Google Glass Sex App To Spunk Up Lovemaking With Glasses Priced at $1000

GooglelogoWhile a number of apps allied to sex and lovemaking foraying into the web and mobile world, we are finally stumped by the latest intervention from Google Glass. This one allows you to look at your act from different angels.

This wow app has been unveiled by London Wearable Tech Hackathon. It allows couples to record everything they do in bed – provided both of them own Google Glass. These recorded moments can be uploaded onto cloud. The promise from the makers is that the video—or rather glassy gulp—would vanish into thin air, five hours down the line!

Clubbed with this comes a headgear that can allow you to see the way she sees you! Yes, a vision-swap becomes possible with the headgear that is available at $ 1000.

Are you prepared to let technology intervene into your bedroom or do you still belong to the old school?… Read the rest

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