EA Access a reality at 4.99$/month; more discounts in the offering!

EA Access at $4.99 a monthFollowing up on the EA story, it is imperative to mention that EA Access is bound to shake the gaming world with its low-price offers which is offering the services of four games in one go.

Players will be able to access four games including FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, Peggie 2 and Battlefield 4 at a price of $4.99 a month of $29.99 a year. This feature is available exclusively for Xbox One users.

What’s more, it has been informed via EA Access Twitter account that EA Access pass holders can access Madden NFL 15 six hours before its official launch. Well, the six-hour window is not a great offering but nonetheless advantage for many. EA Access has been launched into beta version offering a limited number of players the added advantage of playing these four games at a best price.

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EA has got into bad books of many gamers through its dismal performance and bugs issues in the Battlefield 4 version. It has a great opportunity to rebuild its image and it is not leaving any stones unturned offering trial access to EA Access gamers for future titles like Dragon Age: Inquisition (five days prior to official launch). They are also offering a 10% rebate on digital EA goods purchased on Xbox one.

For now, the beta is limited to some users but it would be opened for all in times to come. 

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Battlefield Hardline May be Delayed; Battlefield 4 Glitches to be Removed Soon!

EA update to Battlefield 4 Players have really burnt their hand playing the Battlefield 4, launched in the last few months of 2013. The game was ‘bugged’ for quite a while but there seems to be hope in the near future. It seems that the developers are preparing an update for the game to rectify these glitches.

EA, the force behind the game,  has now a troubled track record which seems to be dented by the game’s performance. Thus, they have contemplated delaying the game’s next version, Battlefield Hardline for times to come. They seem focused on developing an Update for the existing game which could take care of the several bugs and errors within its programming.

Some of the improvements in the update would include changes in the core gameplay. It would rattle the whole structuring of the existing game starting from foundations to the aesthetics of the game. It will also be prepped to deal with the other in-game issues that have surfaced over the last few months. Soldier movements would be similar to the ones in Battlefield 3 and care would be taken to remove various bugs including the ‘Death Shield’ bug which turned the corpses into grenade reflectors. Hopefully, EA would be able to settle its lawsuits in time and bring in a better version of this game. One is also hoping that EA would not create a new set of ‘bugs’ to replace the previous set. 

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Microsoft Pays YouTube Users To Talk Nice About Xbox One, Machinima; EA Follows Too

Ars Technica has reported that Microsoft has been paying Youtube users to give positive reviews of the Xbox One. The agreement also states that users who accept this payment will say anything negative about the Xbox One, Machinima and other MS games. It has also been reported that the agreement further states that users have to keep the details of this promotional engagement to themselves.

It has been revealed that Microsoft is paying users $3 for 1000 views. Close on these heels is EA, which is paying for Battlefield 4 Levolution System. … Read the rest

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