 2 vs. Google Nexus 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3: Tough Competition for the World’s Favorite Smartphone?

Samsung’s 2012 flagship, the Galaxy S3, sure did win a lot of hearts ever since it was unveiled. But looks like its popularity could be in grave threat from competitors like LG and Asus. Today, we’re comparing the Galaxy S3 with the Google Nexus 4 and the Asus PadFone 2 to see if either of these phones could upset Samsung’s leading streak.

Asus PadFone 2: The Asus PadFone 2 features a 4.7-inch display with a resolution of 312 ppi. Powered by a quad-core 1.5 GHz Krait processor and 2 GB of RAM, this phone runs on Android 4.0 ICS, but is upgradeable to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean. Available in three variants with 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB of internal storage space, it doesn’t have a microSD card slot which limits you to the internal space. But the PadFone 2 does have a 13 MP rear camera as well as a 1.2 MP front-facing camera. A 2140 mAh battery promises a talk-time of up to 15 hours.

Google Nexus 4: Google’s latest flagship smartphone by LG also has a 4.7-inch display with a slightly higher resolution of 318 ppi. Available in 8 GB and 16 GB models, it also lacks a microSD card slot, which is a huge disappointment. Like the PadFone 2, the Nexus 4 is also powered by a 1.5 GHz quad-core Krait processor and 2 GB of RAM, but it runs on Android 4.2. The rear camera, however, is just 8 MP, while the front-facing camera has a resolution of 1.3 MP. The battery is almost the same, a 2100 mAh one, which gives the phone up to 15 hours of talk-time on a single charge.

Samsung Galaxy S3: The bestselling flagship smartphone from Samsung features a 4.8-inch screen with a resolution of 306 ppi. The Galaxy S3 is powered by a quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex A9 processor but has just 1 GB of RAM and runs on Android ICS, which can be upgraded to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. You can choose from 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB of internal storage, but the best thing about the Galaxy S3 is its microSD card slot, so you can expand your phone’s storage. The phone has an 8 MP rear camera and a 1.9 MP one in the front. It also has a similar 2100 mAh battery, which promises a talk-time of over 11 hours.… Read the rest

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Google Nexus 4:Meet The Brave Tablet To Get Android 4.2.2, iPad 4 Already Feeling The Heat

Next in line after the Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the Nexus 4 which is getting the Android 4.2.2 update over the air. So for all of you Nexus4 owners, get ready to receive this OS update. Its build number is JDQ39 and it requires 54 MB space.

The new Android 4.2.2 has an in-progress status bar which displays the remaining time for an app to get downloaded. Also in the update is a new low battery alert as well an alert for wireless charging. You also get a Quick Settings menu with which you can turn on/off the Bluetooth and WiFi on the device. Even the Gallery app in the Android 4.2.2 loads much faster. The updates get rolled out in phases, so it could take some time for Google to send it over to your phone. But don’t worry, it will happen soon.

However, you can also manually update your OS by clicking on the source link directly from Google. To install the update, you can either choose to side load it or do a custom recovery on your phone. We are expecting the Android 4.2.2 update to be the last in the Jelly Bean series, as Google could soon be bringing out the Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie in a few months. In all likelihood, this latest OS would debut on the Motorola X.… Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Vs Nexus 4 Vs HTC M7: Meet The Brave Android Warriors To Bring Down Apple

2013 promises to be an exciting year for the gadget-freak, and how! We just got done with a spectacular CES 2013, and are getting ready to get the latest dope on the World Mobile Congress where a lot more new devices would be unveiled. So we decided to do a recap of some of the hottest rumors about upcoming Android devices, which we hope we can get a glimpse of during the MWC.

One of the most anticipated devices we’re looking forward to seeing at the MWC is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. We’ve been hearing rumors that this one could feature an 8-inch tablet, which makes it a direct competitor to the iPad Mini. However, the Galaxy Tab 3 may not have the S-Pen support like the upcoming Galaxy Note 8.0. Since this one’s going to be in the more affordable price bracket, we’d probably find only a dual-core processor in the Galaxy Tab 3, while the Galaxy Note 8.0 could feature a new Exynos 5 range processor.

We are also hoping to see HTC unveil its latest flagship smartphone, the HTC M7, at the event. The M7 is rumored to have a 4.7-inch full HD display, and would probably be powered by a 1.7 GHz quad-core processor and 2 GB RAM. The M7 could run Android 4.2 with an overlay of HTC’s latest Sense user interface.

There’s also good news for those pining after the Google Nexus 4. We’ve heard that this affordable power-packed smartphone is back in stock and some customers have been lucky to receive their shipments within 48 hours! Both the 8 GB and the 16GB versions of the unlocked phone are supposedly available, with a 1-2 week shipping time. So if you’ve been lusting after this device, now’s a good time to place your order for one.… Read the rest

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If LG Is Not Manufacturing New Model Of Nexus 4, Then Why There is Shortage Of Supply




It seems LG is not able to keep up with Google Nexus 4 orders. A recent estimate has shown that only 375,000 units of Nexus 4 have been sold till now. It has been revealed that the reason for scanty sales of Nexus 4 is the lack of supply. It was even thought that LG has halted the manufacturing of Nexus 4 because it was manufacturing a new tablet.

T-Mobile is getting ample orders but there is limited supply. People who have ordered for Nexus 4 in Canada would get it and the ones you have pre-ordered the phone in December would be getting their hands soon on the phone.… Read the rest

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