In Yet Another Patent Case, Apple Aims at Other Samsung Devices

In an ongoing patent dispute between Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics, the former has now targeted Samsung Galaxy S III flagship smartphone and Galaxy Note tablet on Friday. Apple claimed to include four more Samsung devices that it believes infringed its patent rights.

Apple vs. Samsung battle started last year, in April 2011. Recently, the jury ruled out in favor of Apple and lodged damages worth $1 billion against Samsung, which it said would appeal.

This latest case focuses on eight different utility patents, which Apple claims Samsung to have violated. These eight utility patents are different from the previous case and do not involve design patents, utility patents, and trade dress infringement.

With a trial date set for March 2014, this case would also be heard in the same San Jose federal court with the same District Judge Lucy Koh.

Lucy Koh recently assigned Dec. 6th to be the hearing date for Apple’s petition to ban eight of Samsung’s smartphones in the US market.

Previously also Apple tried to add the Galaxy S III to the case back in June, well before it was released in the US market.

When Samsung released Galaxy S III, the Korean manufacturer said that they have excluded all features that Apple claims to have been infringed.

In the court filing on Friday, Apple added two models each of the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note to the case.

Among the utility patents Apple is listing are patent ’721, which refers to unlocking a phone with gestures on an unlock image, and patent ’172, which deals with a system and interface for offering word recommendations.

Considering Samsung’s showing in the court last year, in case the jury decides to ban any of its devices, which now also includes tablets and music players, Samsung could really get a setback in the US market.

The US court case between Samsung and Apple is one of the same legal battles being fought all over the world. In a latest ruling in Japan, the Tokyo court ruled out that Samsung did not infringe an Apple’s patents involved in synching mobile devices and computers, which got Samsung a victory over the latter.… Read the rest

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IFA 2012: Samsung Plays the Lead, Unveils Galaxy Note II

Samsung recently revealed its second generation of smartphones at IFA 2012, which is Europe’s biggest electronics trade show fair, undergoing in Berlin.

Galaxy Note II by Samsung is an offbeat, oversized smartphone that took everyone by surprise.

Sleek and smart in looks, Samsung Galaxy Note II boasts a slim and longer 5.5-inch screen. The latest technology device has a faster processor with custom-made software to support a built-in stylus. Now jotting down notes and drawing on a screen will become much easier and fun! The device is all screen, which makes it an apt choice for playing games and consuming content.

Powered by the Android 4.1 technology, the Galaxy Note II has 1280 x 720-resolution, Super AMOLED panel along with quad-core processor, a 1.9-megapixel front-facing camera and an 8-megapixel camera at the back.

Although, last few weeks have not been so good for Samsung, when the firm had to pay $1 billion to Apple. But, the Korean manufacturer is back into business and is moving on with bigger and better devices, literally!

This year, Samsung has sold more smartphones as compared to its competitor Apple as the firm takes out low-end phones that targets customers from all sectors.

A tablet version of the Galaxy Note II is already out in the market, starting this month.

Samsung Electronics says it has shipped 10 million first-generation Galaxy Note smartphone in one year.

At IFA trade fair, 2012, Samsung revealed that the new phone will hit the market in Europe and Asia in October. The phone manufacturer, however, did not say anything about the launch with a US carrier.

Samsung did not release any information about the price of the device.… Read the rest

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