GG1 Release Date- Next Version of Google Glass Is On The Way

It seems that the US tech giant Google has some good news under the hood. People who could not lay their hands on the wearable technology of Google Glass can now rejoice as Droid Life reports that the company is planning to bring an advanced version of Google Glass very soon. Though the withdrawal of the Google Glass from the market in January 2015 disappointed many, now it seems the company might be planning something even better this time.

 GG1- next version of Google Glass is on the wayGG1 is on the way

According to the reports, the next version of Google Glass is expected to be named as GG1 and would work as per the latest filing of the US Federal Communications Commission or FCC. The FFC is responsible for electronic product testing for ensuring that it follows the safety standards needed before allowing human contact.

The reports also indicate that the new product would be available in rectangular shape like any glass or spectacle, so that people can wear it comfortably. Not just that, to ensure user-friendliness, the device would offer sub-menu with left and right scrolling options. Though the media reports have given rise to a strong speculation regarding the launch of an all new Google Glass, a word of confirmation is still awaited from the company. 

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Tech Trends of 2014 That Are Here to Stay

As the year 2014 has come to a close, it is time to take a look back at the year that has been quite significant for tech trends. This year saw the introduction of several new gadgets and multiple high value acquisitions. Even though most of the ventures were grand success, some failed to hit success.

Change in TV Viewing Experience: Digitalization of television has become evident this year as people are more interested in streaming YouTube instead of watching traditional television.

google glassMobile payment: Mobile money transfer that has been in use for quite a while became more popular this year. New services like Paytm and Apple Pay have become a hit among users.

Google Glass: Though launched with great expectations, the Google Glass did not become an instant hit. Still being experimented with, users are expecting some more changes to this latest wearable technology before they pick it up.

Facebook’s Acquisition of WhatsApp: Facebook’s acquisition of the messaging program WhatsApp created a huge hype across the world. The social networking company paid a lump sum of $19 billion to make the acquisitions.

Facebook Paper: Launched with great expectations, Facebook Paper failed to become successful. The new age reading application did not gain appreciation from the targeted audiences and faded away from app stores.

Encryption: With more and more people relying on the web to conducting their businesses and financial transactions, it is important to strengthen the server security. Several cyber thefts and cracking of personal IDs made people realize how important it is to encrypt every site.… Read the rest

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Woman ‘Assaulted and Robbed’ For Wearing Google Glass

google glass Sarah Slocum attackedA woman wearing Google Glasses was attacked at a bar in San Francisco, California. It has been reported that the Google Glass owner Sarah Slocum was ‘verbally and physically assaulted and robbed’ on Saturday because she was wearing the google glasses. 

The consultant reportedly regrets her decision of visiting the bar late night. The police is investigating this case.

Read about the Google Glass Etiquettes here.

The Google Glass is the latest gear, popular among tech lovers. For now, it allows them to surf online, record videos and do a lot more.

Slocum posted on her Facebook page that “she had things thrown at her because she was wearing the glasses and later her glasses were also stolen.” Fortunately, she got back her Google Glasses. … Read the rest

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Plan to Buy Google Glasses? Here’s The Suggested Code of Conduct

google glass code of conductGoogle has released a set of guidelines to use the Google Glass perfectly. The list of instructions will be manual of kinds and serve as code of conduct to be revealed to the public, so that the worst fears of Google don’t come out to be true. Of course, Google desires its moon-shot to reach its destiny and not miss the target with a big margin.

At present, the discoverers are road testing the iconic Glass and have provided some feedback to Big G. on the basis of the feedback, Google has set a code of conduct that it desires users to take to heart and follow:

The gadget is perfect for right exploration of existence

  • Similar to an auxiliary device, Google Glass permits you to carry your manual agility to highest with regards to activity analysis
  • It allows you take pictures of people and places (of course with their due permission)
  • A lock system will mark all the outsiders and intruders to monkey your Google Glass
  • With your Google Glass Explorer, you have the authority to provide feedback or report to marked communities at Google about any issue you encounter with this brand new inventive technique
  • Google Glass just not covers all. There are much more crucial sources of inspiration like friends, family and life.
  • You shouldn’t use the device while participating in complete contact sports
  • Have enough courtesy to answer people and their queries regarding this innovative wearable technique, you have don on your head
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CES 2014: Google Glass, Apple iWatch, Drive Automation And Contextual Computing

The CES 2014 could have some great tech with business implications due to the tech adoption in the business culture of today. The show will display some great developing technologies taking the tech industry ahead. The four biggest trends of CES 2014 is mentioned here. Take a look:

  1. Wearables

While Google Glass set the tech world on fire in 2013, anticipations for Apple iWatch is the most expected product of 2014. Thus, we see that the wearable technology is what’s next in the etch world. At CES, fanatics will see watches, wearable glasses and cameras and health trackers that can fit on the body. The wearable premise will slide smoothly in daily life of businessmen. Don’t underestimate the calibre of this segment in the year 2014.

CES 20142.     The Internet of Things

The Internet of things will contribute to the highest show at the CES 2014. You can connect them to cars, homes, lifestyles and appliances. Sensors and huge data contribute to drive automation. it restricts cluttering of time, putting info to work.

  1. Contextual Computing

This can be referred to as predictive computing. It is the same thing done by Google Now. It collects rough data and then uses it in the useful to help you forget about the roughness. It considers your location, preferences and history and transforms it to the present info as you need it

4.     Consumerization of business tech

The concluding trend to look out for is dot dotdot. It is continuance from previous year and will carried to next year. It is becoming more effective and productive with innovative tools rather than being stuck with traditional tools.

It was a smartphone and tablet tale, but now it is a computer story and CES is a perfect platform to display computer hardware and latest smartphones. CES is the stage to display next generation devices that corporates use in everyday work

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Google Glasses: The Good; The Bad; The Ugly

The tech world is ablaze with excitement and hullabaloo about Google Glasses. So what exactly is the Google Glass? Read on as we explore into the territory.

Starting with the basic meaning, Google Glass is created to place all the data that computers and other devices can store in front of user’s eyes.

Built into spectacles, Google Glass holds a camera, display, touchpad, battery and microphone, used to take pictures, search or translate while on foot or anyplace.

Based on the principle of reflector sight, Google Glass offers ‘heads-up display’ that places data in users’ field of vision.

The display is same as viewing from a distance of eight feet at 25-inch HD screen. Rumor suggests Google will offer 640 x 360 resolution in the Glass with a built-in 5-megcamera camera at 720p. Using the camera, users can capture shots of what they see in the first person.

One arm of the frame holds a microphone and touchpad, which can be touched for the action. However, users can also talk to the device to give commands.

The bone-induction technology built-in the device offers sound commands.

Take it to video conference or use it for directions by pairing with an Android phone- Google Glass does it all.

On being connected with Wi-Fi, the device sports DNNresearch, which can decode the words spoken by users into their own language on the display. It also sports Bluetooth connectivity and Micro USB cable.

Various developers are working on to make some cool apps for the Google Glass including the one that lets users identify their friends in a crowd and one that lets them read out an email.

With 16GB of flash memory, the device offers 12GB for user storage. With replaceable and adjustable nosepads, the Google Glass is lightweight and strong.

Google will offer the device in choices of five colors such as Charcoal, Tangerine, Shale, Cotton and Sky.

However, considering all pros, let’s consider some cons too.

Google Glass is expected to be a little tricky when it comes to privacy. For others, being filmed by someone who’s wearing the glass could be uncomfortable. Also addition of facial recognition feature could be problematic. Nonetheless, look for a blinking light as that indicates that the user is either filming or taking a picture on the Glass.

Expected to cost $1500, the Google Glass is expected to hit the market by 2013 end.

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Google Glass To Debut This Year – The Age of Smart Eyegear is Upon Us!

Google appears to have taken a page right out of a sci-fi novel for this new innovation. Google Glass, a device that looks like a regular pair of glasses, but with all the functionality of a smartphone will most likely be launched by the end of this year. And though it comes with a steep price tag of around Rs 80,000, for what it does, we can’t help but be amazed!

So what all can you really do with Google Glass? Oh, just about any of the regular stuff you depend on your smartphone for – sending SMSs (through voice commands), click pictures, record videos, et al. Google Glass can also double up as your GPS/navigator buddy by giving you directions to get around town as well as all the latest information about each place you visit.

It uses Augmented Reality to give you this information. All you have to do is look at a certain building through the glasses and your Google Glass will pull all information off the web about what you are looking at. For now, app developers can get their hands on this nifty gadget and play around with it to come up with new apps for it. And by the end of the year, the future’s coming down to meet us.… Read the rest

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