GTA 5, XCOM, Mass Effect 3 & Dishonored: The Race For Top 10 Games Of 2012

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The year is drawing to a close and it is time to pick the top list of games which have rattled us in the past one year. Has action or sci-fi dominated yet again, one finds out…

In a week’s time we would be entering the New Year and having survived the apocalypse, it sure is time for some celebrations. And if you want to take the New Year weekend with some gaming action, there is a short list of favorite picks which can make the ride more enjoyable. Now to begin the charts, I will pick one of the much discussed games of 2012 :

10. Spelunky

The game is a bit addictive and takes you back in time. It is a master stroke in terms of its effortless game play across the board. Developed by Derek Yu, it is one of the true arcade ventures of this year with its random levels and underground tunnels just to keep you engaged for a while.

9. Far Cry 3

For those who love some insanity driven into their stories, Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3 offers an unpredictable situation and figuring your way out of a mess of sorts. Its multiplayer may be weak link but its superior graphics and gripping play make up for the rest.

8. The Walking Dead

The initiative of Telltale Games does provide one with a cool set of interesting scenarios involving the zombies and though I would have wished to see a Resident Evil in the lineup, the new games are offering a much more interactive and interesting content for the gamers. The graphics are really impressive and a good test of your survival abilities overall.

7. Sleeping Dogs

In the absence of a genuine GTA on the charts, Sleeping Dogs can make it up the list for now. The unique setting ofHong Kongand all the elements that result in a well-defined potpourri of adventurous game play.

6. Borderlands 2

It would be a good pick just for the sheer weapons range offered through the course and of course, the point of garnering loot across the board. The options are limitless and the characters straight out of a graphical comic book.

5. Journey

It is ironical that halfway through the list, the Sony-backed Journey forms the leader of the light – pun intended. The tremendous ride by the solitary figure in the game is nothing short of a revelation for many gamers. A way for the unusual and abstract.

4. Gravity Rush

Another comic book venture which can keep the pulses running and with a female protagonist it does prove to be the next level. The lead character Kat can control gravity and it has one of the best game play of the lot.

3. Dishonored

One of the best FPS games of this year, the Arkane Studios game has all the intrigues to keep the user plugged in for longer durations. As a one-man army with a dedicated mission, you are out to annihilate your opponents, thinking on your feet, all the time.

2. Mass Effect 3

BioWare has gathered many reviews with its final installment of the Mass Effect series. And just like its predecessors, the game has been topping charts with its unique narrative and engaging game play. Even though, the finale to the game was much debated, its quality remains unmatched across the board.

1. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Now, coming down to the last two slots, I was perplexed to choose between them. But the toppers can only merit on delivering an all round performance and with its polished strategy deliverables, XCOM is ahead of its league. It is a complex game and well crafted for the modern gamer.

And if one was to complete the list, there would be some more favorites on the ride including Darkness II, Dragon’s Dogma, Guild Wars 2, Halo 4, Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Assassin’s Creed 3, among others. For now, one still awaits the arrival of the New Year but do remain connected for the fresh arrivals of the year.… Read the rest

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FPS Games of 2012; Are We There Yet?

Half of 2012 is over and we are yet to see the rain…at least in terms of FPS games. Though, the far end of the year promises a variety of fare, one has to understand the cruel fact that the FPS, which have released this year are yet to make an impact on the gaming world. Besides a few sparks such as the graphic slick ‘Syndicate’ or even the faint ‘Dust 514’, there are still more. Similarly, the later end of the year may just be loaded up with a lot of false promises. But one has to understand the possible releases coming in this few months (four to be exact). Just like many, I am also looking forward to the launch of Halo 4, easily the biggest FPS launch of 2012.

The trailers are racy and coupled with its Spartan Ops and web series would be a great package for the gamers but would just ‘one swallow make a summer’ or do we have more battle-ready ships at bay? The answer could be a faint yes with the advent of Counter Strike: Global Offensive in August 2012. The game which retains its own set of loyal fans will be featured with old and new maps for advanced multiplayer game play. But, an FPS game just cannot be about shooting mindlessly; sooner or later one need to develop interest in the characters manning the weapons as well. The session would get steamier with the arrival of ‘Dishonored’ backed by Arkane Studios and Bethesda Softworks which will have a launch date on October 29, 2012. Another interesting addition to the FPS is the Ubisoft-backed Far Cry series which will have its third installment. Far Cry 3 will retain the USP of the previous editions showing the tropical island as the backdrop where main protagonist Jason Brody, a tourist is captured and has to fight the elements and a series of unstable characters out to eliminate him.

A twist to the regular FPS games which often rely on specific missions and campaigns, it is a welcome break for the modern age gamer. Of course, the crazy talking Vaas has become the face of the game showing the ‘insanity’ in all of us. And if you are a disciplined gamer, then Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 provides you with the perfect setting for practicing your shooting skills. Activision has upped the game and introduced a variety of modern age weaponry and even given it a ‘Halo’ touch with robots, unmanned weaponry and quadrotor drones to make the battle more interesting. This is a welcome break as they are ready to experiment with their formulas and scripts for providing a new dimension in FPS gaming.

Halo 4 deserves a bit more appreciation than its counterparts considering the fact that it is a new company (the Microsoft-backed 343 Industries) heralding the affair and rather than continue the game in its regular mode, they have boosted it with a more gripping narrative and are supplementing it with evenly spaced out missions which can build up the audience interests over a period of time. But one still remains with the question, are we there yet or is it just a ‘Far Cry’ now?


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