To Pump Up Make In India Initiative Foxconn Plans To Build Facilities In India

Foxconn Technology of Taiwan which is also known as one of the largest manufacturer and contractor of electronics has stated that it is planning to develop around 10-12 facilities in India. The company plans to develop manufacturing facilities alongside data centers by the year 2020. A company’s spokesperson started that Foxconn is willing to spend few billion $ in order to develop these world class facilities in India. Hon Hai precision Industry is one of the most reputed units of Foxconn. 

Make in Indian initiative gets a major boost as Foxconn plans to build facilities in India Foxconn’s spokesperson Mr. Gou stated that a large section of its consumers most of which were from china wanted the company to set up its manufacturing facilities in India in order to churn out electronic and communication devices such as mobile phones, tablets and television sets. These statements were made from company’s facility in Guizhou province in China where it is already running a manufacturing unit and data center.

With this announcement, Foxconn becomes the latest tech organization to set up footsteps in India, the second most populous country in the world. Xiaomi was the first company to take this initiate when it announced that it will set up a manufacturing facility in the country.

This move comes at a point when Foxconn seems to be undergoing some tough time in its Chinese manufacturing facilities due to steep increase in expenses and operating costs. The wages of Chinese workers have seen a two fold increase in the past 5 years pushing the company to look beyond China and Taiwan. … Read the rest

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“The Fight Broke Out Due To Personal Disputes In Dormitory of Foxconn”: Xinhua News Agency

Around 2,000 workers at the employee dormitory of Foxconn Technology went into a brawl, forcing the company to shut down its operations in the northern Chinese city of Taiyuan.

Foxconn deals in assembling electronics for some of the top electronics companies including Apple. Following the fight, around 40 people were admitted to the hospital.

As reported in Xinhua News Agency, the fight broke out due to the personal dispute between workers from the Shandong province and those from the Henan province.

The authorities at the Taiyuan sent around 5,000 police personnel to restore the order. The fight started at 11 p.m. and was brought under control by 3 a.m by the police officials.

The plant stayed closed for investigation on Monday.

Some reports also indicate that the workers were fighting with factory guards, who had beaten one or more workers; however, that is not confirmed as yet. On being asked to comment, Foxconn remained unavailable.

Information regarding the manufacturing of which product at the site is undisclosed. Foxconn Electronics makes Apple iPad and iPhones, along with products for Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard.

Earlier also, Foxconn plant in China was under trouble, following the reports of various worker suicides in Shenzhen in 2010, which made the firm install anti-suicide nets around its building. In May 2011, there was an explosion at the company’s plant in Chengdu, which left three people dead and 16 injured.

Apple had asked the firm to release its own suicide prevention review. In January 2012, the Cupertino Calif.-based firm took out its own audit of worker conditions across its entire supply chain, including Foxconn plants, finding labor and environmental violations.

Apple also united with the Fair Labor Association, which ran its own independent audits of three Foxconn facilities. This association discovered that over one-half of the employees at Foxconn’s assembly plants went beyond the firm’s 60 hour-per-week work limit.

Foxconn Electronics also got criticism with reports that indicated that the firm was forcing vocational workers to make iPhones to meet demands for Apple’s latest iPhone 5. These claims were however, denied by Foxconn, who said that workers at the plant going through school programs were permitted to leave at any time.… Read the rest

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