Easter Eggs 2014: What is Google Planning, Google Doodle on Easter Monday

Google is known to celebrate each festival by enhancing its logo on the search engine to Easter Eggs: What is Google Planning, Google Doodle on Easter Mondayinclude little pictures and animation that commemorate the festival. In fact, users of the search engine always look forward to what Google has to offer and they never disappoint.

With Easter around the corner, Google is probably already planning what their Easter Doodle will be. Easter is always associated with spring time and springy colors but surprisingly, this festival also falls on the same day that celebrates Cesar Chavez.

Therefore, it is possible that Google might just choose to honor the Labor Leader too. While this may be a better thing to do, a lot of people feel that an Easter doodle would have been a better option. So what exactly does Google do on those days when there is more then one festival?

Many Chicanos feel that the late Union leader should be commemorated but some others feel that Easter should be commemorated. Google can consider mixing the two occasions and create a doodle that can celebrate both occasions. This might not go down too well with many people but currently seems like the best option.… Read the rest

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It’s Google’s 14th birthday. The master of experimentation has asked you to leave a message on its birthday!






Thursday morning the  world woke up to a scrumptious chocolate cake as Google celebrated its 14th birthday. People who visited the search engine were greeted by a Doodle of an animated chocolate cake with 14 candles adorning it.

“The cake is later consumed and candles rearrange themselves to create the word Google.”

Last year Google celebrated its 13th birthday with a doodle where the company logo was shown donning party hats amidst balloons and a cake.

If you’re on Google.com, you can now also audio search for terms instead of typing them out. Try this fascinating feature now!… Read the rest

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