Google Nexus 5 Vs Apple iPad 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 3: The Fire Is Burning Deep Into The Heart Of Tablet Empire

There are already many new gadgets unveiled since 2013 began, but for the tech enthusiasts, this is just the beginning. 2013 promises to be a treat for the tech consumer as many more devices are expected to release in the coming few months. But should you go for a smartphone like the upcoming Google Nexus 5, or should you opt for a tablet like the Apple iPad 5, or should you go for a tablet which could also offer calling facility like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3?

Google Nexus 5: While the Nexus smartphone has been known to be Google’s flagship offering, this year’s Nexus 5 may lose that tag. With the success of the Nexus 4, Google may be looking at offering the Nexus 5 as a smaller, cheaper smartphone to the price-conscious consumer. To keep the costs low, the Nexus 5 could feature a 4.5-inch 720p display and extremely thin bezels. But yes, in all other aspects, it will be just as powerful as other popular smartphones. The Nexus 5 is expected to have a quad-core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon 600 processor and a powerful camera, in addition to a 2,800 mAh battery. But to make the phone a true success, let’s hope this time, the phone’s supply remains steady and it doesn’t sellout too soon.

Apple iPad 5: The thinner, lighter, faster successor to the iPad 4 could feature a 9.7-inch display with a new and improved Apple A6X processor. There’s a lot of speculation that the new iPad could look a lot like the iPad Mini and have almost no bezels on the sides of the screen. We’re also hoping that the iPad 5 could support wireless charging and come with a new touchscreen technology that can help Apple make the device thinner and lighter.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3: According to the latest rumors, this device could be called the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Plus and feature either a 10.1-inch or an 11.6-inch Super AMOLED HD screen. Given that this could be a premium tablet, its resolution could be extremely high. We’ve also heard that it could be powered by Samsung’s latest 8-core Exynos 5 processor.

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